The Gears of War franchise continues to roll on next year with the release of Judgment, a prequel that will follow Baird, Cole Train and several other characters as they battle the Locust Horde.  But have you ever wondered if the series would ever take a new direction – like as a first person shooter?

When asked about the possibilities by the folks over at Official Xbox Magazine, Epic Games executive producer Rod Fergusson didn’t put anything official on the table, but also didn’t rule out the idea.  “I’m a big believer in never say never,” he said.  “It’s all about what’s interesting in the industry at the time and where fans want us to take it.”

“We don’t want to say never but it’s not on the top of my mind either,” he continued.  “We look at what makes sense and move in that direction.”

And apparently what makes sense at this point is a prequel with new multiplayer features.  Sounds like a good game to use.  Look for more information on Judgment as we move towards its March 2013 release date.

On a side note, congrats to Cliff and Lauren Bleszinski, who tied the knot over the weekend in California.  We wonder if the groomsmen were carrying Lancers...