Side Quests Legendary Ships

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Side Quests Legendary Ships

Legendary Ships first appear on the map from the start of Sequence 04. However, you will require most – if not all – Jackdaw upgrades before you can plausibly stand against any of them. They are designed as extremely high-level naval engagements that will last at least 10 minutes, with your opponents usually defined by their unparalleled firepower, speed, maneuverability and unique tactics.

The battles only begin once you move to approximately 500m of their position. However, note that you cannot Fast Travel once you sail within visual range of a Legendary Ship, even if you have yet to engage it in combat. If you should accidentally drift into their area of influence, use travel speed to put distance between you and their position. When you see the auto-save icon at the bottom of the screen, it should signify that the restriction has been lifted.

Don’t neglect to pick up the floating cargo left behind by Legendary Ships once you have defeated them: this actually contains your reward payment! You can obtain 20,000 R for each of the four Legendary Ship battles. Destroying all four of them unlocks the Devil Of The Caribbean Achievement/Trophy.

Legendary Ships will not wander far from their starting position, and other ships – which the Jackdaw might plausibly board to repair – are extremely rare (if they appear at all). You can visit the Pause menu to return to a checkpoint just prior to the engagement if you wish, or sail out of range to cancel the engagement.

El Impoluto

Mission Start: Dry Tortuga zone (199,894)

Enemy Ship: Level 75 man o’ war

Special Feature: Extremely high ram damage

Health: 52,000

Recommended Upgrades: All Elite upgrades

Reward: 20,000 R


El Impoluto is very fast and will try to ram you again and again. Relying solely on mortar attacks and broadsides isn’t an option here as it’s difficult to match her speed. You need to move in close – and stay there – to be able to deal any significant amount of damage. When hostilities are initiated, perform a head-on approach at full speed. As soon as you are in range, hit the ship with chain shot and start steering to the left. The “stun” effect will prevent El Impoluto from ramming you. As your paths cross, deploy fire barrels directly onto her hull to start whittling away at her health bar.

Immediately steer to the right as the Legendary Ship will attempt to ram you again. Drop another set of fire barrels to cause damage, and she will start sailing away in the opposite direction.

Immediately stop the Jackdaw and steer as hard as you can in the direction of the fleeing vessel. As soon as you are broadly aligned, switch to full sail in her direction and use chain shot to slow her down. From this point forward, all you have to do is to remain on the ship’s rear side, pinning it down constantly with your chase cannons, and ramming repeatedly into her stern. Don’t forget to brace before every charge to avoid taking damage yourself. “Trapping” the El Impoluto in this manner not only depletes her health very quickly, but it also means that you are not exposed to any of her attacks. It’s a little cheap… but it works.

La Dama Negra

Mission Start: Serranilla zone (289,67)

Enemy Ship: Level 75 man o’ war

Special Feature: Armored hull and unmarked mortar shots

Health: 30,000

Recommended Upgrades: All Elite upgrades

Reward: 20,000 R


La Dama Negra is a true fortress – this vessel’s hull is reinforced to the point that it makes even your usually-powerful mortar useless in this battle. She does have one Achilles’ heel, though: her stern (rear side) is weak. However, she also launches relentless mortar barrages that are not indicated by any marker, which means that you cannot remain behind her. Instead, you have to stay on the move at all times. An efficient approach, then, is to perform “raids” towards the vessel’s stern. Start with a full sail approach from the rear and pin your target down with chain shot fire.

Ram at full speed into her stern. Don’t forget to brace before the impact. Depending on the angle of your approach, you may – just may – have an opportunity to unload chain shot and attempt for a second ram. If this seems unlikely, skip to step .

With the Jackdaw stopped by the collision, immediately steer to the right to be perpendicular to your target, and unleash a heavy shot volley at her vulnerable stern – two if you can. This will deal tremendous damage. As soon as La Dama Negra is out of heavy shot range, switch back to full sail. In the event that you must sail through her broadsides, brace and pray.

You can now begin the same cycle anew, starting with a chain shot assault to slow down the ship; La Dama Negra can move surprisingly fast while sailing away from the Jackdaw.

HMS Prince

Mission Start: Navassa zone (900,67)

Enemy Ship: Level 75 man o’ war

Special Feature: High speed and devastating mortars

Health: 50,000

Recommended Upgrades: Elite Hull Armor & Elite Ram

Reward: 20,000 R


The HMS Prince is fast and will always try to remain far away from you, using her mortars to attack you from a distance. However, she will usually fire her mortar rounds ahead of you, as revealed by the yellow markers indicating the imminent zones of impact. Steer towards the ship and, the moment you see these yellow markers appear in front of you, adjust your course to avoid them.

Now realign the Jackdaw and sail at full speed towards your target, pinning her down with chain shot.

Ram into her and remain immobile, against the HMS Prince’s stern. This position is extremely advantageous because she cannot use her mortars at point blank range. Briefly interrupt your chain shot barrage to let her sail away for a second or two, then “stun” her again with the chase cannons and ram into her at full speed. You can then repeat this technique until the Legendary Ship sinks, completely defenseless.

Note: If you have maxed-out the Jackdaw, it’s possible to circle around the HMS Prince, just outside her broadside range, and pummel her with alternate broadside barrages and swivel gun precision shots. Though the Jackdaw will take terrible damage from mortar fire, you will usually prevail in this exchange.

The Brothers-In-Arms

Mission Start: Eleuthera zone (871,808)

Enemy Ship: Level 75 man o’ war x2

Special Feature: Two Legendary Ships simultaneously

Health: 25,000 each

Recommended Upgrades: All Elite upgrades

Reward: 10,000R each


The two vessels follow a fixed pattern: they sail in circles, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. You could be tempted to try to circle them at all times to avoid being under fire of both ships simultaneously, but this leads to a fruitless war of attrition. Instead, an aggressive approach is far more effective. When hostilities commence, sail headlong towards both vessels: as soon as you are within range, fire chain shot to pin down one of the vessels, and ram into it at full speed, bracing just before the impact.

Remaining at full stop after the collision, quickly steer hard towards the vessel and “stun” it again with your chase cannons. This will enable you to approach her from her stern and perform a second ram charge.

From this point on, launch a constant barrage of chain shot on your target to prevent it from sailing away (especially as she is faster than the Jackdaw), and ram into her between each chain-shot volley. The best part of this process is that the other ship will wait at a distance while this plays out. Ignore her broadsides, they’re a mere nuisance at range. After several collisions into your victim’s rear side, she will inexorably sink without a chance to fight back.

This leaves you facing a single vessel now. However her behavior will change at this point, as she will start attempting to ram into the Jackdaw – which causes severe damage. Sail at full speed towards her. If you’re lucky, you will approach her just off to one side, enabling you to immobilize her with chain shot and ram into her. You can then proceed as with the first ship – pinning her down constantly with your chase cannons, and crashing into her while you reload.