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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Official Digital Strategy Guide
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The Blowpipe

The Blowpipe, unlocked late in Sequence 04, is a silent weapon that facilitates interesting tactics whenever stealth is necessary or preferred. Hold the Manual Aim Button and use to move the target over any point of the victim, then press the High Profile Button to fire. As with the pistols, you can also tap at close range (when a target is highlighted) for a snap shot.

Sleep Darts render the target incapable of action for a short period of time, as indicated by the circular meter. They will wake when this time expires, or if attended to by an ally. To knock them out permanently, move close to them while they are prone and press for a decisive kick.

Berserk Darts take effect after a short delay. The afflicted target will then engage anyone – friend and foe alike – in combat until incapacitated, or the timer expires, at which point they will lose consciousness. This can be especially effective on Gunners positioned on rooftops or watchtowers, as they may take down multiple targets from their vantage point. While afflicted, a berserk target will attract the attention of everyone within range. Whenever you need to create a localized diversion, Berserk Darts are one of the most powerful weapons at Kenway’s disposal.

Using either type of darts in combat affects a target instantly. If employed with a Special Counter, Kenway will simultaneously hurl the target aside (in a manner identical to a Counter Throw) in a single movement.

Smoke Bombs

Depending on the demands of your current situation, a Smoke Bomb can be employed (tap ) to create confusion and paralysis, enabling effortless kills of affected opponents, or to facilitate an easier escape. If flight is a prerequisite, dropping a Smoke Bomb in a confined space will incapacitate all pursuers who enter its area of effect (). Though Kenway and his allies are immune to the effects of Smoke Bombs, opponents inside the cloud (or those who enter it) are blinded, stunned and unable to move until the smoke dissipates. Anyone knocked outside the cloud will recover immediately.

Whenever you face a difficult battle featuring multiple Brutes or Captains, each use of a Smoke Bomb will enable you to quickly assassinate at least three targets before the cloud lifts. From boarding enemy vessels to eschewing stealth (and a bonus) in favor of violently storming warehouses, this is Kenway’s joker, a “get out of jail” card that works in almost any situation. As they are regularly obtained by looting enemy corpses (and occasionally from Treasure Chests), you should rarely experience shortages. We recommend crafting capacity upgrades as soon as you can.

Rope Darts

Available at a very late stage in the main storyline, the Rope Dart has five combat applications.

1. In combat, tap to fire a Rope Dart at a target and pull them to the ground. If you are close enough, you can then perform an instant finishing move.

2. On the ground, while standing behind an oblivious target, hold to use the Rope Dart to pull an opponent towards Kenway; when they stumble within range, he will kill them instantly.

3. From a tree branch or a beam above a suitable victim, hold to strangle a target situated below.

4. From a tree branch or a beam, hold and press in the appropriate direction to hang a target within range ().

5. Last, but by no means least, employing a Rope Dart in a Special Counter is lethal against generic soldiers, Scouts and Gunners.


All tools consume ammunition. There are various ways to refill your stocks:

Looting or pickpocketing guards.

Opening certain Treasure Chests.

Buying them from general stores.

Crafting Sleep Darts, Berserk Darts and Rope

Darts from bones acquired by hunting animals.

Note that you can extend the capacity of all your

ammo pouches through crafting.


Ammo TypePrice (R)

Berserk Dart


Sleep Dart


Smoke Bomb


Rope Dart