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Battlefield Bootcamp Game Modes

There are a total of seven game modes spread across ten different maps, offering plenty of variety for all. Most of the game modes are familiar classics, but the addition of Obliteration, Defuse, and Domination adds some variety to the mix.

Conquest Large/Small

Conquest is all about capturing control points (flags) and defending them. If you want to win, don’t forget the defend part.

Recommended Players: 64 (24 on Xbox 360 and PS3)


  • Conquest is all about territory control.
  • Win by draining enemy tickets to zero.


  • Capture and hold flags to drain enemy tickets.
  • Killing enemies also drains tickets (1 per kill).
  • Each team has an uncapturable home base where most of the team’s vehicles spawn.
  • Can spawn on any flag under your control, including your home base.
  • Spawns also available on squadmates, certain vehicles, and Radio Beacons.

This classic Battlefield game mode is back, requiring your team to dominate the area of operations by capturing control points and holding them. Simply stand next to a flagpole at a control point to raise your team’s flag—the more teammates there are in the flag’s capture radius, the faster the flag is raised. Once captured, some control points provide vehicles and stationary weapons, so leave some personnel back to defend these locations. Both teams have a limited number of reinforcements known as tickets. The ticket count for both teams appears just above the minimap—the team who runs out of tickets first loses the match. You can drain the enemy ticket count by holding more than half of the control points on the map. So if there are four control points, all you need to do is hold three to initiate a ticket drain. Capture a majority of the control points early on and stay put, forcing the enemy to attack your defended positions.


When attacking, work together with your squad to rush M-COM stations—have a teammate provide cover while you set the charge.

Recommended Players: 32 (24 on Xbox 360 and PS3)


  • Attackers win by blowing up all the defenders’ bases or zones.
  • Defenders win by draining attackers’ tickets to zero.


  • There are two M-COM stations per zone that the attackers need to arm.
  • Defenders can disarm armed M-COM stations (which can then be re-armed).
  • Defenders have unlimited spawns.
  • Attackers’ respawn cost 1 ticket per soldier.
  • Deployment areas (and vehicle setups) shift as the game advances through zones.
  • Can spawn in current deployment zone or on squad members, certain vehicles, and Radio Beacons.

In this game mode, one team is the attacker while the other is the defender. On the map there are several bases controlled by the defender. The attacker’s objective is to destroy the two M-COM stations at each zone. Once both stations have been destroyed, that base is considered destroyed and the defender receives a new zone to defend with two more M-COM stations. The attacker has a limited number of tickets at the beginning of a match, shown just above the minimap. Whenever an attacking soldier dies, it costs a ticket for the soldier to respawn on the map. Once the tickets run out, the attackers can’t spawn new soldiers back onto the map, giving the defenders a win. However, once the attacker destroys both M-COM stations in a zone, the team gets more tickets as well as a new set of vehicles. The defenders do not have to worry about tickets—they have an unlimited number of respawns. The defender wins by eliminating all attackers and reducing their tickets before they can destroy all the M-COM stations on the map.


Retrieving and transporting the bomb in Obliteration requires a coordinated effort by your whole team—vehicles are a must!

Recommended Players: 32 (24 on Xbox 360 and PS3)


  • Win by destroying the enemy’s three targets (using bomb spawned on map) or reducing enemy tickets to zero.


  • Bomb spawns in the bomb spawn zone.
  • Bomb can be picked up by either team.
  • Only one bomb in play at any given time.
  • Bomb can be transported in vehicles.
  • Detonate bomb on enemy target to blow it up (-1 ticket for enemy team and the target is removed).
  • Can spawn at home base, on squad members, on certain vehicles, on Radio Beacons, and at forward base (inside bomb spawn zone).

Obliteration is an all-new game mode requiring each team to destroy three targets belonging to the opposing team. This is a very chaotic game mode because all players are focused on one objective: obtaining and transporting the bomb to one of the targets. The bomb is visible at all times, both on the HUD and minimap, allowing all players to vector in on its location. The addition of vehicles to this mode adds an extra layer of intensity and tactical gameplay. Teams are most successful when grabbing the bomb and immediately transition to a vehicle (like a Quad Bike or helicopter) for transport. Carrying the bomb on foot is a likely death sentence. Once a bomb carrier has reached an enemy target, the bomb can be planted, similar to setting a charge on an M-COM station in Rush. However, the bomb detonates much faster, killing anyone in its large blast radius. The game is over when all three of a team’s targets are destroyed or when one team runs out of tickets. Given the competitive nature of this game mode, don’t be surprised if no targets are destroyed during a match.


Slow down and watch your corners. You can only be revived once and there are no respawns in Defuse.

Recommended Players: 10


  • Attackers win by killing the enemy team or blowing up one of the two enemy targets.
  • Defenders win by killing the enemy team or disarming the bomb.


