Welcome back! Still itching for those voxophones and scopes, are you? Well you’re in the right place! We’ll pick up right where we left off. If you’re following immediately after the previous part once you’ve saved Elizabeth you’ll find yourself on a charming little beach...

Voxophone 17/80

Right when you start on the beach, ahead of you should be a small red and white striped hut. On the left underneath it you’ll find your next voxophone.
Voxophone 17

Sightseer 12/37

Still on the beach, once you progress onwards you’ll go up a small set of stairs indoors from the beach you first found yourself. You should see a large image advertising the First Lady’s Aerodrome. Turn around the corner on the left and to your right, against the wall you’ll find a kinetoscope.
Sightseer 12

Voxophone 18/80

Sometime after you’ll find yourself in a darker corridor after passing a person washing the floor. In this corridor there’ll be a Dollar Bill vending machine on the right with a passage on the left and some double doors ahead of you. Go through the double doors to find a voxophone in a small tub as well as a piece of gear on a nearby table.
Voxophone 18

Voxophone 19/80

Shortly after the last voxophone you’ll find a set of double doors marked with “Mind your manners amongst your betters” and through there you’ll be in a large room filled with Duke and Dimwit puppet machines. Head past the machines and down the hallway the other side of them. On the left will be a restroom for white males. In there you’ll find a table with a voxophone on it.
Voxophone 19

Sightseer 13/37

Exit the previously mentioned restroom and turn left to see a kinetoscope against the wall.

Voxophone 20/80

A little later on you’ll enquire about some tickets to get on the airship. You’ll quickly find yourself under attack by several armed enemies. Take care of them all and make your way up the stairs where Elizabeth ran off. But after climbing these stairs turn right to find an office-type area where a voxophone can be found on top of a desk.

Voxophone 20

Voxophone 21/80

Follow the corridor where Elizabeth ran off and soon on your right you’ll see a large electric Shock Jockey generator. Don’t go that way, continue down the corridor ahead and proceed through the double doors. You’ll find yourself in a largely wooden-constructed room with some downwards-leading stairs. Down there you’ll find a voxophone in a small room at the back by a desk.

Voxophone 21

Sightseer 14/37

Shortly, you’ll catch up with Elizabeth and ride a gondola up to Soldier’s Field. Head up the stairs right after the gondola ride and right in front of you should be the telescopes facing outwards back toward the way you came on the gondola.

Sightseer 14

Voxophone 22/80

Once you enter Soldier’s Field and see the large children’s display in the centre of the room, go left into one of the side rooms that needs a lockpick to open, there should be one right by the door. In there if you follow through it, you’ll find a voxophone in an open safe in the office at the back.

Voxophone 22

Sightseer 15/37

Go back to the start of Soldier’s Field. On the right side of the room, opposite where you found the previous voxophone, you’ll find a small display of Columbia itself. Just past that is a kinetoscope.

Sightseer 15

Sightseer 16/37

Once you find yourself outside in Soldier’s Field you’ll see the First Lady Airship fly overhead with a large neon sign welcoming you to Soldier’s Field. Turn left at this sign and immediately left again to find a kinetoscope, just left of the ice cream shop.

Sightseer 16

Voxophone 23/80

On the left of entering the outdoor area of Soldier’s Field you’ll see an ice cream store. Right in there on a table on the left is a voxophone.

Voxophone 23

Voxophone 24/80

Still in the outdoor shopping areas of Soldier’s Field you’ll find a store called Founder’s Books. Within the store at the back, up a short set of stairs, you’ll find a voxophone.

Voxophone 24

Voxophone 25/80

Upon leaving the elevator after Elizabeth’s encounter with the bee, stick to the left wall. Follow it along until you come across some double doors marked “employees only” and requires unlocking. There are some restrooms on the opposite side of the hall and in one is a lockpick within a toilet booth. After you have a lockpick, head back to the locked door and enter the room, there is a voxophone on top of a desk. Oh, and watch out for the turret!

Voxophone 25

Voxophone 26/80

A little later you’ll find yourself in an open outdoor area with the Hall of Heroes skyline in front of you and a building to the right with a large lit sign saying Tickets. Head left into the Fellow Traveller and go right to the back of the building to find a voxophone hanging on a cupboard.

Voxophone 26

Sightseer 17/37

When standing in front of the large Hall of Heroes light sign at the skyline, turn right. You’ll see a small path that leads into the side of one of the buildings. Right in there you’ll find a kinetoscope.

Sightseer 17

Voxophone 27/80

Venture further within the building where the previous kinetoscope is. You’ll find a large set of stairs, ascend and turn immediately left. Along the ledge over the stairs you’ll find a voxophone.

Voxophone 27

Voxophone 28/80

Again in the building, as before, head down the previously mentioned stairs and to the large cannon statue. Within the cannon you’ll find a code book. Head back to the Fellow Traveller and inside to the right are some restrooms. One has a code on the wall Elizabeth may now decipher. Once done, head to the next restroom and interact with the hat. It will open a passageway into a room where you can find a voxophone and various other goodies.

