Primer Assassinations

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Primer Assassinations

There are many different contextual assassination techniques, though they can be separated into two groups: those that are Low Profile, thus suitable for stealth situations, and High Profile kills that are much more likely to attract attention. As a general rule of thumb, an assassination performed with alone will be low-key in nature, while holding the High Profile Button will lead to a more showy and violent killing move.

  • Pay close attention to the highlight () that signifies your current target when you perform assassinations, particularly aerial kills. Be sure to adjust Kenway’s position and the camera to select the correct opponent.
  • Most assassination types can be performed either on a single target, or on two targets in close proximity.
  • High Profile assassinations function at a greater range than their more discrete Low Profile equivalents. If a target won’t move within range for a stealth kill, and potential witnesses are looking or moving elsewhere, it’s often easier to just go for the spectacular kill and hide the body afterwards.

Standard Assassination: Performed while level with one or two aligned targets.

  • Low Profile: Kenway will stab his targets discretely, though this will still lead to consequences in plain view of others. It’s highly effective when employed from behind on sentries or patrolling guards; use the Fast Walk ability to close the gap without creating noise.
  • High Profile: Kenway will leap and knock the targets to the ground as he delivers the killing blow. Note that this can be performed while running.

Air Assassination: Performed from above with one or two targets in close proximity.

  • High Profile Only: Kenway will leap onto highlighted victims from above, killing them instantly.

Ledge Assassination: Performed while hanging from a ledge just below a target.

  • Low Profile: Kenway will reach out to grab (and stab) the target, then hurl them over the ledge. This is useful if there are other hostiles on the same level that you really need to avoid, but not so great if there are patrols or guards below.
  • High Profile: Kenway leaps up and knocks his quarry to the ground to perform the killing blow. This is the most efficient technique against solitary rooftop sentries.

Corner Assassination: Only available when pressed against a suitable surface.

  • Low Profile: Kenway quickly rounds the corner, stabs the victim, then pulls them back and lowers them to the floor.
  • High Profile: Kenway bursts into view to leap on his quarry.

Hiding Place Assassination: Performed from any kind of hiding place.

  • Low Profile: Kenway will reach out and simultaneously grab and stab a target within range, then pull them into his place of concealment.
  • High Profile: Kenway will leap out to stab a passing adversary.

Stalking Zone Assassination: Performed while Kenway is concealed within any type of Stalking Zone.

  • Low Profile: Kenway will reach out to stab anyone just outside the Stalking Zone and pull them inside. Within these areas, targets killed are automatically hidden.

Non-Lethal Takedowns: Some missions have Optional Objectives that specify that Kenway should not kill any adversaries. In these instances, switch to Unarmed mode (). If you then sneak up behind a target and tap , Kenway will silently incapacitate them.