  • Infantry only.
  • Designed for two teams of five.
  • Attackers attempt to transport bomb to A or B target and blow it up.
  • Defenders can disarm the bomb.
  • Take turns playing as attacker and defender.
  • Points tallied and winner announced after two sets.
  • No respawns. One Defibrillator revive per player. Spectate after death.

Defuse is a significant departure from the large-scale battles of Conquest and Rush. The game mode is designed as a compact infantry conflict between two opposing squads. Both teams take turns playing as the attacker and defender—the attackers must destroy one of two targets (marked A and B) while the defenders must prevent these targets from being destroyed. At the start of the round, an attacker must pick up a bomb and serve as the bomb carrier. If the bomb carrier is killed, the bomb can be picked up by another attacker—defenders can’t pick up the bomb, but they can camp a dropped bomb, preventing the attackers from retrieving it and carrying it to a target. But if the attackers get through, they can plant the bomb at one of two targets. At this point the attackers must keep an eye the bomb until it detonates, preventing the defenders from disarming it. Unlike all other game modes, there are no respawns in Defuse, ramping up the tension. But each player can be revived once with an assault soldier’s Defibrillator. If you die and aren’t revived, you must wait until the next round starts before you can get back into the game—but you can watch the remainder of the match from a third-person perspective, following other players on your team. With no respawns, teammates must work together, moving and clearing areas methodically to avoid getting wiped out.


Prepare for some close-quarter, in-your-face battles in this compact, infantry-only game mode.

Recommended Players: 20


  • Similar to Conquest, players fight for control over three flags.
  • If a team controls a majority (two or more) of the flags, the opposing team begins to bleed tickets.
  • Win by draining enemy tickets to zero.


  • Infantry only.
  • Designed for ten vs. ten, but can support up to 16 vs. 16 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.
  • Three neutral flags.
  • Random spawning and squad spawning allowed.
  • One to three battle pickups per map with additional respawn time (60 seconds).

Domination made its debut in the Close Quarters expansion for Battlefield 3. Think of this as a very compact, small-scale version of Conquest with no vehicles. There are always three flags on the map, and they capture much faster than they do in Conquest. As a result, defense is just as important as offense, since enemy troops can steal a flag away from your team within a few seconds. Both teams should strive to capture and hold a minimum of two flags to initiate a drain on the opposing team’s ticket count. The addition of battle pickups on the map adds a unique element to these matches, often drawing players to other areas of the map. But don’t let battle pickups become a distraction. While a battle pickup can offer more firepower, it’s more important to stay focused on capturing and holding flags. Since squad spawning is supported, do your best to stay close to your squadmates. These are matches where its beneficial to move around as a squad, leveraging the squad’s combined firepower to overwhelm enemies.

Squad Deathmatch

Pay close attention to when and where the IFV spawns. Acquiring this vehicle (and keeping it repaired) is often the key to victory.

Recommended Players: 20


  • The squad that reaches the kill limit wins.


  • Infantry only except for an IFV that spawns and respawns at one of four locations around the map.
  • All other squads are your enemy.
  • Each kill counts toward the squad total.
  • Can respawn at a computer-selected spot anywhere on the map, on squad members, or a Radio Beacon.

In this mode there are four five-player squads each representing a different team: A, B, C, and D. The team that scores 50 kills first wins—the score is listed on the left side of the screen above the minimap. To make things more interesting, each Squad Deathmatch map contains one Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), spawning in four possible locations. Whoever can take control of this vehicle gains a huge advantage in firepower. But while manning the vehicle, be aware that there are three other squads gunning for you. As you can imagine, this is a very fast-paced game mode best played with good squadmates you can rely on to watch your back. Stay together, and stay alive!

Team Deathmatch

Take advantage of Battle Pickups, like the M32 MGL semi-auto grenade launcher.

Recommended Players: 20


  • The team that first reaches the kill limit wins.


  • Infantry only.
  • Each kill counts towards the team total.
  • Can respawn at a computer-selected spot anywhere on the map or on a Radio Beacon.

Team Deathmatch is a no-holds-barred infantry-only battle in a confined area. The two teams struggle to score the most kills to win the match. Each kill is counted, so take down your enemies to increase your team’s score, represented by the numbers and status bars above the minimap. It’s your choice whether to stick with your team or to go on a solo hunt. But be warned, the tempo is high and enemies can pop up from behind almost any corner. Monitor the scoring status bars to see how the fight is going, and make tactical adjustments as necessary. For example, if both teams are close to scoring the requisite points necessary for a win, play is safe to avoid giving the enemy team the kills they need.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode is back, available on all game modes. This server-side setting removes most of the HUD elements, including the minimap and reticle. Therefore you must aim using your weapon’s ironsights or optic. Friendly fire is turned on, so watch your fire around teammates, especially when using explosive weapons. All weapons inflict more damage, making for a hyper-realistic Battlefield experience designed specifically for experts.