The Dreaming City has added quite a bit to the task list for Guardians to take part in in Destiny 2’s latest expansion pack. Now that list has grown even larger with the introduction of the Shattered Throne. Of course, you’ll want to know how to reach the Shattered Throne in Destiny 2 so you can find the new end-game dungeon that players can dive into and challenge themselves to complete. In this article we’ll discuss the easiest way to reach the Shattered Throne in Destiny 2, which might be confusing for those who haven’t explored the Dreaming City all that much.

How to Reach the Shattered Throne in Destiny 2

The Shattered Throne is a special time-limited dungeon that players can take part in when the Dreaming City’s curse is at its strongest. Because of this, the entrance will only be available when the curse has reached its greatest height. We won’t touch on that much here, but we will show you how to reach the Shattered Dungeon when it is available.

The entrance to the Shattered Throne can be found inside of the Confluence, a series of interconnected tunnels that run beneath the surface of the Dreaming City. The Confluence itself is a massive cavern in the center of these tunnels where players can find a large portal when the Dreaming City’s curse is at its strongest. Otherwise, the room will be filled with black goop that players cannot pass by.

To reach the Confluence, spawn in at the Divalian Mists and then follow the canyon along until you see a cave with blue crystal around it on your left. Head through the cave to reach the Spine of Keres. This is the same place where you go to make an offering to the Oracle.

Hop across the gaps in the path until you reach the arena. Instead of moving forward like you would to reach the Oracle, turn to the left and hug the wall until you reach a bridge. Drop off the right side of the bridge to reach a new path, which will lead you deeper into the Dreaming City’s tunnels, into a cave. Head through the portal inside the cave and you will reach the series of tunnels that run beneath the Dreaming City.

Keep moving through the hallways until you reach the central area, where you should see the portal. This is the Confluence. Head straight across the area to spot a large open room with a massive portal in it. You’ll also see an NPC nearby, Sedia the Techeun. You can speak with Sedia if you want, but it isn’t mandatory by any means. When you’re ready, interact with the quest banner to start up the Shattered Throne. Of course, this is a very dangerous encounter—with a recommended power of 590—so make sure you bring along your best gear and some Fireteam members to help you out.

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