Introduction Welcome to Kyrat!

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Far Cry 4 Official Digital Strategy Guide
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Pagan Min: Birth of a Tyrant

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Introduction Welcome to Kyrat!

You are Ajay Ghale, on a journey to scatter your mother’s ashes in the distant homeland she left when you were only an infant. It’s just like where you live…except murderous soldiers are out for your blood, the animals hunt the people, and its ruler, Pagan Min, is an eccentric psychopath who recognizes you the minute you step off the bus.

What’s an adventurer who values his or her skin to do? Crack open this guide, of course. We’ll start with a brief download of the game’s basic systems, make a quick stop at character skills so you can custom-craft Ajay’s abilities to your specific play style, then take a full tour of the various mission types. We’ll introduce all the major and minor characters, and give you the lowdown on the vehicles, weapons, and wildlife of Kyrat. We’ll show you what to collect, what to hunt, and what to make out of the skins.

Once that’s done, it’s time to head out into the game world. We’ll guide you through every step of the multi-threaded main campaign, explaining how the missions change based upon the decisions you make. We’ll coach you through every bonus mission; equip you with the intel to conquer every tower, outpost, and fortress; and make sure you dominate each and every one of more than 100 quests and activities, from assassinations to fashion shows. And we’ll polish it off with a full achievement/trophy list and all the info you need to hunt down every collectible. Even the ones twenty feet underwater.

One quick note: We’ve done our best to make sure this guide is useful cover to cover, but that doesn’t mean you should read it front-to-back. Kyrat’s an open world, so you can bounce from a campaign mission to a tower takeover to a survival race to a rhino hunt to an outpost defense to a bonus trip to Shangri-La then back to the campaign. And we’ve got your back through it all. Just check the Table of Contents and click to the section you need.

So what should you do first? Whatever you want. It’s an open world, baby! You just need to conquer it.