Walkthrough Sequence 02

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Walkthrough Sequence 02


Edward Kenway, a privateer turned pirate seeking his fortune in the West Indies, narrowly survives a brutal naval engagement during a thunderstorm. After swimming through the wreckage of the encounter to reach the shore of a nearby island, he discovers a survivor from the enemy fleet. Duncan Walpole, an Englishman dressed in what we recognize to be Brotherhood attire, claims an urgent need to reach Havana to conduct important business. The two men clash – their animosity enkindled by Kenway’s avarice and Walpole’s failed attempt to murder him with a sodden pistol – and Walpole is killed after a lengthy chase. Resolving to impersonate the Assassin to defraud his contacts in Cuba, Kenway appropriates Walpole’s effects and dons his uniform. Espying a suitable schooner in a nearby bay, Kenway rescues its owner (the merchant Stede Bonnet) from an unfortunate contretemps with corrupt soldiers, and the two set sail for Havana…

Memory 01 “Lively Havana”

Mission Overview

Optional Objectives

  • Tackle the pickpocket.
  • Use Smoke Bombs to escape combat.

Notes & Further Reading

  • This Memory starts automatically as Sequence 02 begins.
  • You can learn more about combat and Smoke Bombsin the Primer chapter.

Accompany Stede Bonnet until you arrive at a weapons vendor, then purchase a new set of swords when prompted to do so. When Bonnet admits to losing his bearings, scale the church tower to reach the Viewpoint on the west face of the tower, then tap to Synchronize.

After Kenway identifies the tavern, perform a Leap of Faith to land in the hay cart below. On landing, you must leap out and pursue the pickpocket that assailed Bonnet. The chase is fast and becomes increasingly involved. When you move within close proximity (which may take some time), tap to make Kenway leap and tackle the pickpocket, who will then attack. Kill him, then loot his corpse. If you experience difficulties, or wish to complete the Optional Objective with ease, take the shortcut illustrated here to easily tackle him at the very start of the chase. (You can return to a checkpoint here at any time up until you kill and loot the pickpocket.)

Travel to the waypoint to reconvene with Bonnet. The tavern brawl acts as a tutorial for certain fundamental features of the Assassin’s Creed IV combat system, so follow the onscreen instructions as they appear. When it ends, you are prompted to use Smoke Bombs to aid Kenway’s attempt to escape the Spanish soldiers.

When play resumes, Kenway begins just next to the exit. Your objective is to escape the area. Quickly push through the crowd around the exit to the north, then swerve to the right outside and drop a Smoke Bomb () to disable the soldiers as they close in. Sprint for the alleyway and immediately drop a second Smoke Bomb as you enter to deter further pursuit. (Players with plenty of Assassin’s Creed experience can optionally use the nearby Lift instead, though this makes it a little less likely that the soldiers will be incapacitated in the alleyway “choke point”.)

Quickly climb to the rooftops via the ladder (if you didn’t take the Lift) and follow the free run course shown here to leave the marked area without further incident. The path to the south is easy to follow, and the soldiers incapacitated by the second Smoke Bomb are unlikely to reach the rooftop to give chase before Kenway can disappear out of sight. There is a Hiding Spot at the end of the route shown here, though you may find that the chase (and, therefore, this mission) will end just before you reach it. When the “Lively Havana” Memory finishes, you are free to explore the town.

Memory 02 “…And My Sugar?”

Mission Overview

Optional Objectives

  • Hire Dancers to distract guards.
  • Stay out of combat.

Notes & Further Reading

  • You are now free to explore Havana at your leisure. Though some side quests and features are unavailable until later in the story, you can certainly unlock Viewpoints and pick up collectibles. You can also now use Synchronized Viewpoints in this area as Fast Travel positions.
  • Ensure that you have at least 150 R in funds before you begin this Memory: you need it to complete the first Optional Objective. You can easily obtain this sum by opening a Treasure Chest.

Meet up with Stede Bonnet at the main mission position () at the docks and press to begin when the prompt appears. After reading the Eagle Vision tutorial, activate the feature with to “tag” the targets that you are following, then tail them from a safe distance. Whenever the guards are off-screen, a timer will appear – this is your cue to rotate the camera until you make visual contact again. Your targets will eventually cut through a guarded zone, clearly marked in red on the mini-map, known as a Restricted Area. In these locations, all potential enemies will grow immediately suspicious of Kenway, and soon attack if he remains in sight. Fortunately, you can easily skirt this particular zone without trespassing. Move to the south to remain approximately parallel to your targets as they exit.

