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Leave the Cemetery

Run forward along the beaten path until you move into a tunnel. It's as simple as that.

Cross the Catacomb

Once you hit the tunnel you'll want to hang a left, working your way through the catacombs. There's only one way you can go, so just keep free running your way along, passing over some beams to complete your objective.

Exit the Main Chamber

When you enter the main chamber you'll find some boxes on the left side of the room. Climb up these boxes, moving along the logical free running path until you drop down on the opposite side of a pillar. When your objective completes, you'll find yourself in the quarry.

Escape the Quarry

As you begin to make your way up the slope, you'll have some large boulders tumbling toward you. Use the left and right sides of the slop to avoid them, moving up when there is a short pause. When you reach the top, jump to a small cliff, then climb up a broken wooden wall to spot some daylight, but you're headed into the tunnel on the right. Continue to avoid the rolling boulders as you make your way forward.

Cross the Bridge

Climb up the side of the bridge until you reach the top, free running until you reach the other side.

Escape Through the Portal

You should see the portal in front of you, but before you can jump through, you’ll need to make your way across the battlefield, avoiding the flaming boulders being lobbed in your direction. Try to time your movements during the brief pauses, taking cover behind any objects you can if you get caught out in the open. When you jump through the portal, the server bridge will end.

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