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When the chapter begins you'll find yourself in what appears to be a cave, but of course it's filled with all sorts of interesting and deadly creatures. In fact, there are three or four just a few feet ahead of you.

Make your way forward and take out the two headed monsters that are standing in your way. When they are all dead, spend a moment rummaging through the area before breaking the boards that are partially covering the direction you need to travel. It won't be long before you encounter two more freaks, but a few well placed rounds from your Shotgun should eliminate their presence in short order.

With all the evil monsters dead (for a moment), crank the wheel to open the iron gate and pass through. There won't be any opposition for a minute, but a short distance ahead is a bridge like structure that has arrows flying past it every couple of seconds. Time your movements between the barrages, using the rocks for cover until you're completely in the clear. Don't worry too much, as long as your health is in order, one arrow shouldn't kill you.

This chapter is as linear as they get, so keep moving forward until you have to squeeze through a small opening in the rocks. Once you're on the other side, look out for some nasty little creatures that will crawl after you along the ground. The good news is you can just run over them to kill them, so don't bother wasting any of your precious ammunition.

When all the creepy crawlers are down, turn the wheel to open yet another iron gate, passing through to find yourself waist deep in water. At least... we hope it's water.

Tip: We tend to not point out every box of Shotgun ammunition or Matches that are laying around, so be sure to do a little exploring as you're following our guide. Detective Sebastian Castellanos always needs more gear, and being that the game is so linear, you should have no trouble getting yourself back on track.

Wade through the water as your make your way forward, vaulting over what remains of a fence or door. You'll see more creepy cockroach like creatures, but again, you can just stomp on them and keep moving.

When the water ends you'll find yourself at what looks like a giant lobster trap, and just to the left will be at least one foe that's growing a second face. Put him down, then tap dance on a few more crawling freaks as you make your way forward.

A short distance up ahead you'll climb some wooden steps to find a woman who was impaled by a giant spike. Grab the Cave Note from her feet, then approach the door and snag the Bloody Relief Plate which is also on the ground.

The Bloody Relief Plate is going to act as you key to get through the following door. Look for the side that has blood on the top and top right edge, then make sure that it's facing away from you when you place it in the door. This should grant you access.

Continue moving through the cave until waves of energy begin flowing past you. There's nothing you can do here, so just keep moving until you end up back in what appears to be an asylum corridor. Once again, just continue moving in the only direction available until you pass through some double doors and trigger the chapter ending cut scene.

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