The Atlas of Summerset Isle An Overview of the Lands of the High Elves

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The Atlas of Summerset Isle An Overview of the Lands of the High Elves

Welcome to a meticulous guide that will take you through every location across Summerset Isle and Artaeum. This guide has separated the realm of Summerset Isle into four main regions so you may explore more easily. Each region has been given a name related to its most well-known locations and the wayshrines therein. Although regions aren’t visible on your in-game maps, the information is easy to follow and provides reference to what to expect during your journey. Unless otherwise stated, explanatory evidence of each location assumes there are no active quests in the vicinity.

Regions and Legend

This Atlas is divided into five subchapters; these are the accessible regions of Summerset Isle and Artaeum, starting with the northwest region:

  • Region 1: Crystal Tower, Lillandril, Illumination Academy (Northwest)
  • Region 2: Rellenthil, Cey-Tarn, Alinor (Southwest)
  • Region 3: Veyond Wyte, King’s Haven Pass, Eldbur Ruins (Northeast)
  • Region 4: Shimmerene, Sil-Var-Woad, Eastern Pass, Sunhold (Southeast)*
  • Region 5: Artaeum

In each subchapter, locations are revealed with the in-game icon that appears on your compass and maps wherever possible, but we reveal several unmarked locations and other useful knowledge as well. For larger dungeons and settlements, interior maps have been provided. These help you explore major locations and flag important items.

*Assuming you complete the Tutorial Quest: The Mind Trap, you begin your adventure by exiting a temple close to Shimmerene in this Region.

Locations and Type

The following icons are associated with particular locations across Summerset Isles and Artaeum. They each have their own Atlas entry and detail.

Primary Location (Known):

These are locations that appear on your in-game world map, with a familiar icon. Use these as an anchor point when navigating this realm. The number of the icon refers to the number of the region and subchapter, so simply cross-reference it. For example, Primary Location 1.02 is the second location in region 1.

Secondary Location (Unknown)

These are locations that do not appear on your in-game map. Some are as large, or larger than the “known” primary locations, so it’s important not to overlook them. Expect small camps, manor houses, locations within a settlement, hidden cavern systems; they could be anything! These are also known as “unmarked” or “secondary” locations.

Primary Location: Abyssal Geyser

A coastal anomaly where a Bedlam prophet summons waves of incoming hostiles, with immense bosslike foes and high-level loot to finish.

Primary Location: Artifact Gate/Temple

An ancient structure or fortification of note, requiring some exploration and possible interior investigation.

Primary Location: Camp

A small location, usually with a gathering of tents and a fire.

Primary Location: City

Usually the largest settlement in a region, complete with multiple interior structures once you cross the city’s threshold. Expect Merchants, quests, docks, and other activities.

Primary Location: Crafting

A special crafting table (or several) at this location allows you to create sets of equipment.

Primary Location: Delve Dungeon

A particularly tough adventure awaits you in this self-contained location. Expect multiple foes, bosses, and group battling.

Primary Location: Farm or Winery

An area of arable farmland or grape-growing, usually outside a large settlement, but not too far into the wilderness.

Primary Location: Group Boss

An extremely tough boss entity lurks in this area. Slaying it requires multiple adventurers.

Primary Location: Interesting Locale

These appear at locations that are of interest and on your in-game map.

Primary Location: Player House

Also known as “Homestead Estates,” this indicates a house you can gain via quest completion or purchasing.

Primary Location: Public Dungeon

A self-contained interior location with greater threats to face than those found within a delve. Multiple adventurers working together is recommended.

Primary Location: TRIAL

If you wish to test your mettle to its very limits, feel free to journey to this particular dungeon entrance.

Primary Location: Ruin

An old and dilapidated structure of architectural merit dominates this location.

Primary Location: Sacred Grove

An area of particular importance to nature, whether it be plant or animal-based.

Primary Location: Seat of Learning

An impressive college filled with books and learned characters.

Primary Location: Service Dock

A dock where a navigation can plot you a course to and from Summerset Isle.

Primary Location: Tower

An ancient, vertical structure that dominates the landscape of the Artaeum isle.

Primary Location: Town

A large settlement with multiple buildings, interior locations such as inns and markets, and quests to attempt.

Primary Location: Wayshrine

A marker allowing the teleportation (or “fast-traveling”) to other wayshrines around Summerset Isle or Tamriel in general (for a price). Unlock these first, as you go, and spread out from them when exploring. You also can return here when you die.

Map Icons

The icons present on the world map and inside settlements and dungeons usually indicate individual locations, such as fishing holes, merchant activity, areas that offer quests, or hidden spots where you might scavenge a collectible. Many don’t have an Atlas entry, so you’re encouraged to seek these out via the guide’s world map.


This location has a tome you can read to increase your lore knowledge.

Enemy (Difficult)

A particularly troublesome, large, or otherwise “boss-like” foe is present at this location.


The major fishing holes are detailed with a dot indicating the type of water.

Heavy Sack

A large bag of items, which you can loot and add to your inventory. Note that not all of these items are active in Summerset Isle at once, so not every location shown may give you a Heavy Sack.

Mages Guild Lorebook

There are nine Mages Guild books to find, and multiple copies are scattered about Summerset Isle. The guide map (book only) provides a letter to show you which book is at a particular locale. Once you find one of these books, the others of the same type disappear, so only nine need to be secured:

Mages Guild Books

LetterName of Book


Ayrenn: The Unforeseen Queen


Before the Ages of Man: Dawn Era


Before the Ages of Man: Merethic Era


Fang of the Sea Vipers


Manual of Spellcraft


Thalmor Handbill


The Old Ways


The Story of Princess Eselde


Varieties of Faith: The High Elves


Flags a particular location as having a merchant. The exact type and number are detailed within the Atlas location entry. You’ll find some merchants wandering and some will be stationary, while others will be from guilds and provide crafting services.


