Although there are a handful of puzzles to solve in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, there are a few smaller details that may surprisingly trip you up during the short demo, such as finding the garage key. The garage key in Captain Spirit is one of those things that happens to be hidden in plain sight, and it’s easy to miss if you aren’t really paying attention to your surroundings. 

Captain Spirit Garage Key Location

During your adventure, you will eventually need to access the garage outside. Finding the garage key in Captain Spirit is an important part of marking off one of the tasks on Captain Spirit’s hand-drawn checklist of “Awesome Things to Do”, specifically the one involving the Snowmancer.

To find the garage key, you’ll need to head to the kitchen. If you’re coming from Chris’s bedroom, exit the room go right, away from the living room.

Captain Spirit Garage Key

The garage key is hanging on the wall just to the left of the blocked white door in the kitchen that leads outside. Interact with the key to grab it and put it in your pocket. Now you will be able to access the garage outside and complete several tasks on your checklist, including finding the spray paint to finish Captain Spirit's costume.

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