Assault rifles are the workhorse weapon of any first-person shooter, and the five assault rifles featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer mode all offer different styles of play for players to take advantage of. In this guide, we’ll be listing each assault rifle, making note of its class, specialties, and pointing out which ones are best suited for different play styles in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Assault Rifle Stats and Reviews

Assault rifle lovers will find five different rifles available to use in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Each one has a different strength, so take a look and see which weapons work best for your playstyle.


The NV4 is the best-in-class assault rifle for those looking to get the most accuracy out of their weapon. With ideal power for mid to long range engagement, this assault rifle is the best option for those who like to wait out each engagement and take things a bit more slowly. Of course, while it offers great mid to long range effectiveness, it should never be used to try to out distance a sniper while using it.

The NV4 fires roughly 600 RPM (rounds per minute), and takes 2 seconds to reload when fully empty. Though it only takes 4 on-target shots to take out an enemy within 1600 meters, players will need to put at least 5 bullets into their target from 1600 meters and onward. Before diving too deeply into our weapon reviews, be sure to take a look at our multiplayer tips and tricks to help you get a good feel for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


The second weapon on our list is a three-round burst Energy rifle. Featuring extreme stopping power, this weapon also holds one of the lowest fire rates available out of all of the assault rifles in Infinite Warfare. It takes almost 2.5 seconds to reload when empty, however, players will only need to hit enemy players with a full burst of the weapon to take them down within 800 meters. After 800 meters the damage rate requires 4 shots to kill, however, equipping a Transducer or Rifled Barrel will affect these statistics. This assault rifle is perfect for those who want the most control, and don’t mind a low fire rate in close-quartered combat. You’ll want to avoid empty the magazine, as the long reload time when empty could lead to many deaths.


The KBAR-32 is a hip fire lover’s dream. Featuring a lightweight mold that allows for increased hip fire control, this weapon is perfect for close quarter attacks where you don’t want to ADS (aim down sights). It also features an extremely fast fire rate, over 700 RPM, and only takes 4 shots to kill within 1000 meters. The reload on this weapon is a bit long-winded, however, so make sure to take cover for the almost 3 second reload timer (when empty).

Type 2

This full-auto Energy rifle might not seem that special when you first take a look at it, however, as you dive deeper into what it is, you might find yourself fairly surprised. With the second faster fire rate (almost 800 RPM), this little SMG look-a-like has one very special feature that makes it stand out above the rest. During combat, while using this weapon, press and hold the Weapon Switch button to break the weapon in half and turn it into akimbo machine pistols. This drops the fire rate to just under 700 RPM, however, combined together this weapon can fire off almost 1400 rounds per minute. This assault rifle has a fairly long reload time, however, at just under 2.5 seconds when reloading from an on-empty mag. So try not to run it dry on the battlefield. Be sure to check out the complete list of all the SMGs in Infinite Warfare, so you can see how these weapons stack up against their more close-quarter oriented siblings.

The Type 2 is a perfect weapon for those who like to play fast and loose, always pushing into the enemy spawn. The ability to unhook the weapon and turn it into akimbo machine pistols is also extremely inviting for run-and-gun players, so be sure to check it out if you prefer that playstyle.


The final assault rifle on our list, this full auto Energy rifle features the best-in-class stopping power, all with a lower, more dependable fire rate. This weapon offers the lowest fire rate available in the game, at just under 500 RPM. However, its stopping power is unlike any other assault rifle available in the game. It also sports the longest reload time from empty, at roughly 2.9 seconds to reload the magazine. It makes up for its low fire rate and high reload time, though, as it only takes 3 shots on-target to take down enemies within 1400 meters. Outside of 1400 meters it only takes 4 shots, making it one of the most powerful assault rifles available within Infinite Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about assault rifles to get started. You can find more detail statistics, and even bullet spread patterns by picking up the Official Prima Games Strategy Guide. Be sure to head back over to our Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare walkthrough for more tips, tricks, and weapon reviews.