Marvels The Avengers Play Set Inside Avengers Tower

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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Official Digital Strategy Guide
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Marvels The Avengers Play Set Inside Avengers Tower

Avengers Tower (Part 1)

Cold Opening

The Avengers begin their first mission thawing out inside Avengers Tower. Loki has sent a furious ice storm against Manhattan and Frost Giants have taken up residence in the facility. They apparently desire something in the lab, and it’s your job to fire up those boot jets and take a torch to their plans. Before you leave the first area, though, you may want to check for blue Sparks up the stairs and encased in the ice blocks scattered about the room.

Avengers Tower (Part 2)

Break through the ice block in front of the elevator entrance. Jump up into the elevator shaft, then perform an Air Attack to jolt the elevator car down the track. Do it a second time to reach the bottom. Jump up and grab the yellow ledge, then jump again to exit the elevator shaft. If you’re playing with Iron Man, you can simply fly up and out.

JARVIS seals the next room and instructs you to neutralize the first set of Frost Giants. Practice your melee attacks on the three Frost Giants and scoop up the green capsules if you need some healing.

When you pass through the shimmering blue security screen across the exit, the security system turns on. Bypass the three lasers by jumping over the first, ducking under the second, and jumping over the third. With Iron Man, you can hover a little above the first laser and then fly full speed through to the other side and avoid laser burn.

In the next room, practice your blocking against the Frost Giants. When a Frost Giant’s fist ices up and it rears back to punch, block so you don’t take heavy damage. After you defeat the Frost Giants on the bottom level, head up the stairs and beat up on the remaining Frost Giant. A hole blasts through the nearby wall once you obliterate that last Frost Giant.

In the next room, jump off the broken platform and defend against the Frost Giants who tunnel through the far wall. Practice your Alternate Attack against these Giants; in the case of Iron Man, use his Pulse Bolts at range to blast the Frost Giants before they can reach you.

If you try and exit through the security screen, a wall of lasers barricades the way. You can’t get through until you hack the access panel on the platform to the right of the exit. Smash through the debris in the corridor, or jump/fly over it to reach the next room.

Your combat moves will be tested in this next room. You have to battle through a dozen Frost Giants, while making sure not to get surrounded or fall in the large hole ripped in the floor. Either mistake will cost you your life. At the end of the fight, fly up to the exit on the upper platform (non-flyers will have to climb up the blue pole, cross the catwalk, and make a jump).

Navigate through the empty control room and blast the ice blocks in the far corner. Follow the tunnel down to the next Avengers Tower corridor.

Avengers Tower (Part 3)

Beat up on the next set of Frost Giants in the corridor. JARVIS opens a new door after you defeat them, but this one too is guarded by security measures. Jump or fly over the first laser beams, duck under the second, and jump/fly over the third. Alternatively, you can use the access panel in the corridor to shut off the third lasers.

Exit the next room through the ventilation shaft to your right. If you go to the left, you can smash into a side area for extra Sparks. Follow the ventilation shaft until you run into three ice blocks shielding the way. Smash them and you reach the lab.

You realize that the Frost Giants have stolen the Arc Reactor in the lab’s central power core. Fly down to the Arc Reactor platform. If you don’t have a flying hero, use the rails along the wall to your right to slide down to the platform. Once you reach the platform and stand on the highlighted square, a force field envelopes the energy bursting out from the power core, trapping you in with a swarm of Frost Giants.

Concentrate on staying alive and destroying Frost Giants one by one. Despite JARVIS’s warnings, the power core will not explode. Be careful not to get surrounded and take heavy damage from multiple Giant attacks, or get knocked into the power core, which is instant goodbye. If you need a breather, run around the core in a circle and collect green capsules to heal back up into fighting shape. Capsules will spawn over time, so keep circling if you need more. Eventually, you will defeat all the Giants and can stabilize the power core at the main control panel. A few Frost Giants manage to escape through a large tunnel. Follow them to a ladder that leads out onto the streets of Manhattan and your next adventure.

Feat Complete: Tower Power

Feat Complete: Getting Your Feat Wet