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Introduction Mission Types

Far Cry 4 features close to two dozen mission types, divided into broad categories.

Campaign Missions

These are the story missions that tell the tale of Ajay Ghale, Pagan Min, and the Kyrati revolution. Missions in the campaign tend to be longer, more varied, and more sophisticated than the other mission types, and typically involve achieving not just one objective, but a linked string of objectives. You’ll begin the game with a campaign mission, but you absolutely do not have to finish the campaign before taking on quests and activities or exploring the open world. In fact, that would be a terrible strategy.

Note that your two major quest-givers in the campaign, Amita and Sabal, frequently give conflicting orders, forcing you to choose between them. When this happens, the choice you make will affect the way the next mission unfolds. Sometimes the differences are miniscule. Sometimes they’re huge. Feel free to read ahead if you’re having trouble deciding whom to follow.

Bonus Missions

Bonus missions branch off of the main campaign, enabling you to delve deeper into side-story threads that come up as you liberate Kyrat. For example, you visit Shangri-La only once during the campaign, but that visit unlocks four Shangri-La bonus missions. Similarly, you only do one mission for arms dealer Longinus and you don’t technically do any for Yogi and Reggie. Yet once you’ve met them, they’ll begin to offer you missions from their own bonus branches. Bonus missions are robust and creative, and often feel at least a little more off-kilter when compared to the campaign missions. They unlock in order, but are not time-sensitive, and will happily wait for you even after the campaign ends.

Heavies take a lot of bullets to take down. But only one rocket.

Quests and Activities

These tasks are usually quick and simple to explain—win a race, assassinate a particular soldier, hunt down a monster devil fish and kill it with explosives—but that doesn’t make them easy. Like bonus missions, quests (which only happen once) and activities (which you can complete over and over) aren’t remotely time-sensitive. They come in nearly twenty different flavors, too.

Open World Free-Play

Not technically a mission type, but nonetheless an absolutely crucial part of the Far Cry 4 experience. Some of the most memorable moments you’ll have in Kyrat will happen while you’re just hanging around, not on any mission at all.

Get out and wander. See what you encounter. Climb some things. Burn other things. Help some people. But not the ones who shoot at you. Drive anything with a steering wheel. Or without. Commune with nature. Then whip out the big guns when it turns out nature wants to eat your face. Experience everything Kyrat has to offer. It’s a crazy place. But it sure is fun.

Map Control

When you first arrive in Kyrat, the map is covered in fog and Kyrat is crawling with merciless soldiers who prey on the people. Clearly, the revolution is not going well. However, you can help turn things around by conquering enemy installations. There are three basic types, and each one is key in revealing the map and reducing Min’s presence in the region.


These decaying spires haunt Kyrat’s landscape, watching the chaos from on high like the disintegrating skeletons of long-dead sentinels. Or like a bunch of run-down bell towers Min has retrofitted with propaganda-spewing radio transmitters. One or the other.

Either way, the towers are your key to the map. Every time you climb the vertical maze that is a tower and commandeer its transmitter, the fog around that tower will fade away from the map, revealing roads, terrain, and new locations and activities. Once you meet Longinus, taking over a tower will also net you a new weapon.


Far Cry 4’s twenty-four outposts are enemy bases, filled to bursting with easily-angered, heavily-armed soldiers as well as alarms to call additional similar individuals. Outposts come in all shapes and sizes, but conquering one always requires some combination of detailed scouting, sound strategy, and a quick trigger finger.

Why bother? Because every time you take over an outpost, it becomes a new base of operations for the Golden Path, complete with a trading post, a bed (so you can nap until whatever time of day you want it to be), and several new quests and activities. You can also fast travel between friendly towns and outposts, which is a huge time-saver. Finally, it reduces the number of enemy troops in the area.


New to Far Cry 4, fortresses are like outposts that live on nothing but raw eggs and protein shakes. They’re bigger, they tend to be more complex architecturally, and depending upon whether its boss is alive or dead when you attack it, may summon up to three waves of reinforcements. However, they also make excellent Golden Path bases (complete with their own buzzers) and taking them out removes Min’s ability to launch retaliation attacks on nearby outposts.

Ajay’s House

Reclaiming the Ghale family home doesn’t reveal any new areas on the map. Nor does it decrease the number of enemy soldiers prowling about. And no one would ever call the ol’ homestead conveniently located. But it can be upgraded with some sweet bonuses, like an always-there buzzer and an herb garden. And it has one heck of a view.