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Battlefield Bootcamp Extended Play

With the additions of Commander Mode, Spectator Mode and an improved Battlelog, there’s more to do in Battlefield than ever before—and you don’t even have to be in front of your PC or console to take part. Whether taking command of your team and leading them to victory, or simply watching a battle unfold from the sidelines, these features offer more ways to experience and make new Battlefield moments.

Commander Mode

Zooming in gives you a better perspective of the action on the ground and allows you to deploy assets with greater precision.

First introduced in Battlefield 2, Commander Mode is finally back and better than ever. While playing Conquest, Rush, or Obliteration, any player above rank 10 can apply to become their team’s commander. From the team setup screen, select Take Command to become your team’s commander. Commanders are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, if you connect to the server as a commander, you will have a small window of opportunity where you can apply before other players. While playing as the commander, your soldier no longer occupies a slot on your team, nor are you physically present anywhere on the map. Instead, you occupy an overhead view of the entire map, allowing you to watch your teammates take on enemy forces below. Zoom in from overhead to watch individual firefights, or zoom out to get a broader perspective of the battle. Commander Mode is filled with tools and perspectives designed to give your team the upper hand. But it’s up to you to put these tools to proper use.


  • Asset Overview: The Asset Overview displays all assets that are available on a map, and distinguishes between those you currently have access to and those you can gain access to. It also displays the amount of time left until you can deploy an asset. Most assets have to cool down before they can be used again.
  • Squad Asset Bar: When the squads under your command work together, they are awarded squad scores. All your squads’ scores contribute to your Squad Asset Bar, with which you can award your squads with assets. When a squad asset is deployed, the Squad Asset Bar is drained. The amount drained depends on the value of the deployed asset.
  • Game Mode Info: This feature provides you with information about the status of the round, including the status of objectives and ticket counts for both teams.
  • Live Camera Feed: Live Camera Feed shows you a view of an area. Selecting a squad leader will give you a first-person view. Selecting an objective shows you a top-down view of the objective and surrounding area. Select a Cruise Missile for a perspective from its onboard nose camera. Or select a UAV or Gunship to show a view of the area they’re circling.
  • Squad Status: If you select a squad leader, his squad mates will appear in green. Selecting a squad leader also displays any orders given to the squad as a green line. If you give the squad leader an order, it is displayed as a dotted line, and if the order is accepted it turns into a full line. An accepted commander order replaces any prior squad leader order.
  • Asset Selection: Deploy commander assets by selecting any point of the map. This brings up a branching menu of options, allowing you to deploy assets or issue orders.

Commander Assets

The commander’s primary role is to support their team. This is accomplished through the deployment of assets and the issuing of orders. Let’s take a quick look at all of the options available at each commander’s fingertips.

Asset Breakdown

Default Assets
Scan UAV Deploy an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which spots enemies in the area.
EMP UAV Deploy an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) UAV, which hides activity in the area from the enemy commander; can disable incoming Cruise Missile.
High Value Target Marks an enemy that has a high kill-streak as a High Value Target (HVT). The enemy is spotted for allied soldiers.
Early Warning Warn allied soldiers in the area of incoming danger, like an incoming Cruise Missile.
Order Give an order to a squad leader to either attack or defend an objective.
Squad Assets
Promote Squad Promote selected squad. Squad members gain next Field Upgrade in selected path.
Supply Drop Deploy a crate via parachute that automatically heals and gives ammo to nearby soldiers. Allied soldiers can also switch their kit by interacting with the crate.
Rapid Deploy Reduces selected squad’s deploy time.
Vehicle Drop Map-sensitive parachute vehicle drop—PWC or Quad Bike.
Objective Assets
Infantry Scan Spot all enemy infantry.
Vehicle Scan Spot all enemy vehicles.
Cruise Missile Launch a Cruise Missile at an area, destroying all enemies within a large blast radius.
Gunship When the Gunship is deployed, it will circle the location that it is tied to. Your team can spawn in the Gunship and parachute from it. The Gunship is also equipped with various powerful weapons that allies can use.

