The Tangled Shore is just one of two new places that players can explore in Destiny 2: Forsaken and if you want to get the most out of the new content, then you’re going to want to know everything about it. There are two new Public Events for you to complete in this new area, one of which requires you to stop an Ether Harvest. Here we’ll show you what you need to do to unlock the Heroic Ether Harvest Public Event in Destiny 2, allowing you a chance at greater rewards.

Trigger the Heroic Ether Harvest Public Event

You’ll find this Public Event down in Four-Horn Gulch, one of the regions in the Tangled Shore. When this event triggers, players will need to defend a point from several waves of the new Scorned enemies introduced in the Forsaken campaign. If you want to turn this event into a Heroic Public Event, then you’re going to find yourself with quite a challenge—especially if you’re running around solo. Because of this, make sure to arm yourself with your best equipment and then head out into the Tangled Shore.

In order to trigger the Heroic Public Event you’re going to need to stop all of the ether orbs from reaching the center of the harvest area. This is tricky, as you’ll need to shoot each of them to destroy them. Each orb will spawn after you defeat a Chieftain, and they all move extremely quick through the air. Because of this, you’ll want to time your Fireteams reloads, as you will always want someone shooting at the ether orbs as they make their way towards the center.

Stopping one wave of orbs isn’t going to be enough to trigger the Heroic version of this Public Event, though. You’ll need to continue killing all of the ether orbs for a while until they trigger the Heroic Public Event, so make sure you come prepared.

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