Primer Escaping Combat

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Primer Escaping Combat

It doesn’t take a great deal of provocation to incite many of Kenway’s potential adversaries to violence. When conflict begins, fighting can be a valid strategy – but flight is often a more sensible solution.

  • The first step to escaping is naturally to turn tail and run, moving Kenway out of sight of his chasing opponents. At this stage, the Throw Money ability and Smoke Bombs can be highly effective.
  • Once you move out of view, a yellow circle on the mini-map ()represents the area where Kenway’s opponents will actively search for him. If you can move out of this zone without attracting further attention, or find a secluded place of refuge (such as a hiding place or a Stalking Zone) without being seen, the hostiles will eventually give up the chase. If Kenway is spotted by an alert opponent, however, the circle will be reset to his current location – prolonging the pursuit.


  • Using free run courses and taking to the rooftops can be an effective way to put distance between Kenway and the soldiers on his tail, but marksmen posted on buildings or nearby towers may spot him from a long distance. Pay these a wide berth if you can. From an elevated position, a Leap of Faith into a hiding place often works well to end a chase.
  • If you are close to a large expanse of water, taking a plunge and swimming away from the shore is an easy way to escape. If your adversaries open fire, dive beneath the surface immediately.

Chase Breakers

In certain urban areas (particularly Kingston and Havana), you will find open doorways or windows marked by small blue-white icons () on the mini-map. These Chase Breakers – also known as “pass-throughs” – can be used to put distance (and solid walls) between Kenway and pursuing hostiles, as they will be forced to take the long route to reach their quarry.


Lifts serve a similar purpose as Chase Breakers, but offer a rapid journey to a higher elevation. Whenever you see a rope attached to some form of counterweight above (as pictured here), simply run Kenway towards the rope. He will cut it automatically, grabbing the free end to be propelled to a surface above. Any hostiles in pursuit will be forced to climb, offering valuable seconds to hide or move out of range.