Voxophone 28

Voxophone 29/80

Once you’re heading up the skyline toward the Hall of Heroes, find yourself somewhere to land at the top. There’s a parked gondola with a voxophone at the rear.

Voxophone 29

Sightseer 18/37

A little later you’ll be fired upon by snipers. Once you’ve disposed of them, head toward the entrance to the Hall of Heroes. At the doors to get in, turn right to see a kinetoscope.

Sightseer 18

Voxophone 30/80

Right when you enter the Hall of Heroes itself, just inside the entrance, you’ll pass the mechanised and see a door adorned with crossed swords. Before going in these doors, turn left and you’ll find a small side room with a voxophone on a desk.

Voxophone 30

Voxophone 31/80

After defeating Slate’s men at both battle displays, proceed to the First Lady’s Memorial. You’ll find yourself in a room where a statue of Lady Comstock seems to be praying. Once you enter this room, turn right and you’ll find a voxophone beneath a portrait of the Lady.

Voxophone 31

Sightseer 19, 20 and 21/37

Right after defeating Slate’s men, with the help of Elizabeth’s dimensional tears, advance onward and you’ll find the Hall of Heroes Memorial Gift Shop. Right in here you’ll find two kinetoscopes on either side of the doorway. Just past the door in the centre of the room is the third.

Sightseer 19-21

Voxophone 32/80

Upon realizing all the Shock Jockey is gone, you have to backtrack to a large courtyard. Once you have killed all enemies, there is a door on the left on ground level where inside you’ll find a voxophone on a work bench.

Voxophone 32

Voxophone 33/80

After getting the Shock Jockey from Slate, backtrack until you’re back in the shopping district. Do not rush on to start the generator that calls in the First Lady. That triggers a vast number of enemies and so you’ll be better off getting the voxophone here first before they show up and complicate things. Then ride the skyline around and soon at the back of the hotel building is a balcony with a door that requires the Shock Jockey generator beside it to be powered up. Once you get in, on the bed there’s a voxophone.

Voxophone 33

Voxophone 34/80

After being dramatically disembarked from the airship, you’ll find yourself in Finkton. The moment you’re able, move head to the small building to your left. Inside there between two desks on the floor is a voxophone.

Voxophone 34

Voxophone 35/80

Later on, while chasing Elizabeth, she’ll eventually open a tear where she is captured by a couple of goons. Once you notice this, stop dead in your tracks and turn left. There’s a small side area with some desks and a voxophone sitting on top of one of them.

Voxophone 35

Sightseer 22/37

Upon rejoining Elizabeth, turn 180 degrees and notice the telescope behind you by the gondola.

Sightseer 22

Sightseer 23/37

Once you leave Finkton Docks and enter Finkton Proper, you’ll come across a statue of a working man with “Your Future Is Fink” engraved onto it. Turn left to find a kinetoscope.

Sightseer 23

Voxophone 36/80

Turn right at the previously mentioned statue and in the large room you’ll find yourself in, look to the left and enter the small enclosed office area. Once again a voxophone lays on a desk ripe for the taking.

Voxophone 36

Voxophone 37/80

Soon you’ll come into a room filled with guards and a mechanised patriot. Dispatch all of them and explore the room. You’ll find an elevator you need to ride in to progress, but before you do look to the right of the elevator doors to find a locker with a rather interesting voxophone within it.

Voxophone 37

Voxophone 38/80

After riding the elevator down, you’ll shortly be in an outdoor area with what seems to be some sort of auction taking place right in front of you. Move forward to the right side, killing any enemies you come across. Proceed forward, sticking to the right. Soon you’ll reach the far right side of the area and find a voxophone by a workbench.

Voxophone 38

Voxophone 39/80

Follow your objective marker and it will lead you to Chen Lin’s gun shop. Inside, right when you walk in, on the counter in front of you, is another voxophone.

Voxophone 39

Sightseer 24/37

Once you are in the Good Time club, head up the first stairs you see. At the top of the stairs to the left of the vending machine is a kinetoscope.

Sightseer 24

Sightseer 25/37

Upon entering the large venue room of the club, you’ll have plenty of enemies to work through. Once you’re clear of them, return to the door you came through. Position yourself as if you’ve just entered the room as you did when you first entered, head forward and jump over the edge to the ground level right ahead of you and once landed turn and look behind you. There’ll be a vending machine and a kinetoscope right next to it.

Sightseer 25

Voxophone 40/80

Back in the function room, head on through the stage curtain and through the double doors to the right. You should find yourself in a dressing room for stage performers. On one of the desks on the left is a voxophone.

Voxophone 40

That’s a lot of collectibles so far but there’s still plenty more to go. Be sure to keep watching the Prima website so you don’t miss when the next part comes out! Follow Prima on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss out on the next part and thanks for reading.