Commander Tactics

  • When playing Commander Mode, you’re essentially trying to outsmart and out-strategize the opposing commander while leading your team to victory. Of course, your effectiveness largely depends on your team’s progress on the ground. So issue orders to your squads to keep them focused on objectives and reward them with squad assets like Rapid Deploy, Supply Drop, and Vehicle Drop.
  • The Cruise Missile and Gunship assets are only available in Conquest and are tied to a specific control point—it’s always the Cruise Missile or the Gunship, as these powerful assets are never available on the same map. Both of these offensive assets are capable of turning the tide in a close match, so make sure your squads capture and defend the control point responsible for producing these powerful weapons.
  • All orders issued by the commander are relayed through squad leaders—the commander does not have direct contact with all soldiers on the ground. With a top-down overview of the entire battle, the commander has a better perspective on what’s happening on the battlefield. Use this information to issue squad orders, sending your squads to capture and hold control points and other critical locations. Squad leaders don’t have to follow a commander’s order, but they’re rewarded with points if they do.
  • When ordering squads around the map, do your best to keep them in particular zones. This works best during Conquest matches. Simply assign one squad to each control point. For the duration of the match it’s each squad’s job to attack and defend that same control point. If manpower allows, assign two squads to hotly contested control points. By sticking to this plan, your team stands a good chance of winning. But it’s up to your squads to remain disciplined, even if it means defending a rear location that sees little action.
  • When you’re not busy managing your squads, gather intelligence by using the Scan UAV, Infantry Scan, and Vehicle Scan assets. All of these reconnaissance-based assets reveal the locations of enemy troops and vehicles, instantly relaying information to your squads’ HUDs and minimaps. Giving your squads the ability to spot enemy units makes a huge difference on the ground. But these assets can be thwarted if the opposing commander plays a EMP UAV, making a small portion of the map dark, despite your recon efforts.
  • The Supply Drop asset comes in handy for resupplying friendly troops. But as in Battlefield 2, this asset can also be used offensively. Locate an enemy sniper or other stationary soldier and drop one of these crates on top of them. The crate drops from the sky silently, giving your victim no warning of their imminent demise.
  • When an enemy soldier is on a kill streak, mark them with the High Value Target (HVT) asset. This marks the enemy on your squads’ minimaps as well as spots the HVT on everyone’s HUD. With every squad member gunning for the HVT, the HVT’s kill streak is likely to come to an end.
  • The EMP UAV interferes with the minimaps and HUDs of enemy troops operating beneath it. But this powerful asset can also prevent an enemy Cruise Missile from reaching its target. When you spot an Cruise Missile on the map, deploy a EMP UAV at its target site to prevent it from detonating.If the commander does a poor job, and you are a squad leader, you can disapprove of the commander via the team setup screen—go to Options/Team Setup/Toggle Rating. If the majority of squad leaders disapproves of the commander, a mutiny will start. If a mutiny is taking place, the commander will be kicked out within a short amount of time unless the majority of squad leaders toggles the rating back to “Approve”. A mutiny cannot be started against a player who recently became commander.

Spectator Mode

Spectator Mode’s Free Cam option allows spectators to watch the battle from any angle they choose.

Spectator Mode is completely new to Battlefield 4, offering players the opportunity to simply watch a match unfold. Each server supports up to four spectators per match—like playing as commander, joining as a spectator does not count against the server’s maximum player count. Once in Spectator Mode you have four camera perspectives to choose from. The Table Top view looks similar to Commander Mode, giving you a broad view of the map, complete with the ability to zoom all the way in and watch pitched battles from a satellite-like perspective. With the First Person camera, you can switch to the perspective of any player on the map, seeing exactly what they see in real-time. The Third Person perspective puts you behind any player on the map, along with a player card that shows their current weapon, attachments, health, and ammo. Finally there’s the Free Cam, tied to no single perspective. Instead, you can simply fly around the battle and choose any perspective you like—this is perfect for those seeking to make videos. Whichever perspective you choose, Spectator Mode offers a unique way to experience Battlefield. Consider sitting in on some matches and watch how others play—you may learn something new.


Battlelog is the go-to place to keep in touch with friends, compare stats, and adjust your loadouts. extends your Battlefield 4 experience by enhancing your gameplay, tracking your progression throughout your multiplayer career, and allowing you compete with millions of Battlefield players all around the world. Battlelog is available in-game, on the web, and through tablet and smartphone apps. Battlelog can track all rounds you have played, your unlocks, stats, awards, assignments, and much more. You can complete missions and compete with your friends to see who the best tank driver is, or use the Geo Leaderboards to compete against people in your city or country. Or customize your loadout and find a server in the Server Browser that is right for you.

You can always bring up Battlelog in-game too. You can check your stats, your friends’ stats, see how your suggested or tracked unlocks are progressing, create and join missions, see how you are doing in the Geo Leaderboards, and much more.

Mobile Access

While on your tablet or phone, stay up-to-date with what’s happening online. Who are the best players in your city, country, or continent?

Battlelog is available on iPhone and iPad, as well Android phones and tablets running Android 4.0 or higher. You can find and download the free Battlelog app from the relevant store for your device. Launch the app and log in with your Origin account, e-mail address, or by using the QR Code from the in-game Battlelog. With the Battlelog app, you can access most of the features available from and take it with you on the go.

Battlelog can also act as a companion while you play. Access BattleScreen to have a full screen mini-map from the game shown on your device (tablets and PC only), or customize your loadout and have it synced directly to the game. You can also find friends or new servers from your phone or tablet, and instantly switch to another game server.

Player Emblems

The emblem is a feature that gives you an additional identity marker. The emblem is displayed on vehicles, weapons, and characters. Create your unique emblem with the Emblem Editor on You can create several emblems and then choose between them before entering a server.