In The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, one of the superhero tasks that Chris must complete involves decoding the secret map hanging on his bedroom wall. The map leads to a secret maze that contains hidden treasure. If you’re having trouble with this task, follow the steps in this guide to find out how to decode the secret treasure map and navigate the Maze of Doom in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

Decode the Secret Map

Before you can find the maze in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, you must first decipher the secret map hanging on Chris’s bedroom wall. To do this, you must find a map decoder.

Go outside and climb up the treehouse in the backyard. Open up Captain Spirit’s Secret Stash to find the Secret Decoder for the map inside. Interact with the decoder to take it with you.

Captain Spirit Map Decoder Location Secret Stash

With the Secret Decoder in hand, head back up to Chris’s bedroom and interact with the secret map on the wall by the window. To decipher the map, simply rotate the decoder over the center of the map so that the numbers line up within the circles. The number one should be at the top. 

Navigate the Maze of Doom

Once you have deciphered the secret map, you can use it to find the entrance to the Maze of Doom, which is found at the junkpile in the yard not far from the front door. 

On your newly decoded treasure map, you’ll notice some arrows surrounding the circled numbers. These arrows indicate the directions that Captain Spirit must use to navigate the maze, and the numbers indicate the order of each arrow turn.

Captain Spirit Maze Directions

Enter the secret maze at the junkpile and go left, right, left, and left again. Follow these steps to solve the maze and complete this task on Captain Spirit’s superhero to-do list.

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