Moving on in our quest to find and defeat all of the escapees from the Prison of Elders, this time around we’re going to be showing you how to find and complete the Wanted: Downpour Captain bounty in Destiny 2. The Wanted: Downpour Captain is another of the bounties that you can pick up from Spider in the Tangled-Shore. We’ve got all the details you’ll need below, including where to find this enemy, so let’s dive right in and tell you how to complete the Wanted: Downpour Captain bounty in Destiny 2.

Wanted: Downpour Captain

To find this particular Wanted enemy, you’re going to need to make your way down to the Winding Cove in the European Dead Zone. Here you’ll be able to locate a Lost Sector called The Weep. This is just one of many Lost Sectors in the EDZ, so you’ll want to look for it just below the G in the Winding Cove label on your map.

Once you locate the entrance to the Lost Sector, head inside to find the Downpour Captain and several lower-ranked enemies waiting to take you on. As always, there are two ways you can approach the situation. The easiest way is going to be to go right for the target, taking him out as quickly as possible. This is also the riskiest method, though, and might not show the same amount of success as taking your time and dealing with the other enemies first.

Ideally, you’ll want to take out the other enemies first and then focus your attention on the boss. Once you manage to take the boss down and complete the bounty, turn it in to receive your rewards. You’ll also want to grab the loot chest here—which you’ll receive for clearing the Lost Sector.

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