The two soldiers will cross the street and enter another Restricted Area. Head south to arrive in the market area before they do, as shown here. At the market, Blend with stationary civilians to hide from the soldiers as they emerge from the Restricted Area. They will soon break into a run. Sprint to follow them, but always maintain a safe distance. Be especially careful when rounding corners. If Kenway is spotted, quickly move out of sight or Blend to allay suspicion.

When the chase ends, you will be prompted to eavesdrop on a conversation shared by the two soldiers. Hire the nearby Dancers (press ): they will surround Kenway, following him to provide a mobile Blend. At a walking pace (use Fast Walk – hold – if a little extra speed is required), stay within the white boundary to listen until the conversation ends.

You now have a new target to tail: the Captain (shown here). Activate Eagle Vision to tag him, then follow at a discreet distance until he enters a Restricted Area. Wait outside until he emerges.

The Captain will set off on patrol when he leaves the Restricted Area. He will then follow the path illustrated here. As he approaches the market stalls, move behind him (Fast Walk works well at close range) and hold until the Pickpocketing meter is completely filled to obtain his key.

If they are still in Kenway’s employ, press to dismiss the Dancers. The entire fortress and its immediate environs are a Restricted Area, so you can’t simply enter via the front gate. Instead, move to the south side of the imposing structure and sneak to the side door shown here. Try to stay close to the wall to avoid detection by the sentries above. The “stay out of combat” Optional Objective becomes active at this stage.

Press up against the left-hand side of the door, wait for a soldier (a Brute) to approach, then perform a corner assassination. Enter the fort and turn right, then eliminate a second guard from behind before he can raise the alarm.

Continue into the next room along, then leap through the window.

At the top of the wall, look for a guard above your position, then perform a ledge assassination when he stands above Kenway. After checking that no one is looking your way (especially the rooftop sentry), you can then quickly climb up and sprint to the doorway (highlighted by a waypoint marker). Press to trigger a cutscene.

Finally, leap from the wall into the sea below, swim out of the Restricted Area, then reconvene with Bonnet at the waypoint.

Follow the route shown here to reach the top of the outer wall; as a fringe benefit, you’ll pick up an Animus Fragment during the climb.

Memory 03 “Mister Walpole, I Presume?”

Mission Overview

Optional Objectives

  • Complete Rogers’ shooting challenge.
  • Pickpocket all Templars.

Notes & Further Reading

  • This mission leads Kenway to obtain his first pistol and the iconic Hidden Blades.
  • Don’t be misled by the sizeable sums that Kenway acquires while pickpocketing the Templars. The pickings available from the general populace rarely amount to more than a paltry handful of reales, and the risk of discovery means that this is a poor (and protracted) way to raise money for any purpose.

Head to the main mission marker in the south of Havana, then approach the gate and press to begin. Use Fast Walk to speed up the stroll to the terrace.

After the cinematic, Kenway is given a set of pistols. Take a couple of practice shots, then wait for the two Templars to conclude their conversation. You then have the option to speak to Julien du Casse on the left to continue, or Woodes Rogers on the right to engage in a brief shooting challenge. To complete the related Optional Objective (and obtain a 350R bonus), opt for the latter first. Your task is to shoot all marked targets within the time limit. For an easy victory, move from right to left, and start aiming at the first target before the timer appears. You can then reposition Kenway whenever you need to reload. It’s possible to retry this challenge by speaking to Rogers again should you fail.

After you speak to du Casse to continue, the two men will call for a demonstration of assassination techniques. These occur in the following order:

  • A. A standard assassination on foot: alone in close proximity.
  • B. Assassination from a Hiding Spot: from inside the pile of hay.
  • C. Assassination while blended: blend among the workers and press .
  • D. Air assassination: climb onto the roof, look at the target below and tap .
  • E. High Profile assassination: hold the High Profile Button and to sprint at a target dummy and automatically stab it as soon as you are within range.

Approach the two men and press to continue. Follow them until a cinematic begins. After the scene where Governor Torres bestows rings on Kenway and the two Templars, you regain active control for a small period of time. To complete the second Optional Objective of this Memory, you must pickpocket Torres, Rogers and du Casse before the Governor ends the meeting. This is simply a matter of standing behind each target and holding until the theft is complete. After the cinematics end, Kenway is automatically transported to the gates of the mansion.

