As you embark on your journey through God of War, you will stumble upon various Hidden Chambers along the way. You won’t know how to unlock them early on, which can be a roadblock for players who want to unearth every secret they find. If you’re eager to unlock the Hidden Chambers in God of War, then follow this guide to find the secret to unlocking these mysterious gateways.

How to Unlock Hidden Chambers in God of War

Getting the option to access Hidden Chambers in God of War comes part way through the story campaign. The ability to unlock these mysterious chambers is unmissable, which means you’ll obtain this ability as long as you play far enough through the story missions. If you don’t want to know which mission grants the ability to unlock Hidden Chambers in God of War, we suggest you avoid reading any further.

God of war hidden chambers

It’s worth noting that during the first story mission, The Marked Trees, players will discover a Hidden Chamber that cannot be opened this early in the game. You’ll simply have to keep playing through the main campaign to eventually be able to unlock this Hidden Chamber.

If you aim to start unlocking Hidden Chambers in God of War, you’ll need to play past the seventh story mission, The Magic Chisel, and reach the eighth chapter, Behind the Lock. You will gain the ability to access Hidden Chambers in between these two story missions, as doing so is tied to story progression in God of War. 

Basically, if you want to unlock any of the Hidden Chambers in God of War, you’ll have to simply keep playing. As long as you’re making steady progress through the story, you won’t miss out on being able to open Hidden Chambers in God of War.

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