Walkthrough Sequence 01

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Walkthrough Sequence 01

Memory 01 “Edward Kenway”

This chapter has been designed to guide readers through all main missions in Assassin’s Creed IV and, in conjunction with the companion Side Quests chapter, plot a course to a perfect 100% Progress Tracker rating.

Throughout the Walkthrough chapter, we use annotated screenshots to highlight essential actions or points of specific interest, such as paths you should follow and enemy patrol routes. The following legend details all of the annotations you will encounter, and the simple color code that we employ.

Annotations and meanings

Player character movement

Optional player character movement (alternative path or optional challenge)

Objective/point of interest/point of interactivity

Enemy movement/patrol route

Enemy/potential threat



Mission Overview

Notes & Further Reading

  • There are no Optional Objectives for this Memory.
  • Broadly, the events of “Edward Kenway” serve to introduce staple play elements, such as free running, climbing and combat. If you are new to the Assassin’s Creed series, you will definitely benefit by studying the relevant sections of the Primer chapter.
  • Though there are numerous collectibles in the area, not all of them have been officially unlocked at this stage. Curb your completionist urges for now, and you can return to plunder the island with greater efficiency at a later date.

When play begins after the short opening cinematic, run to the ship’s wheel at the green waypoint marker and press to take control. Though in-game tips, prior naval experience in Assassin’s Creed III or your innate gaming ability should enable you to figure things out quickly, see “Ship Controls” if you need a quick recap. Edward Kenway’s role in the battle begins as small ships move in to attack. Destroy these with broadsides, then engage your true opponent: an altogether more imposing vessel. A lightning strike seriously damages the structural integrity of the enemy ship as you close in on it, so it should take no more than three or four broadsides to sink it.

Ship Controls

During battles, your priority is to bring opponents into alignment with the port or starboard cannons. If you cannot see the targeting lines, it probably means that the cannons are currently directed at a point beneath the waves: adjust accordingly, and they’ll soon move into view. If you are a player who prefers to invert the Y-axis of camera controls, this is an opportune moment to pause and visit the Options screen. In addition to toggling the “cannon Y-axis” setting, you may also wish to adjust the “3rd-person camera: Y-axis” setting as well.



Maneuver the ship

Adjust the camera; align the targeting lines while aiming

Increase the ship’s speed

Reduce the ship’s speed

Manual Aim Button

Bring up the cannon’s targeting lines

High Profile Button

Fire cannons

After the cinematics, hold the High Profile Button and use to swim to the green waypoint marker on the shore. Once another narrative interlude introduces your target, a chase begins. There is no time limit on this pursuit, so feel free to familiarize yourself with Kenway’s remarkable agility. Rather than taking the obvious path (marked by a segmented white line here), hold the High Profile Button and follow the free run shortcut instead.

Cross the bridge and continue west, past the shallow pool (note that the compass on the outer edge of the mini-map always points north), then follow the route shown here to ascend to a higher elevation. This will enable you to reach a platform that extends from the top of the cliff to the north.

You can now use the nearby tower to reach the next area. Though technically optional, it’s definitely worth taking the time to ascend to the perch at the top: this is a Viewpoint. Press here to Synchronize. This will uncover a portion of the surrounding map and provide a useful future Fast Travel position.

After Synchronizing, you can perform a Leap of Faith (hold the High Profile Button and , then incline ) into the pile of leaves far below. You can then follow the shortcut illustrated here; your quarry will appear in the distance as you move north.

After the brief free run, climb the wooden “ladder” to the north. Though you are actually free to explore the area for collectibles before you continue, there’s no real benefit in doing so: you can easily return to this location at a later date. When you reach the top of the ladder, you should notice the Assassin run to the right and perform a Leap of Faith. Though you need to follow him, you can optionally take a short detour to Synchronize with the Viewpoint before you take the plunge into the water below.

After you land, take a few steps forward in the water: the Assassin will emerge from cover and fire on Kenway. You must then pursue him in a more direct chase. As long as you free run over obstacles and remain within 50 meters of Walpole, he will eventually turn and fight. A Counter Kill is the quickest way to dispatch him.

After the death of Duncan Walpole, play resumes in the area pictured above. Run to the end of the bough that extends over the cliff edge and Synchronize at the Viewpoint, then perform a Leap of Faith into the pool beneath.

Move out onto the bound log perch to the south and perform a Leap of Faith into the leaves below. As long as you move slowly in the low areas of vegetation (known as “Stalking Zones”), Kenway is invisible to his enemies. From concealment, tap to lure the closest guard to your position, then tap to quietly assassinate him when he moves within range. You can then repeat this trick with the other nearby guard. Now sneak to the waypoint to the east via the continuous Stalking Zone. If you are quick, you can eliminate the two guards in close proximity with a double assassination from behind before combat begins. This will leave you with one soldier to fight immediately; other soldiers left on the beach may or may not join the fray. Once the battle ends, approach the merchant to trigger a cutscene.

Swim out to the ship and take the wheel with . Sail out of the bay via the route shown here to conclude the Memory. Alternating between the two movement speeds ( to speed up, and to slow down) is wise in this maze of sand bars and other obstructions: all ships have improved maneuverability at half sail speed.

Present Day: Part One

At major junctures in the Assassin’s Creed IV story, you will return to the “present” to experience a parallel narrative. Though there is scope for exploration and discovery later in the game, this initial visit to Abstergo Entertainment serves to introduce a handful of characters and concepts. Completing this first installment is a simple matter of moving where directed, and following prompts as they appear. After Melanie provides you with your communicator, you can press the Pause Button to open the communicator main screen. The main point of interest is the fascinating Employee Passport, found in the “my files” section, though you will also receive a handful of messages that you can read before you return to the life of Edward Kenway.

Whenever you approach a point of interactivity, a sound effect and a glowing icon on your communicator offers notification that you can press the specified button to perform an action, such as operating the elevator or activating your Animus to continue the story.

Present Controls




View control

High Profile Button

Fast Walk


Enable/disable communicator display

Access stored files (with communicator display visible)

Map Button

View current area map

Pause Button

Access communicator main screen and game options