A Trove of Tamriel Tips Tips

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A Trove of Tamriel Tips Tips

Starting out in Elder Scrolls Online may seem daunting at first. A tutorial quest teaches the basics, and pop-up messages offer advice as new mechanics arise. Still, the ability to travel most anywhere and the sheer amount of quests available at the start can become overwhelming. Here are a handful of tips to keep in mind as you begin your adventures.

  • During early levels, loot every enemy. Most items sell for at least one gold, and this money adds up.
  • Lockpicks are often found, which can be used to procure more valuable loot.
  • Be sure to visit a vendor and/or the bank before leaving town in order to free up space for new loot.
  • Early in the game, equipment is found at a fairly quick pace, so don’t waste money on repairs if you can help it. Repair becomes more practical later on as favorite gear is found and time between levels increases.
  • Experience is not only earned by completing quests and other activities, but also for simply discovering new locations. Explore off the beaten path to earn extra XP. This is also a great way to find hidden loot and resources.
  • Wayshrines are available throughout Tamriel, allowing for fast travel between zones. Traveling directly to a Wayshrine from the wild costs money, but traveling between two Wayshrines, by interacting with one, is free.. While money is tight, take the time to find a Wayshrine before travel.
  • By placing a skill on the Action Bar, Experience is earned directly to that skill line, whether that ability is used or not. Earn Experience toward six different skill lines by placing an active ability of each on the Action Bar, including an Ultimate. It’s even possible to level up a weapon without having that weapon equipped.
  • Consider race and class carefully during character creation. Race provides four unique racial Passive Abilities, while class gives access to three skill lines, each with an assortment of Active Effects and Passive Abilities, as well as an Ultimate.
  • A second Action Bar is unlocked at Level 15, allowing you to arrange two sets of abilities and weapon. Set up complementary weapons, such as a bow and daggers for long distance and melee combat, respectively. Or create two sets of abilities with the same weapon, giving you access to twice as many abilities.
  • Typically Tank builds are best equipped in heavy armor, Stamina users in medium, and light armor is best for Magicka casters. This means your playstyle or role may dictate the type of armor worn, but there are advantages to mixing it up. Each weight has one Active Ability and five Passive Abilities, and wearing just one piece earns Experience toward that skill line. Early on, equip at least one of each type to gain access to these Passives.
  • It is often wise to specialize in no more than three crafting disciplines. Attempting to take on all six can burn through Skill Points that can be used elsewhere. Decide early on which areas you wish to specialize in. Focusing on the three equipment trade skills or the three non-equipment skills, makes best use of similarities between them. Consider creating an alternate character with the sole purpose of crafting, making it possible to take on more disciplines.
  • All your characters deposit and withdraw from the same bank account. This allows you to share between characters and use “mules” for extra storage space.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just the quests; Tamriel has a lot to offer. Group bosses, dungeons, and Dark Anchors all provide great Experience boosts, with chances to find valuable loot.
  • Do not forget about your Soul Gems. Once it’s available, place the Soul Trap Ability on the Action Bar and fill empty gems with enemy souls to keep your stock up.
  • Examine all Lorebooks found in your travels, as they all add to your Mages Guild rank. Even if you’re not currently participating in their quests, it’s good practice.
  • Always keep an eye out for the bright light emitted from skyshards throughout Tamriel. For every three collected, a valuable Skill Point is rewarded.
  • Look for bookshelves inside city buildings as well as dungeons and other structures throughout Tamriel. Interact with each one to read a book. Occasionally one provides a boost in a related skill, so it’s well worth the little time it takes. There’s no need to actually read the entries.
  • The Alliance War in Cyrodiil becomes available once you reach Level 10. This unlocks new challenges and more opportunities to earn Experience and great items. Instead of gold, you’re rewarded in Alliance Points, which can be used at specialized vendors at the alliance base. When entering Cyrodiil, your character is battle-leveled, allowing you to be more competitive when facing other players. Higher-level players have access to better abilities, so they still have an advantage.
  • Take advantage of the introductory quests in Cyrodiil to learn the ins and outs of the Alliance War. Not only do you receive Alliance Points and Experience, but a free forward camp is also awarded.
  • Start researching Traits early, even if you don't think you'll make use of the equipment-crafting tradeskills for a while. Trait research takes a lot of real-world time to complete, so starting early can save you weeks or even months down the line.