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Toy Box Learning About the Toy Box

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) is a huge game with infinite possibilities. The Toy Box is a key feature of the game, and it can be somewhat daunting at first as there is so much to do. This part of the guide focuses on the Toy Box, which encompasses all parts of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) that are outside of the various Play Sets.

Learning About the Toy Box

After completing the start of the game where you get a brief taste of what is in store for you in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, you enter the Toy Box Introduction world. This is the place where you can learn everything you need to know about playing, creating, and just having fun in the Toy Box. There are several hosts that provide missions, which are lessons on the various aspects of the Toy Box. It is a very good idea to take some time and go through these instructional missions, even if you are a veteran of Disney Infinity, because some of the controls and features have changed.

Move the Disney Infinity Toy Stand onto the platform to enter the Toy Box Intro World.

Rewards in the Toy Box

Not only do you learn about the Toy Box by completing the host missions, you also earn some cool rewards. In addition to blue Sparks (the money in the Toy Box) and orange Sparks (experience for your character), you also unlock some very cool toys. While you could purchase them in the Toy Store, some are quite expensive and you can unlock them for free just by completing all of the missions.

Toy Box Host Missions Rewards
Missions CompletedReward
5 missions King Louie Townsperson
10 missions Collector Challenge Kit template
20 missions Toy Box Door
30 missions King Louie’s Throne
36 missions Enchanted Bed

There are five main hosts for the Toy Box. There is no specific order in which you need to visit them. However, it is usually best to save the combat host for last so you can build up some experience for your character and then upgrade your character’s skills prior to going into combat. So let’s get started.

Creation Host

Merlin is the Creation Host.

The Merlin townsperson is the host who teaches you the basics of creating in the Toy Box. As such, he offers a good place to start. He is the host with the icon of the world above his head. Walk over and talk to Merlin. As soon as you do, you gain blue and orange Sparks and complete the first mission. Also, the Toy Box World expands as a city is built right before your eyes.

Talk to Merlin again and you can choose from two topics—Toy Box Creation Help or Travel Help. Start off with creation help and then go through the four options one at a time. The first teaches you how to place an item in the Toy Box. Next you learn how to customize the look of the Toy Box. Third is about changing the Toy Box sky and the last choice is about getting more toys.

Press the editor button to open the Toy Box editor. Here you can select from all of the toys that are unlocked for you. Learn to use the editor and the filter to find the correct toy. Pick one and then move it around and rotate it to get it just how you want it. Then place it into the Toy Box following the in-game directions to complete the mission.

Learning how to place items in the Toy Box is an important lesson to learn right at the start.

The next lesson teaches you how to change the look of your Toy Box. Follow the directions to access your wand from the Packs and Tools menu and then use the wand to select an item. You can then change the look of the object. When you select the palette, you can change the style of just that object or even apply that theme to the entire Toy Box. That will change all of the items whose style can be changed to that new style. Play around with this to see the different themes that are available initially. You can purchase more themes in the Toy Store later.

Use the magic wand to select an item to customize.

After changing the look of an item, you can now learn about Spark Mode. This lets you move around the Toy Box quickly and edit or build lots of things. Open the editor and then follow the instruction to enter Spark Mode and complete the assigned tasks. Then ask Merlin about changing the look of the sky. He tells you how to use either Power Discs or the sky changer toy to do this. Finally, ask Merlin about getting more toys.

The next options in the Creation Host menu are about travel. The first is how to go to a Play Set and then how to download a Toy Box. Ask Merlin for a tip to complete another mission. He will help you get to those hard to reach Sparks. His advice is to build structures that will allow your characters to reach those.

Creation Host Missions
MissionSpark RewardsUnlocks
Talk to Creation Host for the first time 100 orange, 300 blue
Place an item in the Toy Box 20 orange
Change the look of the Toy Box 35 orange, 300 blue Toy Box Terrain
Use Spark Mode 25 orange, 25 blue
Change the sky 25 orange, 200 blue
Getting more toys 15 orange, 100 blue
How to go to a Play Set 15 orange, 100 blue
How to download a Toy Box 15 orange, 100 blue
Ask the Creation Host for a tip 5 orange, 10 blue
Ask how to collect hard-to-reach Sparks 10 orange, 25 blue
Unlock the Hall of Heroes and Marvel’s Hall of Super Heroes Doors 35 orange, 300 blue

Vehicle Host

Luigi from Cars is the Vehicle Host who teaches you all about vehicles and mounts, which you can use to travel quickly and get to places some characters could not otherwise reach. When you walk over and talk to him, a race track is automatically created, plus the Autopia Car appears on the track. Go and hop in it to unlock the car and complete the first mission.

