Like Dark Fragments, Tincture of Queensfoil in Destiny 2 is a new item that is exclusively available inside of the Dreaming City patrol area. In Destiny 2, once you get the Tincture of Queensfoil item, players can see between the different dimensions of the worlds, giving them access to things like Ascendant Chests and Ascendant Challenges. Knowing how to get more of Tincture of Queensfoil in Destiny 2 is going to be extremely important as you work towards more end-game content. Here’s everything you need to know to get more Tincture of Queensfoil.

How to Get Tincture of Queensfoil

Like many of the new items in Destiny 2, players will find a few different ways to acquire Tincture of Queensfoil in Destiny 2. Of course, like many items out there, the easiest way to get your hands on more of it is to just purchase it from one of the NPCs located around the various patrol areas.

You can acquire more Tincture of Queensfoil by:

  • Collecting Ascendant chests.
  • Completing Ascendant Challenges.
  • Purchasing it from Huginn for 50 Baryon Boughs.

If you aren’t looking to spend your Baryon Boughs, then you’re going to need to focus on the other two areas that we’ve listed above. These two items will also require you to acquire Tincture of Queensfoil in order to complete them. The good news is, you’ll be able to get some of this item early on after you arrive in the Dreaming City, after completing the Forsaken campaign.

If you don’t mind purchasing your Tincture of Queensfoil then you can make your way to Harbinger’s Seclude, beneath the Rheasilvia. Here you will find Huginn, the talking skull. This will allow you to purchase Tincture of Queensfoil for 50 Baryon Boughs. This is, honestly, the best way to get the item—especially if you’ve managed to use all of your current stock without gaining anymore.

Now that we’ve covered how to get more Tincture of Queensfoil, head back over to our Destiny 2 guides for more content and information to help you reach all the end-game content in Destiny 2: Forsaken.