Animus Patch Notes Black Flag to Freedom Cry

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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Official Digital Strategy Guide
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Animus Patch Notes Black Flag to Freedom Cry

This section of the guide is about the different mechanics found in Freedom Cry compared to Black Flag. You’ll find descriptions of the various new activities you can take part in and the new methods for obtaining items and upgrades.

Liberating Slaves

Adewale’s campaign has him liberating slaves instead of pirates, unlike his previous employer Edward Kenway. Saving slaves offers rewards and after Memory 3, a number of slaves will also join the slavery-abolishing resistance militia, the Maroons, which has its own set of rewards. The more slaves you free and the greater number of Maroons you recruit, the more items you unlock.

Once you’ve unlocked the items, simply head to a resistance supplier (marked with the same icons the weapons and shipwright shopkeepers as in Black Flag) and select the newly unlocked items to obtain them.

Look below for a list of all of the rewards you can earn for recruiting Maroons and freeing slaves.

You can check this list anytime in-game by opening the menu and selecting “Resistance.”

Liberation Activities

There are several activities that randomly appear all over Port-au-Prince that involve freeing slaves and recruiting Maroons. Here is a list of all of the activities and some quick tips on how to complete them:


Pick up and take an injured slave to a safe hiding spot to complete this activity. This one is pretty straightforward; just put the man or woman you’re carrying down if you run into any trouble, then pick him or her up and make your way to the waypoint. Any overseer that sees you carrying an injured slave will attack you if you stay in their sights for too long, so make a point to skirt around any enemies you see if you want to avoid trouble.

You’ll save five slaves every time you finish this activity.


An area of the town becomes restricted while overseers punish slaves who don’t keep up with their ridiculous commands. If you enter the restricted zone, you’ll be attacked by the two or three overseers, who are usually the ones giving out the punishment.

Pick off any overseers you can without being detected, then hack and slash your way through those that remain. Once the overseers have been cleared out, approach the slaves and hit the button displayed on the screen to free them.

You’ll save two or three slaves every time you complete this activity.


Every now and then you’ll see a slave running for his life while an overseer gives chase. Chase after the overseer and bring him down to save the slave.

You’ll save one slave every time you complete this activity.


Auctions may be the least violent way of saving slaves. Whenever you see the gavel icon appear on your minimap, head over in that direction, approach the auction stage and pay the auctioneer 500 reales to free all the slaves up for auction.

Or you can just kill the auctioneer and the overseers that are standing nearby, if you’re feeling aggressive.

You’ll free five slaves every time you finish this activity.


These are probably the hardest activities to complete or even ignore. Three or so overseers parade around Port-au-Prince with slaves in tow. If you get too close, you’ll be attacked. The best way to deal with convoys is to attack from the rear. You can take out some of the overseers before being detected. Just note that you’ll likely have to fight the convoy overseers and any other overseers in the immediate area.

Once you’re done mopping up the guards, approach the slaves to free them. You’ll free three slaves every time you complete this activity.


There are a few cells scattered around Port-au-Prince where slaves are held like animals. Fortunately, justice can be delivered swiftly, as freeing the poor prisoners is a pretty simple task.

For every jail activity on the map there is a keyholder whose key is easily pilfered—violently or otherwise. When you are near a jail activity, keep your eyes peeled for a key icon to locate the keyholder. When you reach him, either kill him and loot the key from his body or pick his pocket to take the key without causing a ruckus.

You’ll free four slaves every time you finish this activity.


On the outskirts of Port-au-Prince and scattered around the West-Indies sea are plantations that are operated by overseers who use slave labor to produce crops. If you can complete the objectives displayed upon entering a plantation you’ll free a substantial number of slaves.

There are two types of plantation missions: kill 20 overseers, or steal the key and unlock the slave quarters. Both types require a stealthy approach, but the former has a big cost if you get caught; if an overseer rings a bell, all the other overseers will begin slaughtering the slaves out of fear of an uprising. That’s why it is absolutely important for you to be as stealthy as possible while you pick off guards. Make sure to hide bodies, stick to the bushes, and use eagle vision to mark all the guards in the area.

There is no perfect strategy to dealing with plantations; pick off one guard at a time, whistle from bushes to lure guards that are passing by, sabotage bells whenever it is safe to do so and don’t take any risks that might lead to your being detected.

If you’ve recruited 25 or more slaves to the Maroon resistance, you’ll be able to gain the aid of resistance members whenever you attack a plantation. Look for the hand and sword icon on the map to find where resistance members are hiding in the plantation. Recruit them the same as you would Bastienne’s girls and then press the button that appears over the head of your target to send them in to attack. Just be mindful that overseers will still attempt to ring a nearby bell if they see your friends anywhere near them, so plan your attacks accordingly.

Once slaves have been freed from a plantation, the place will be abandoned for a time. Every once in a while you’ll receive an on-screen notification that a plantation has changed ownership. That’s when you can return there to free more slaves.

You’ll liberate 40 slaves for completing this activity.

Slave Ships

Slave ships can be attacked only after you’ve received your own boat upon completing Memory 4, but once you can attack them, you’ll find that they are hands down the best source for freeing large numbers of slaves and also getting plenty of metal and wood for upgrading the Experto Crede.


Taking on a slave ship is a little different than taking on any other ship. For starters, they’re always accompanied by an escort of three other ships that you’ll have to sink before you can board the slave ship. The other difference is that you absolutely do not want to attack a slave ship: All slave ships are weaponless and attacks that hit will result in the deaths of the slaves imprisoned aboard.

Take out the escort and don’t worry about the slave ship getting too far away; you’ll be done long before the ship can escape. Afterward, approach the slave ship like you would any other disabled vessel and board it. Once you’ve taken down its crew, the slaves will be freed.

You’ll free 100 slaves for completing this activity, making it the best way to quickly gain access to all of the resistance rewards.

Adewale Isn’t Crafty

Unfortunately, Adewale isn’t as handy as Edward as far as crafting is concerned. There is no crafting in Freedom Cry to speak of, and although you can still hunt animals for their pelts, there is no use for them beyond selling them. Don’t worry! Instead of crafting new item pouches and upgrades, you unlock them by liberating slaves and recruiting Maroons, then selecting the items while at a resistance supplier.

Plunder Gone Under

Another difference between Adewale and Edward is the former’s complete disregard for plunder and treasure hunting. Although treasure chests litter the West-Indies, treasure maps, animus fragments and Mayan statues are absent from Freedom Cry. Adewale has a more pressing issue at hand, freeing slaves, instead of hunting for trinkets.

This is less of a concern when you consider that money isn’t really an issue in Freedom Cry. You’ll still need to get it when you get the opportunity, but freeing slaves, recruiting Maroons, and getting crafting materials by attacking ships are far more important this time around. If you want to upgrade your ship, the Experto Crede, you’ll need to be on the hunt for wood and metal from any passing ships. You can still sell your rum and sugar for any extra reales you may need, but wood and metal are far more precious than cash.