Luigi is ready to help you learn about vehicles.

Talk to Luigi again and ask him to teach you to drive a car. Then hop back in the car and start driving. When you drive over the race button in the middle of the road, you are asked to start the race—don’t start it yet. Follow the on-screen directions to learn how to accelerate and how to drift. Drifting is a great way to take turns at high speed and also build up turbo. Luigi even tells you how to use turbo to get a boost of speed from your car. Try to stay on the track. However, if you drive off the edge, you will respawn back on the track. Finally, learn how to do a quick 180-degree turn to complete this mission. Continue along the track back to Luigi.

Drift around the turns so you can build up turbo.

Luigi’s next mission is to teach you how to fly. He provides a helicopter for you for this mission, so get in and get started. Follow the on-screen prompts to learn how to take off, fly forward, and strafe to the left and right, as well as how to attack. Once you have tried all of these, the mission is complete, so fly back to Luigi.

A helicopter is a great way to get some of those Sparks that are on top of the buildings and other locations that are up high.

Next, learn how to ride animals. Luigi provides Merida’s horse, Angus, for you to ride. Mount up and then follow the directions to learn how to run, jump, and even sprint. Following that mission, talk to Luigi about how to build your own tracks. This is quite easy and all of the pieces you need are already unlocked in the Toy Box. However, you don’t actually need to build a track to complete this mission—just listen to Luigi and learn. The basics of building a track are to make sure all of the pieces are connected, create a complete circuit, and be sure to include a race track start piece. Then just drive up to the Race Track Start piece to begin a race. The Toy Box will automatically provide some competition for you.

Learn how to make your own race tracks.

Now that you know how to drive, it is time to learn about doing tricks. Luigi will create a stunt park and a stunt buggy for you to drive. Drive up the sides of the stunt park to get airborne, then follow the directions to perform some tricks. The mission is completed once you have performed a total of five tricks. Exit the stunt buggy to return to Luigi.

Practice getting air and doing tricks. Notice that as you do tricks, you build up turbo just like when you drift.

Finally, ask Luigi how to reach hard-to-reach Sparks. Since he is the Vehicle Host, he will tell you to try using a helicopter. This tip counts as another mission complete, and by now you should be getting close to your third reward.

Vehicle Host Missions
MissionSpark RewardsUnlocks
Talk to Vehicle Host for the first time and drive the car 35 orange, 100 blue Autopia Car
Learn how to drive a car 35 orange, 300 blue
Learn how to fly 35 orange, 200 blue
Learn how to ride animals 35 orange, 200 blue
Learn how to build your own track 25 orange, 50 blue
Learn how to do tricks in a car 35 orange, 300 blue
Ask how to collect hard-to-reach Sparks 10 orange, 25 blue

Exploration Host

When you first talk to Mulan, an Agrabah market structure appears and challenges you to get to a Spark capsule. An indicator shows the location of an orange Spark capsule. As you go after it, you learn about jumping as well as rope/pipe climbing and grinding to get to get to the capsule to complete another mission. Next you have to collect ten blue Spark capsules that are scattered about the market area.

Mulan is ready to teach you how to get around obstacles in the Toy Box.

Once you have completed the Agrabah missions, talk to Mulan again and ask her how to jump. She will provide some platforms with blue Spark capsules. Jump across the platforms to get to the blue Sparks. Next ask her how to jump farther. She will teach you how to double jump. Then double jump across some more platforms to collect even more blue Spark capsules. The final lesson is how to grab a ledge. Now you have to double jump towards platforms and grab on to the ledge. Then press the jump button again to pull yourself up to collect a blue Spark capsule. Move across all of these platforms to complete this mission. Finally ask her about collecting hard-to-reach Sparks. She will suggest using a flying character. Complete all of these missions and you are on your way to your next reward.

Jump onto platforms and grab ledges to complete Mulan’s three instructional missions.

Once you have completed the instructional missions, it is time to try out the Agrabah challenge. An indicator shows the location of an orange Spark capsule. Use what you have learned about jumping as well as rope/pipe climbing and grinding to get to get to the capsule to complete another mission. Next you have to collect ten blue Spark capsules that are scattered about the market area. Get them all and you have completed yet another mission and are on your way to your next reward.

