While Fortnite has had several multi-stage challenges in the past, the “Dance on a Sundial” challenge for Week 9 of Season 7 is among the more difficult of its kind. This challenge will send players to specific sculptures found throughout the map to dance upon each one in order. We’ll show you where to dance on top of a sundial, giant cup of coffee, and a dog’s head to complete one of Fortnite’s most elusive Season 7 challenges.

Where to Dance on a Sundial

Fortnite dance on a sundial location

The first stage of this challenge requires players to dance on a sundial. This stage is a bit trickier than it sounds, as the sundial you are looking for is not what a typical sundial looks like. The sundial in Fortnite is composed of several junk cars and a tilted wooden utility pole. You can find the sundial on top of the hill at G9, just west of the desert oasis.

Oversized Cup of Coffee Location

Oversized Coffee Cup Fortnite

The second stage of this challenge tasks players with finding an oversized cup of coffee to dance on top of. If you hang around the center of the map, you may have noticed that there’s a giant coffee cup on the diner sign to the north of Dusty Divot at F5.

Giant Metal Dog Head Location

Giant Metal Dog Head Fortnite

The third and final stage of the sundial challenge requires players to dance on top of a giant metal dog head. This one is certainly the most obscure of the bunch. To find the location of the metal dog head, make your way up to Junk Junction at the far northwest corner of the map. Look closely at the crane outside of the entrance gate, and you should see it lifting up a sculpture of a dog’s head with a sign that reads "The Boneyard". Build up to it and dance on top to complete the last stage of this challenge.

It's important to note that you must complete each stage of the challenge in the order they are revealed. Even if you know where to dance for all three stages, you can only complete one stage at a time and must complete the stage that you currently have unlocked in your Challenges list. 

Now that you’ve danced on top of a sundial, giant cup of coffee, and a dog’s head, you can move on to some of the other challenges that arrived this week, which include popping golden balloons and searching for Showtime Posters in Fortnite.