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Boss Battle: Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon

Reward: Soul of Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon 

Sinh fights very similar to the other dragon bosses throughout Dark Souls 2. Begin the battle by attacking his feet. When he flies into the air directly above you, watch out for the fire breath that's likely to follow. It's best to remain under Sinh or directly behind him to avoid the fire and be ready to attack again as soon as he lands. Keep in mind, if you're directly underneath him, you need to move away before he hits the ground to avoid taking damage. 

If Sinh flies away from you, it's likely that his dive attack is coming. You need to stay on the move and possibly roll out of the way as soon as you see him dive toward you. If he stands on his hind legs, he's about to breathe fire directly in front of him. Use this as an opportunity to run toward the dragon and attack his legs or tail. 

While you're attacking Sinh's legs, it's important to stay on the move as soon as he's done with whatever attack he's currently using. When you're behind him, he may quickly turn around, inflicting moderate damage if you're not ready to roll out of the way. The key to this battle is to move in and attack while he's in the middle of a lengthy attack animation, then quickly move out of harm's way when the animation is complete. 

With Sinh down, collect the Crown of the Sunken King at the far end of the room, and the Yorgh's Ring in the corner.