One of the Season 4 Battle Pass challenges for Week 2 requires players to search between a scarecrow, a pink hotrod, and big screen. Although these triangulation challenges are labeled as Hard, they are actually quite simple if you know exactly where to look, and this guide will help you do just that. We’ll show you what it means to search between a scarecrow, pink hotrod, and big screen in Fortnite so that you can earn an easy ten points toward your Season 4 Battle Pass.

Search Between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and Big Screen

While these types of challenges may seem obscure at first, Epic always gives just enough information in the challenge name itself to help players zero in on the hidden Battle Star location. For this challenge, the ‘big screen’ part is the biggest clue for finding the buried Battle Star in Fortnite, as you may recall a huge big screen being added on the northeast end of the map in a new location called Risky Reels.

Fortnite search between a scarecrow pink hotrod and big screen challenge

Make your way to Risky Reels on the far northeast side of the map, north of the Wailing Woods. You’ll want to land on the east side of Risky Reels, just outside of the drive-in. The pink hotrod is found on the north side of the drive-in, with the scarecrow to the east. The big screen refers to the busted movie screen at the drive-in itself.

Search the dry patch of land atop the small hill beyond the east building of Risky Reels, along the southeast corner of grid section H2. If you are searching in the correct location, then a Battle Star should pop up from the ground. 

Collect the Battle Star to complete the challenge to search between a scarecrow, pink hotrod, and big screen in Fortnite. Doing so will reward you with 10 points toward your Battle Pass rank, which allows you to get one step closer to unlocking the Blockbuster #2 loading screen as well as the coveted Omega skin in Fortnite Battle Royale. Make sure to dance in front of seven different film camera locations in Fortnite as well to mark off another Season 4 challenge. For more weekly challenge guides and gameplay tips, head over to our Fortnite game hub.