We’ve got another treasure map challenge for Week 5 of Fortnite Season 5, and this one shouldn’t be too difficult to complete. This challenge tasks players with finding the treasure marked on the Snobby Shores map. As always, you don’t need to find the map itself to complete this challenge. Here’s where you have to go.

Fortnite Snobby Shores Map

The Snobby Shores treasure map shows a rather detailed image of what clearly appears to be Haunted Hills, the small cemetery on the northwest edge of the map. The Snobby Shores treasure map has a red X marking the treasure location at the building adjacent to the church.

Make your way towards the church in Haunted Hills. If you’re falling from the Battle Bus, try to land on the rooftop of the small L-shaped building just north of the church in the corner of the cemetery. This is the building to the left if you are facing the church.

On the rooftop of this building, you’ll find the hidden Battle Star treasure marked on the Snobby Shores map in Fortnite. Collect the Battle Star to complete this challenge and rank up your Season 5 battle pass. 

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