Destiny Signature Series Strategy Guide

Full Strategy Guide in Digital Format - All the strategy at your fingertips…all optimized for a second-screen experience.

The Missions - Your guide to the missions, patrols, public events, and strikes within the solar system of Destiny. Reclaim hidden chests and Ghosts.

The Field Manual - Learn the best ways to outfit your Guardian to suit your playstyle. Tips and strategies for creating your build and maximizing your performance in both player-vs.-player and player-vs.-environment gametypes.

The Missions - Discover the hidden values associated with all types of in-game gear. Equip yourself with the best gear for your playstyle and learn how each item mod affects your weapons and armor.

The Multiplayer Crucible - Tips and tactics learned on site at Bungie. Learn how to adjust your Guardian’s abilities and gear to dish out maximum carnage in multiplayer games.