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Killer Instinct Official Digital Strategy Guide
for Xbox One

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COMBO EXAMPLE: Jump in Heavy Kick Opener ,,,, Tiger Fury Ender

DESCRIPTION: Specific to Jago is a completely different way of utilizing the combo system in the game called “Around the World.” After an Opener, Jago can continuously combo with just Auto-Doubles and then end with an Ender to cash in the potential damage. The only rule is that the Auto-Doubles must be done in decreasing order of strength (returning to heavy after light). You can also mix and match between kicks and punches. Each button press does an Auto-Double, and Jago can start from any attack button. For example, here Jago does jump in Heavy Kick Opener HK,MP,LP,HP,MK Ender for 11 hits before the Ender.

COMBO EXAMPLE: Wind Kick Opener , Shadow Wind Kick Heavy Laser Sword , Endokuken Ender

DESCRIPTION: Jago still needs an Opener to start the combo and an Ender to cash in the potential damage that the combo builds up, but he can swap around the filling. Anywhere he would normally be able to do an Auto-Double he could opt to go Around the World, as seen in this example.

While the Around the World combo mechanic can be seen as a beginner strategy, there are higher level uses for it as well. Since Jago has to go in order, players will quickly figure out where to break the combo. If your opponent sees that you have done heavy, then he or she will easily be able to confirm the Medium Auto-Double that follows. This is a perfect opportunity to set up a failed Combo Breaker attempt, or to just Counter Breaker. Alternatively, since Around the World looks like manual combos, you can drop an Around the World combo and try to sneak in a crouching kick for a reset opportunity.


COUNTER BREAKER COMBO (Without Meter): Jump in Heavy Kick Opener , (COUNTER BREAKER) ,,,, Tiger Fury Ender

DESCRIPTION: Here we have allowed the opponent to see we are using the Around the World mechanic with two Auto-Doubles back to back. Since Heavy and Medium Auto-Doubles are more telegraphed, it is likely your opponent will realize your next Around the World input has to be light. We give the opponent some credit and assume he or she will break, so we Counter Breaker. Without meter, using the Around the World mechanic after the Counter Breaker is the best way to maximize damage and end the combo without allowing your opponent a chance to break the combo before the Ender.

COUNTER BREAKER COMBO (With Meter): Jump in Heavy Kick Opener , (COUNTER BREAKER) Shadow Laser Sword Tiger Fury Ender

DESCRIPTION: Using meter only adds about 6%, depending on your lockout combo, but if that amount is necessary to activate your Ultra, then it is well worth the meter.

LOCKOUT COMBO EXAMPLE: Jump in Heavy Kick Opener (LOCKOUT) ,,, Tiger Fury Ender

DESCRIPTION: In this example, we have noticed that the opponent has caught on to us starting our combos with HK, and so the opponent is breaking it on the first hit. Rather than risk a Counter Breaker, which may leave us open to a combo, we simply go with a Light Auto-Double instead, locking the opponent out for his or her guess at our heavy. Starting at light allows us to go straight into Around the World from heavy once the opponent is locked out to maximize damage. Since regular lockouts are shorter, we only get four attacks before ending our combo.


COMBO EXAMPLES: Back Throw Shadow Endokuken Double Roundhouse Heavy Tiger Fury

COMBO EXAMPLES: Back Throw Shadow Laser Sword Double Roundhouse Heavy Tiger Fury

DESCRIPTION: Jago is one of the few characters in the game who can combo off of his regular throws; however, this does require Shadow Meter. His throws can be canceled into any Shadow Move, but you will most likely want to follow up with Shadow Endokuken or Shadow Laser Sword, as they give better juggle potential. Follow that up with Double Roundhouse into a Tiger Fury. If opponents start Combo Breaking the Double Roundhouse, you can always Counter Breaker it at no risk! Just be sure to bluff immediately after the Roundhouse hits.


COMBO EXAMPLE: Heavy Wind Kick INSTINCT CANCEL Shadow Laser Sword Shadow Tiger Fury

DESCRIPTION: Jago’s main anti-airs are Tiger Fury and crouching HP. If you catch your opponent high in his or her jump with a Light Tiger Fury, you can follow up juggle with a Heavy Tiger Fury. Crouching HP is also an effective anti-air because of the air-to-ground priority system. If you Instinct cancel, you can turn one of these anti-airs into some nice damage as seen here.


Combo Example: Heavy Laser Sword Heavy Laser Sword Linker Heavy Laser Sword Linker Heavy Laser Sword Linker Heavy Laser Sword Linker Tiger Fury

DESCRIPTION: While all characters are able to perform manuals in their combos thanks to the manual cancel, Jago’s Instinct makes manual combos even easier to perform. The manuals in this combo are possible without Instinct Mode; however, you cannot do this many repetitions without Instinct’s KV reduction.


Combo Example: Heavy Laser Sword Heavy Wind Kick Linker Heavy Wind Kick Linker Heavy Wind Kick Linker Heavy Wind Kick Ender WALL SPLAT Shadow Wind Kick Shadow Laser Sword (33 hits) ULTRA


Heavy Wind Kick Linker Heavy Wind Kick Linker Heavy Wind Kick Linker Heavy Wind Kick Linker Shadow Laser Sword Shadow Wind Kick ULTRA goes to 115 hits Shadow Endokuken Shadow Endokuken ULTRA CANCEL

Description: 126 Hit Ultra Combo. To maximize the number of hits in your Ultra combo, you have to use Jago’s Wind Kick linker. For variety in the combo, you can switch between Heavy Kick and Heavy Punch as they both build the least KV. You can also swap between Shadow Wind Kick and Shadow Laser Sword as Shadow Attacks build 0 KV. You may have to walk forward after the double Shadow Endokuken at the end of the combo to connect with the Ultra Cancel at the end.