Multiplayer Abilities

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Multiplayer Abilities

Abilities are special skills that can be used at any time to give you an edge over your opponents. Once activated, they are unavailable for a Cooldown period as they recharge. Some of them can be thrown by holding and releasing the corresponding button. All Abilities can be improved through Crafting, which enables you to improve two parameters of the chosen Ability (see overleaf).

You can activate standard Abilities with the corresponding shoulder buttons of your controller. Press to use Ranged Weapons.







  • Disguise
  • Level 1
  • Temporarily changes your appearance to surprise opponents.
  • Use this when you are out of a pursuer’s field of vision for better results. Most effective when you stand close to a lookalike of your true skin.
  • While fleeing, activate it right as you round a corner and turn around to surprise your pursuer.
  • There’s a risk of being revealed when the effect expires. This exposure factor can be reduced through crafting.
  • Ends as soon as you perform a kill or stun.

  • Money Bomb
  • Level 1
  • Attracts civilians within a fixed radius, but has no effect on other characters, which reveals any player in the vicinity.
  • You can drop the bomb at your feet or aim and throw it.
  • Useful to reveal a target blended in a crowd or to impede the progress of an aggressor during an escape.

  • Time Phase
  • Level 6
  • Slows targets and prevents them from getting feedback.
  • You can drop the Time Phase at your feet or aim and throw it.
  • When you hear the sound of a pursuer aiming at you, you can use Time Phase to cancel their lock and buy precious time.

  • Decoy
  • Level 6
  • Changes the appearance of a civilian to mimic your own, and causes them to run away, tricking your pursuers.
  • Good for misleading both pursuers and targets.
  • Can be used to simply divert an approaching pursuer, or to set up a stun opportunity once they have been distracted.
  • If you use Decoy while Disguised, the Decoy will mimic your Disguised appearance, which can be very confusing for your opponents.

  • Morph
  • Level 12
  • Transforms civilians inside the area of effect into your duplicates.
  • This is very useful to hide from pursuers, but make sure that you use it while hidden in a crowd.
  • Offensive use: Morph a crowd from afar to reveal a blended target.

  • Firecrackers
  • Level 12
  • Scares civilians and blinds opponents, revealing their presence.
  • Can be used to identify opponents; watch the movements of all affected individuals carefully.
  • You can drop Firecrackers at your feet or aim and throw them. The latter can be an efficient way to identify and/or stop a distant target.
  • A blinded pursuer is unable to lock you, but can still kill you.

  • Tripwire Bomb
  • Level 18
  • Explodes when a target or pursuer steps on it, preventing them from moving and performing any action during a short period.
  • You can drop the bomb at your feet or aim and throw it. The bomb takes a few seconds to activate.
  • Place a bomb in a narrow corridor (the entrance to a Domination territory, for instance) for an easy stun opportunity.
  • The bomb can be set off with no consequences by an opponent who walks cautiously near it.

  • Bodyguard
  • Level 18
  • Creates a duplicate of your character who will protect you from pursuers.
  • Can only be used when you are being pursued.
  • The Bodyguard cannot climb and focuses on a single pursuer at a time.
  • A very effective way to confuse your pursuers. Stay close to your duplicate for maximum efficiency and defensive stun opportunities.
  • Lock your pursuer before you activate Bodyguard – your duplicate will focus on the locked target very efficiently.

  • Booby Trap
  • Level 26
  • Traps a nearby Chase Breaker to make it explode the next time an opponent uses it.
  • Can be used both defensively during an escape, or offensively when you know in advance where a target is likely to run.
  • A Booby Trap can be spotted on the ground. Walk carefully past it in order to not activate it.

  • Glimmer
  • Level 26
  • Makes you almost invisible.
  • Can be used to escape a pursuer or approach a target unnoticed.
  • The slower you move, the less visible you are. If hidden, you’re almost completely invisible. If you run, an “aura” can be seen by experienced opponents.
  • Ends as soon as you perform a kill or stun.

  • Wipe
  • Level 34
  • Reveals all players in the ability radius, prevents them from using their abilities, and silences their whispers and heartbeats.
  • This gives you free reign to kill an affected target, but keep in mind that they can still kill you in their weakened condition.
  • Useful to reveal targets blended in crowds.

  • Animus Shield
  • Level 34
  • Makes you immune to Poison, Bombs and ranged weapons.
  • Can be used both offensively (for example, to resist the effect of a Smoke Bomb dropped by a target that spotted you) and defensively (to survive when a pursuer uses Abilities against you).
  • Increases your chances to survive longer, especially as a sound effect reveals when someone aims at you.
  • By default, the shield can only negate one Ability, but this can be upgraded through crafting (up to three shield “charges”).

  • Teleport
  • Level 42
  • Teleports you to a different position on the map.
  • Perfect to escape an incoming pursuer.
  • You will always Teleport to a destination in your field of vision.
  • Can be used in Artifact Assault mode to increase your chances to quickly bring back the Artifact to your base.

  • Poison
  • Level 42
  • Poisons a target to slowly kill them.
  • You can only poison a target in close proximity.
  • There is no kill animation, so you can escape flashpoints stealthily.
  • Even if you die before the Poison kills your target, you will still earn your Kill Score.

  • Smoke Bomb
  • Level 48
  • Throws a Smoke Bomb to confuse civilians and opponents alike.
  • You can drop the bomb at your feet or aim and throw it.
  • Offensive use: score Focus bonus on target; prevent a target from fleeing.
  • Defensive use: paralyze one or more pursuers for a follow-up stun.

Ranged Weapons






  • Disruption
  • Level 4
  • Scrambles the vision of a target and breaks an active lock.
  • This can be used both offensively and defensively.
  • This is a great ability to employ to elude a pursuer, or to turn the tables and stun them.

  • Knives
  • Level 12
  • Throws Knives that slow down your target.
  • Lock your target before throwing the Knives. A target that you have hit with Knives can still stun you, so don’t approach them recklessly.
  • Knives prevent a victim from climbing and limit their range of action. Being hit by a Knife will cause a target to fall while climbing.

  • Sabotage
  • Level 28
  • Counteracts the next Ability your target attempts to use while affected.
  • This is especially useful in situations where a duel is imminent. Strike your target with Sabotage to increase the odds that you will win the encounter.

  • Pistol
  • Level 38
  • Shoots the targeted character after securing a Lock.
  • Hold to increase your accuracy.
  • Good for rooftop chases, and for swiftly dispatching targets who lose their nerve and break cover to flee.

  • Poison Dart
  • Level 48
  • Poisons a target from afar.
  • The Cooldown begins only after the Poison kills the target.
  • You can be spotted as you aim.
  • The Poison Dart is more risky to use than the Pistol, but it rewards you with bigger bonuses.