Ubisoft has been teasing their upcoming announcement for the new Ghost Recon all week ahead of its official May 9th reveal, but it looks like the team over at Ubisoft got a little too excited when it comes marketing because the collector's edition has been leaked by the official studio store: 

First spotted over on Reddit, our first look at the game comes not from gameplay footage, but a sweet collectible. The big reveal is going on tomorrow at 11:30 AM PT and up until now, Ubisoft has been careful with their teasers. From videos, to graphics, they didn't give away too much; instead just enough to get Ghost Recon fans excited for what's next. 

While we wait  for the official reveal, there's a new DLC for Wildlands that players can enjoy! The latest operation, Operation Oracle, is now available where players will meet Major Cole D. Walker. The new Ghost Team Leader, played by Bernthal, takes the player on a mission to extract a Skell Tech engineer that has been taken custody by Unidad. 

We'll have to wait and see for tomorrow's reveal to see exactly what the Wolves are up to, though Ubisoft may push some new info early with a leak to this extent.