Memory 04 “A Man They Call The Sage”

Mission Overview

Optional Objectives

  • Use the pistol in combat.
  • Tackle the Sage from above.

Notes & Further Reading

  • If you have engaged in other pursuits before this Memory, ensure that you have a full supply of pistol ammunition before you begin.
  • Even if you have neglected all non-plot activities, you will probably have accumulated a few thousand reales so far. Don’t be too quick to squander this on non-essential items such as weapons or outfits. You’ll soon benefit by investing significant sums in a major game feature, so saving your coins now will pay dividends later. It’s also worthwhile to loot Treasure Chests whenever you encounter them: these can be a major source of income during the early Sequences. If you need a little assistance, refer to the comprehensive Charts & Collectibles section of the Side Quests chapter.

Interact with Woodes Rogers at the marked location to begin the Memory, then accompany the party as they walk through the city streets. When the Assassins begin their assault, decisive action is required to neutralize all targets quickly before Torres can be grievously injured. With single targets engaging other assailants, try to sneak up behind for cheap (but efficient) assassinations. Note that Assassins are immune to the first strike of a combo attack unless off-balance or distracted: use the Break Defense move () beforehand. If you press this twice in quick succession, you can knock them from their feet for an easy ground kill while they lie prone. When engaged in combat with more than one target in range, slaying an opponent (by whatever means necessary) will initiate a potential Kill Streak, which will enable you to dispatch the Assassins with greater speed. Your primary focus should be the targets that attack Torres; once his vicinity is clear, move on to kill any survivors shown on the mini-map.

Targets on the rooftops pose a serious threat to Torres and mission completion. Use the pistol to shoot these, where possible: at least one successful shot is required for the related Optional Objective. When Torres makes a break for safety, abandon combat and run with him to avoid Desynchronization.

When the Sage makes his escape attempt, set off in pursuit immediately – but don’t make the mistake of attempting to follow him over the rooftops. If you keep pace on the streets below (see image), you can arrive at an optimal tackling position and simply wait for him to arrive. The only limitation is that you must remain within 50 meters at all times – both ahead and behind.

Take up position on the elevated area shown here, and you only need target the Sage and perform a tackle. There’s no need to press a direction on : just hold the High Profile Button and tap to bring the chase to an end when he passes beneath. This is technically an aerial tackle (though not, granted, a spectacular example of the art), so it satisfies the second Optional Objective.

Memory 05 “Claiming What’s Due”

Mission Overview

Optional Objectives

  • Stay out of combat.
  • Kill three guards from Stalking Zones.

Notes & Further Reading

  • Starting this Memory leads to an unbroken chain of three missions. If you have other activities that you would like to attend to in Havana, you may wish to complete them before you begin. Naturally, you will be able to return here later in the story.

Approach Stede Bonnet at the marked location and press to begin the Memory. When the cinematic ends, vault over the fence into the Stalking Zone shown here. Once Kenway is concealed, immediately press to whistle, attracting the attention of the closest guard before he sets off on a patrol. When he moves close, tap to assassinate him. You can then push forward and eliminate the second guard from the edge of the next Stalking Zone.

While paying attention to the two guards patrolling on the path, make swift transitions between Stalking Zones to approach the left side of the building shown here. From the edge of the Stalking Zone, attract the attention of the guard directly ahead and kill him from your place of concealment to complete the first Optional Objective.

Once again, move between Stalking Zones to reach the position shown here, then activate Eagle Vision to identify the warden at the top of the steps. After a short pause, he will walk down and close to Kenway’s position. Assassinate him as he passes, then hold while crouched above his (concealed) body to loot his key.

There is no benefit to wanton bloodshed, so it’s easier to just avoid most of the guards that remain. Climb to a hanging position on the wall, wait until the nearby guard moves to the top of the steps, then quickly move into the Stalking Zone. You can subsequently make quick transitions between Stalking Zones whenever the coast is clear until you reach the building.

The guard patrolling close to the building is more problematic than most, so it’s easier to just lure him in close with a whistle, then perform a silent takedown. You can then sprint for the upturned cart further ahead and jump over the wall; though this may attract attention, you can be hidden in the Stalking Zone just beyond before any guards can identify Kenway.

A bold sprint from the Stalking Zone, following the outer wall that leads to the prison entrance, will enable you to reach the waypoint marker without further incident. Wait until the patrolling guard faces away before you begin, and you will find that the two stationary sentries are entirely less than vigilant. Approach the gate and press to trigger the closing cinematic.

