Dontnod’s new narrative-driven adventure game The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit may not be a very long game, but that doesn’t mean you won’t run into some head-scratching puzzles. One such puzzle involves unlocking the protagonist’s dad’s cell phone to play the minigame Mustard Party 2.

Figuring out the phone PIN is actually somewhat tricky, as the PIN number isn’t the most intuitive solution. If you’ve tried everything and just want to know the phone PIN to unlock dad’s cell phone in Captain Spirit, continue reading below.

Captain Spirit Cell Phone PIN

At first, it seems intuitive to think that the PIN code to unlock dad’s cell phone in Captain Spirit would involve dates or numbers that may be important to Chris’s dad, like Chris’s birthday, etc. It also doesn’t help that the cell phone PIN isn’t the typical four numbers that most cell phone PIN codes are. Instead, it is quite lengthy, using up eight of the eleven available character spaces.

It turns out that Captain Spirit’s cell phone PIN code is related to the minigame Mustard Party 2, which is the game that Chris is trying to play on his dad’s cell phone in the first place. 

To unlock dad’s phone, all you have to do is type the numbers that correspond to the letters in “Hawtdawg,” or 42983294. This will allow Captain Spirit to unlock the cell phone so he can play Mustard Party 2, a minigame involving a flying superhero named Hawt Dawg Man.

Now that you know the PIN code to unlock dad’s cell phone in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, you should be able to mark the cell phone task off your to-do list and be well on your way to finishing the game. Make sure to track down and equip all the parts to Captain Spirit's costume as well. Once you complete Captain Spirit, you will be ready to move on to Life is Strange 2, which releases in September.