• Four headshots
  • Two double assassinations

Find Elise

This memory will begin as soon as the last one ends, providing you with an objective marker that you need to make your way to. It's a fairly simple trip, so instead of guiding you there (just follow the marker), we'll let you know that you need the Double Assassination skill if you hope to complete the second challenge for this memory.

Kill the Thugs

If you look at your mini-map as you get close to Elise, you'll notice a shaded circle. Entering this area is what triggers your current objective, and it also activates the headshot challenge. You can use whatever weapon you like. Just make your way to the ground and start shooting bad guys in the head. When you've killed four, the challenge will be complete, but if anyone remains you'll want to send them to their demise as well.

Defend Elise

After a short cut scene, you'll need to defend Elise, and this starts by requiring you to follow her into a maze. When you arrive at its center, you'll be attacked by three enemies, but together you should have no trouble dispatching them with your swords.

Escape the Maze

Look around the maze for two openings that are beside one another. You're going to leave through the one on the right, and from there, you can use the instructions below to find your way out.

  • As you pass through the door you have to turn right.
  • You will be forced to take a second right.
  • Turn left into the first opening, then left again.
  • Turn right into the next opening, then right again.
  • Take a forced left.
  • Ignore the opening in front of you and turn right.
  • Take another forced right.
  • Take a forced left, then follow the path to the right.
  • Take a forced left, then follow another path to the right.
  • Move forward until you are free and clear.

That's how you get out of the maze, but it won't put you in direct contact with enough foes to complete your second challenge, asking you to perform two Double Assassinations. For this reason, use your Eagle Vision to find pairs of bad guys, then sneak up on them and take them out. When you complete the challenge, run around like a fool until you find your way to safety.

Kill the Searchers

Now that you're out of the maze, you'll need to get busy killing the people who are looking for you, including two Snipers that can prove to be a pain. For this, just run along the street and murder anyone who has a red marker on them, taking a moment to snag any headshots you might have missed earlier. When you get to the point with the Snipers, climb up onto the rooftops above them and perform an Air Assassination. It sure beats trying to climb up next to them while they're shooting at you.

Escape the Thugs

After a short cut scene that sees Arno and Elise part ways, it's time to make your escape. To do this, run through the streets, climbing up onto a building and using your parkour skills to break line of sight and put distance between you and your foes. When you're finally far enough away, the memory will be complete.

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