Marvels Ultimate Spider-Man Play Set Something Stinks

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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Official Digital Strategy Guide
for PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One

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Marvels Ultimate Spider-Man Play Set Something Stinks

The Sewers

Sweet and Sewer

Seek out Black Cat for your next main mission. S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists are bringing heavy firepower into the sewers, and Black Cat thinks you’re the guy to help them out. Web up your nostrils ‘cause it’s about to get stinky.

Feat Complete: Mission Master

Jump down off Black Cat’s rooftop and walk around the corner to the sewer grate across the street. Symbiotes will intercept you. Puddle them before they jam up all the traffic and turn Manhattan into massive gridlock.

After you work out the cobwebs on your combat moves and smash all the Symbiotes, drop down into the sewer. Ignore the rats and veer around the big hole with nasty water pooling into it. On the far side of the chamber, jump up on the ledge and follow the tunnel as it curves to the right to defend the first two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from a rush of Symbiotes.

A wall of goo blocks the tunnel. To get through, pick up the sonic weapon and carry it over to the goo. Fire the sonic weapon to blow through the goo and then walk over to the glowing green recharge station to power your weapon back up. Each sonic weapon gets five shots before it’s drained dry.

Symbiotes rush after you as you enter the next chamber. Feel free to blast away with the sonic weapon; however, it’s bulky and can be awkward to use in close combat, so it’s usually a better idea to drop the weapon and use Spidey’s acrobatic attacks to trash the bad guys. When the chamber isn’t frantic with freaks, you can safely pick the sonic weapon back up again.

Avoid the bubbling pools of goo; these shoot Symbiote tendrils up to the ceiling when you come near. Cross the chamber to the goo mass in the center; its tendrils connect to the wall of goo blocking the exit tunnel. Blast the goo mass with your sonic weapon, then blast through the goo covering the exit tunnel. The two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents escape up the red ladder in the tunnel.

Approach the far ledge and double-jump up to engage the Symbiotes that guard the new tunnel. Kick, punch, and web them into the tunnel walls as you zip back and forth among them all.

Stay to the right, avoiding the goo pools, and follow the ramp to the recharge stations. Since you have unlimited power here, blast the spawning Symbiotes with your big weapon and recharge after you’ve cleared a path.

Drop the sonic weapon and double-jump on the first green hydraulic platform. Time your jumps to leap onto the second platform and then the steel catwalk. Cross the catwalk and double-jump over two more rising-and-falling platforms until you finally make it to the last green hydraulic platform. Follow it up to the final catwalk and exit the chamber.

Throw some more punches at the Symbiotes that appear in the upper tunnel. When there’s nothing left but Sparks, continue up the tunnel until you reach the next chamber.

Circle around the goo tendrils and take out the Symbiotes that get in your way. Two more S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists need help here, so pick up the new sonic weapon and continue on toward the goo mass blocking the exit tunnel. Dispatch more Symbiotes with either the sonic weapon or a good, solid kick.

Obliterate the goo mass with the sonic weapon, then walk over and blast free the exit tunnel. Recharge the sonic weapon and continue on. The two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents will escape at the next red ladder.

Hop up onto the next tunnel section and splatter some Symbiotes that have decided that this particular part of the stench can be called home. After you get through the Symbiotes, you enter the final chamber.

Swing out onto the stone disk in the middle of the sewer water. Symbiotes, and their larger Symbiote Grunt cousins, will emerge from all angles and attack. Furiously fend them off, and tap in to your Web Barrage to pin down multiple enemies at once. Web Line also works wonders as you can pull Symbiotes from across the disk right to you for the take out shot.

Keep battling until the last Symbiote spawns. The Symbiote Grunts are much tougher than the normal Symbiote, and they can not only disappear and then reappear on you, but they can strike you with a heavy tendril attack from long range. Remember to dodge frequently and use the green and purple capsules around to your benefit. Beat the last Symbiote and you finish the mission and exit the sewers.

New Challenge Available: Sonic Weaponry