Expect a quest to begin in the general vicinity of this area.

Skyshard (Exterior)
Skyshard (Interior)

These helpful imbuing shafts of light are pinpointed.

Thieves Guild Dead Drop Chest

A small, black chest is hidden away somewhere within the vicinity of the location, and gathering these helps complete Quest: Vault of Moawita.

Thieves Trove

A small box of equipment utilized by outlaws. Gather these as a member of the Thieves Guild. Note that not all of these items are active in Summerset Isle at once, so not every location shown may give you a trove.

Treasure Chest

Gain reasonable to valuable items by finding these weighty chests. Note that only 160 chests are active in Summerset Isle at once, so not every location shown may give you one.

Interior Icons

These circular icons are all treated as their own secondary locations (except “Building or Threshold”). They appear on the guide maps within settlements or on interior location maps. Here’s what they mean:

Secondary Locations


This location is a bank where funds can be stored.

Building or Threshold

In your guide, this shows every single door, ladder, portal, or other threshold that takes you from one map to another.

Fighters Guild

This location is where the Fighters Guild are based.

Gladiator’s Quarters

This location is where battleground-related combat veterans are camping.


You can enter a tavern or other type of watering hole at this point.

Mages Guild

This location is where the Mages Guild reside.

Merchant/Guild Trader

One or more merchants ply their trades at this location.

Outlaws Refuge

Also known as the Thieves Guild; they lurk at this location.


A large-scale crafting location within the city of Alinor.


Rest your weary steed at this location.


Visit the peaceful interior of this temple, within Alinor.


The same primary location wayshrines are also flagged within settlements they appear in. This is a marker you teleport to when maneuvering around the world or after you die. Unlock these as you explore.

Location Statistics

Every place of note across Summerset Isle contains a list of pertinent information so you’re better informed regarding what to expect within the location. The following explains what all the listed data means:


There is a host of general information about each location, which is one or more of the following:

  • Abyssal Geyser:This is a type of primary location.
  • Artifact Gate/Temple: This is a type of primary location.
  • Bank: This a type of secondary location.
  • Camp: This is a type of primary location.
  • City: This is a type of primary location.
  • Cooking Fire: You can cook a recipe over a roaring flame at this location.
  • Crafting: You’re able to utilize one or more of the following stations at this location: Alchemy Station, Blacksmithing Station, Clothing Station, Enchanting Table, Jewelry Crafting Station, Outfit Station, Woodworking Station
  • Delve: This is a type of primary location.
  • Farm or Winery: This is a type of primary location.
  • Fighters Guild: This is a type of secondary location.
  • Fishing Hole: Expect to be able to fish at this location, at the indicated “splash” points.
  • Gladiator’s Quarters: This is a type of secondary location.
  • Group Boss: This is a type of primary location.
  • Heavy Sack: This location may have a heavy sack you can loot.
  • Inn: This is a type of secondary location.
  • Interesting Locale: This is a type of primary location.
  • Interior: The location has an interior to explore.
  • Mages Guild: This is a type of secondary location.
  • Mages Guild Lorebook:Expect to collect this glowing purple tome at this location.
  • Merchant: A merchant of any description is at this location.
  • Ore: The expected ore you can mine in the immediate vicinity of the location is listed here.
  • Outlaws Refuge: This is a type of secondary location.
  • Plants: The expected plants in the immediate vicinity of the location are listed here.
  • Player House: This is a type of primary location.
  • Primary Location: This is known as a primary location.
  • Plaza: This is a type of secondary location.
  • Public Dungeon: This is a type of primary location.

  • Ruin: This is a type of primary location.
  • Sacred Grove: This is a type of primary location.
  • Seat of Learning: This is a type of primary location.
  • Secondary Location: This is known as a secondary location.
  • Service Dock: This is a type of primary location.
  • Skyshard: An imbuing shaft of light is accessible at this location.
  • Stable: This is a type of secondary location.
  • Temple: This is a type of secondary location.
  • Thieves Guild Dead Drop Chest: A small chest of note can be collected here, as part of Quest: Vault of Moawita.
  • Thieves Trove: A small box of equipment utilized by cutthroats may be randomly accessible here.
  • Tower: This is a type of primary location.
  • Town: This is a type of primary location.
  • Treasure Chest:There’s a possibility of this chest being available in or around the location.
  • Trial: This is a type of primary location.
  • Wayshrine: A wayshrine is available at this location.
  • Warning: Restricted Area (Trespass): Enter this location and expect to pick a lock, then pick a fight as entities are hostile to your snooping and sneaking. You accrue a bounty if you’re spotted in such an area. You can steal from these locations, selling your ill-gotten gains to a fence (usually at an Outlaws Refuge).

Entities of Note

Expected entities with conversation topics, or people who are able to further or start a quest, are listed here.


Creatures that can be either caught (like torchbugs) or fought (like salamanders) are listed here, so you know the type of foe to expect in each area you explore. The Bestiary has in-depth data on the foes new to Summerset Isles. The quest chapters detail boss enemies, and this Atlas shows you where they are.


If the location in question has a particularly difficult and usually named boss, it is listed here. Exercise extreme caution!

Nearby Quests

Any quests that are accessible are listed here. If a location is usually inaccessible during your general roaming around the region, the quest listed is usually the one you need to start in order to access the interior or additional areas of the location.