Side Quests Aveline Missions

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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Official Digital Strategy Guide
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Side Quests Aveline Missions

These missions are exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Assassin’s Creed IV. You can access them directly from the Main Menu.

Memory 01: Run along the linear path until you reach the construction site. Follow the route pictured here until you arrive at two guards attacking a slave. Dispatch them both.

Follow the path until you reach a clearing. Use the log to your left to perform a Leap of Faith into the pile of hay below. Assassinate the nearby guard from your hiding spot, then make your way towards the prisoners from the cover of the Stalking Zones. Quietly double assassinate the two guards by the bell (and any others in your way), then free the captives. You can now move east towards the next search zone.

Moving back to your starting point at the top of the clearing, use the free run route through trees pictured here. After making sure that no one is looking in your direction, double assassinate the two Brutes and free the prisoners. You can hide in the nearby Stalking Zone if a patrolling guard approaches your position.

For the final search zone, feel free to trigger open conflict and dispatch all the guards. If you absolutely want to opt for a stealth approach, use the free run route pictured here and enter the zone from a small opening in the fence. Assassinate the guard by the bell from the hay cart, then retrace your steps. Go through the main entrance and sprint to the other hay cart when the way is clear. Assassinate the patrolling guard from here, then whistle to lure the other one and kill him in the same fashion. When the nearby rooftop sentry looks away, you can free the prisoners just a few steps away. After the cutscene, just sprint towards the waypoint, ignoring all guards. Once the chase begins, free run on the tree to your left and sprint after your target until you can leap and tackle him, or beat him in a straight fight. The way to the fort via the trees is then entirely linear.

Memory 02: Though you can opt for brute force, the route pictured here will enable you to easily reach the tunnel entrance. Simply make sure you only move in the open while all nearby guards are looking away. The underground section that follows poses no major difficulties. As the enemies you will encounter on the way are mostly of the basic soldier archetype, feel free to dispatch all those that spot you as you move along.

Follow the path shown here to reach the other side of the fort undetected.

For the jail approach, kill the guard by the alarm bell, then jump to the nearby rooftop via the crates. Perform a Leap of Faith into the pile of hay below and assassinate the closest guard as he walks next to you. You can then run to the jail entrance, or whistle from the hay cart to eliminate the other guard. Once inside, take down the two soldiers to trigger a cinematic.

When play resumes, use the ladder to your right to reach a small balcony, and sprint after your target. The fort’s guards will mostly focus on her so simply ignore them. Once you catch up with Patience, quickly defeat all opponents. Be sure to prioritize those threatening her directly. After another short sprint to stop her, you will complete the mission.

Memory 03: Free run along the corridor until you reach a room with a high ceiling. Follow the climbing path pictured here to make your way to the exit.

After another corridor section and a brief cutscene, you get a chance to double air assassinate guards below your position. You will then reach the room shown here. Follow the annotated path, traverse towards the right on the thin wooden beam until Aveline automatically jumps, then air assassinate at least one target. The survivor(s) will then be a mere formality. Run down the next corridor until a cutscene is triggered. You cannot use the same path as Patience during the chase, so free run on the course to your right, making sure you assassinate all the Gunners you encounter; if you are not making good time and they are poised to shoot, a pistol shot will suffice. At the end of this sequence of events, you must fight a handful of opponents, including Brutes: use the Break Defense move twice and then finish them while they lie prone. Interact with the lever to open the gate and jump on the crates to your right to meet Patience on the other side.

When you reach the tower, climb the counterweight () and traverse to the left. Run along the circular corridor () until you emerge on the other side of the tower (). Jump via the hanging platform to the small room with the lever (). Activating it raises the platform Patience stands on, and lowers a second counterweight. Leap to the hanging platform again () and climb the counterweight all the way up to the exit.

At the top of the tower, climb the planks on the wall to reach the outer ledge. Free run on the wooden platforms and climb the wall, as pictured here. Traverse through the large hole in the wall, then follow the only possible path around the tower. Once you go through the window, sprint towards the doctor and assassinate him to complete the mission.