Memory 06 “The Treasure Fleet”

Mission Overview

Optional Objectives

  • Kill three guards from behind corners.
  • Free 23 pirates.

Notes & Further Reading

  • This Memory marks the first occasion when a main mission may lead you to fight the Scout, Brute and Captain enemy archetypes.
  • Scouts (slender build; carry daggers) are much like generic soldiers, but block the initial blow of a combo. Counter Kills and Kill Streaks are the best methods to dispatch them.
  • Brutes (heavy build; carry axes) are high-level opponents who are immune to standard attacks and counters. The best way to dispatch these opponents is to use the Break Defense move twice ( x2), then stab them before they clamber to their feet.
  • Captains (medium build; distinguished by their rather ostentatious attire) are immune to most of Kenway’s attacks. However, they are vulnerable to the parry move: just hold , and Kenway will automatically strike to briefly incapacitate this enemy variety. You can then finish them off with a full combo attack, or two applications of the Break Defense move for a ground kill finish.

After the opening cinematic, follow the button prompt to free Kenway and his fellow prisoner from their shackles. Quickly move to the right-hand side of the doorway and whistle to attract the attention of the guard. Perform a corner assassination when he moves within range.

Move into the next room and swiftly position Kenway at the far edge of the shelves to the left; from here, whistle to set up the second of the three corner assassinations required to complete the first Optional Objective.

Continue forward, then move to the left-hand opening (as shown here) to perform a third and final corner assassination. You can then approach the table in the next room to collect Kenway’s belongings, before climbing the nearby ladder to reach the deck.

If you opt for combat for the rest of this Memory, you will have to contend with some new and powerful opponents: see the “Notes & Further Reading” section. Our walkthrough sketches out a likely stealth-based progression, in addition to the best route between ships, though you are free to opt for combat over discretion if you prefer. Follow the path shown on the accompanying screenshot, on the port side of the ship, quietly assassinating the guards in sequence. You can whistle from the edge of crates to lure them to you. Once you reach the prisoners, free them then run towards the bow.

Run along the route shown here to reach the rigging of the next ship, and perform a double air assassination on the two guards watching the pirates. Once the captives are free, run towards the bowsprit.

Jump from the bowsprit to reach the next ship in line. Quietly assassinate the five guards in turn on your way to the prisoners. Once these are free, use the hook right in front of your position to instantly reach the upper platform on the main mast. From here, a simple free run course gives you access to the next vessel’s rigging.

Free run to the other side of the ship as pictured here, then perform an air assassination on the soldier underneath. Approach the highlighted trapdoor and tap to move below decks. While it’s possible to sneak through, eliminating each soldier by stealth, it’s faster to blaze through with a sequence of assassinations followed by a short fight at the end. Free the pirates in the final area, then climb the nearby ladder to return to the upper deck.

Finally, swing over to the last ship: the vessel that Kenway means to commandeer. If you are quick-witted, you can perform an air assassination (or even a standard non-combat assassination) on the Captain, highlighted in the screenshot here, to make the last battle much easier. When the final assailant falls, approach the wheel and press to trigger a cinematic.

Tap twice to speed up and turn towards the waypoint marker. Use broadsides as the initial vessels approach the ship. Once they’re behind you, you can drop Fire Barrels to damage the pursuing schooners. You may also find it useful to swerve left and right periodically to avoid situations where pursuing ships concentrate their fire on one point.

When you are notified of an approaching rogue wave, the end is almost in sight. If you can get through this hazard, the pursuing schooners will be destroyed. Steer the ship directly into the wall of water and hold to brace a second or two before it hits to navigate it without damage. The remaining section of the journey is almost relaxing by comparison: you simply need to steer clear of waterspouts and one further rogue wave. You can reduce speed to half sail to reduce the effect of waterspouts on the steering of the ship; brace to reduce the damage sustained if you are sucked into the area marked in yellow on the mini-map. The seas will grow calm as you approach the waypoint, with both the Memory and Sequence ending as you reach it.

Sequence End

With much of the action so far taking place on land, Sequence 03 begins a succession of nautically themed missions as the wider Caribbean sandbox is unlocked for potential exploration. If you have yet to do so, this is the perfect time to learn about the many features of naval navigation, combat and other related systems. Though various features are unlocked gradually through the coming Sequence, forewarned is definitely forearmed.