Make your way through Agrabah to collect capsules and complete a couple missions along the way.

Exploration Host Missions
MissionSpark RewardsUnlocks
Learn how to jump 20 orange, 50 blue
Learn how to jump farther 20 orange, 50 blue
Learn how to grab a ledge 20 orange, 50 blue
Collect orange capsule in Agrabah challenge 100 orange, 300 blue
Collect 10 blue Spark capsules in Agrabah challenge 70 orange, 100 blue
Ask what to do if you get stuck 10 orange, 25 blue
Ask how to collect hard-to-reach Sparks 10 orange, 25 blue

Toy Store Host

Remember Oaken from Frozen? He is the Toy Store Host and is here to teach you all about the Toy Store and how to get more toys for your Toy Box. As soon as you walk over to him, he gives you some blue Sparks. These are the currency in the Toy Box.

Talk to Oaken to learn about the Toy Store.

Start off by asking Oaken what he has for sale. This opens up the Toy Store. Look through the menus and pages of toys. You don’t have to buy anything at this time. When you exit the Toy Store, you complete the mission. The next mission is to learn how to get more toys. You can purchase them from the Toy Store Host or from the pause menu. Ask the remaining two questions about Blue Sparks and Disney Infinity 1.0 Toys to complete two more missions.

The Toy Store consists of several different pages of toys that you can unlock by spending blue Sparks, by playing through the Play Sets and Toy Box Games, or by completing Toy Box Host missions.

Toy Store Host Missions
MissionSpark RewardsUnlocks
Talk to the Toy Store Host 10 blue
What does Oaken have for sale? 10 blue
How do you get more toys? 50 blue
What do blue Sparks do? 10 blue
How do you get your Disney Infinity 1.0 toys? 10 blue

Combat Host

The last of the main Toy Box hosts is Phil, the same person—or satyr—that trained Hercules as well as several other heroes. He can make you a hero too!

Phil, the Combat Host, will teach you all you need to know about fighting enemies.

When you first talk to Phil, he sends two enemies to attack you. Follow the directions and press the attack button to defeat them. Be sure to gather the Sparks they leave behind once defeated.

Use melee combat moves to defeat the two enemies by tapping the attack button rapidly.

Many characters have projectile weapons while others do not. However, you can equip items to all characters no matter whether they have a projectile weapon or not. Ask Phil bout this. He will show you how to press the Item select button to open up the Packs and Tools menu. Here you can assign a weapon such as the Toy Box Blaster to your character so they can use it to attack enemies. Next ask Phil about Toy Box games. He explains how to place a Toy Box game piece onto the hexagonal slot on the Disney Infinity base to play these games. Finally talk to Phil about placing enemies in your Toy Box. He shows you how to use the enemy generator to cause enemies to spawn in the Toy Box. Push the button on this toy if you want some more enemies to fight.

The Fairy Godmother gives you the combat challenge. Use ranged attacks to hit the Omnidroids from a distance.

Now all that is left is the combat challenge. Walk across the race track to talk to the Fairy Godmother. Cinderella is being help captive. You must rescue her. Move into the courtyard area and defeat several Omnidroids so you can get to a button. Push it to lower a bridge so you can reach the tower where Cinderella is located. As you take damage, be sure to collect the green Spark capsules as well as green Sparks left behind by defeated enemies.

The Tank Omnidroid is defending the tower.

Once you get across the bridge, you must face the boss—a Tank Omnidroid. This is one strong enemy and it can take a lot of damage. Stay back and use the Toy Box Blaster or your character’s ranged attack to hit this boss. When it begins firing its lasers at you, move behind the tower for cover. Then resume your attack when the laser stops firing. Keep at it until the Tank Omnidroid is defeated.

Pick up Cinderella and get her to Phil to complete the challenge.

The tower opens and you can pick up Cinderella. Carry her across the bridge. However, there are more Omnidroids waiting. If you try to fight, you will drop Cinderella. So just run as fast as you can through the courtyard and out into the Toy Box main area. Get her to Phil to complete this challenge. If you have already completed all of the other missions and challenges, you will have unlocked the final reward at the same time.

Combat Host Missions
MissionSpark RewardsUnlocks
Talk to the Combat Host for the first time 35 orange, 100 blue
Learn how to hold a weapon 25 orange, 50 blue
Learn how to go to a Toy Box game 25 orange, 100 blue
Learn how to fill your Toy Box with enemies 25 orange, 100 blue
Complete the combat challenge 150 orange, 300 blue