Fortnite Season 9 Week 2 is here and with it are a whole host of new challenges to complete. While many of them require you to simply shoot other players or loot from chests, one of the challenges requires a bit more exploration to find. Finding the Oversized Phone, Giant Piano, and Dancing Fish could take hours of searching the map if you aren't sure where they are. Instead of worrying about all of that, you can just read on to see where each of these are on the map and then get back to playing the game. 

Oversized Phone

Finding the oversized phone is tricky because the location is very much out of the way. Rather than being in the thick of things like the other two, this one lies on the very north of the map, just to the east of The Block. It nearly right on the beach and is a giant red monstrosity. So you should be able to see it once you get close enough. 

Giant Piano

The giant piano is still on the coastline, but it is more central than the phone. If you head south-east from the Lonely Lodge then you should come across it standing tall. Keep in mind that it is just the keys and not an actual piano, so don't be confused when you find it. 

Dancing Fish

You can find the final place just southwest of Mega Mall. You'll want to utilise the Slipstreams in order to reach it as it is stuck in the side of a roof. Of course, you can always build your way up to it if you would rather. 

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