Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Aveline, determined to get the other piece of the plate, heads back to Mexico. What secrets are held in the plate? The answers will undoubtedbly be revealed soon.

Initializing Sequence 6

Aveline is bound for the border again after discovering an important clue during her raid of the Templar ship in the Bayou.

Before you head out, you might want to take a look around New Orleans a bit. You'll find a couple of side missions and—if you killed all of the false Mackandal followers' camps for the smugglers—plenty of treasure chests to loot.

SIDE QUEST: SHIP CREW There are two ship crew missions that appear in New Orleans at the beginning of Sequence 6 and since the HQ is central to both of those locations, we're going to use it as our starting point for both missions.

From the HQ with the door on your left, head straight up the road ahead, past the Mansion de Grandpre and until you reach a dead-end by way of a building completely blocking your forward path near the top of the map. Take a right at the dead-end and then the first left down the alleyway. Your goal will be in a bird house in one of the openings on your left.

Your job for this mission will be to infiltrate the Spanish fort on the top-left of the map and steal plans for a ship cannon that will be useful for protecting your ships as they transport goods. This is a stealth mission, meaning detection is an automatic failure, so wearing the Assassin Persona is out of the question. Head toward the fort and you'll find a Dressing Chamber just below it. Your best bet is to use the Slave Persona for mobility in running and climbing. If you can get to the cannon blueprints without killing anyone, you'll net yourself a synchro bonus.

To get into the fort undetected, climb up one of the small guardhouses to the right or left of the front gate the same way you did when you assassinated the recruiter. Unlike that mission, we're not going to incite a riot to get into the restricted area. Instead, jump to the building across from you by jumping off of the right corner of the gate. Take a left onto the L-shaped building and then jump onto the small roof of the large building in the middle of the restricted area. Climb up the wall, but not all the way; just enough for you to shimmy to the right and drop onto the railing of the second floor. A treasure chest with the plans will be dead ahead. END OF QUEST

SIDE QUEST: SHIP CREW With the HQ door to your left, head straight toward the main street and take a right. Follow the street until you reach the park, which will be on your left. There will be a building on your minimap that is marked as white on your right. Take a right at the end of that building and the mission-giver will be on your left just down the alleyway.

For this mission, you'll be living up to the rumored speed and climbing abilities of the assassin order. A sailor has heard a lot about Aveline and is looking to challenge her to a race.

Really, this isn't so much a race as it is a time trial. Your job is to race through the checkpoints before time expires. Every time you hit a checkpoint, you'll be awarded more time. If you can complete this race without taking damage you'll receive a synchro bonus

Start by running up the stair-stepped boxes ahead to get the first orb. Jump to the building across from the one you are on to get to the next orb. Hop onto the lower roof on the right side of the building ahead of you and then jump onto the building to the right of that. Jump to the building in front of that and then onto the market building ahead. Keep in mind that guards will attack you on sight during this mission, so shoot them with the gun if you want to avoid damage for the synchro bonus, or ignore them entirely, but don't stop moving whatever you decide.

From the market building, jump through the trees on your left to reach a small building attached to the building the orb is sitting on and then climb up to the orb. After grabbing the orb take an immediate left across the rope to the next building, take a right, grab the orb and take a left to the end of the building you are on. Grab the orb on top of the chimney stack and then climb the wall in front of you to get on top of the roof. Head to the right and walk across the rope connecting to the building holding the next orb and watch out for the guard standing next to it.

Jump onto the building across the street and then take a left toward the orb. Head through the balcony to the left of the orb you just grabbed and jump onto the wall of the building ahead; Aveline can scale this wall, so don't worry about falling. Once on the roof, take a left, jump onto the wooden balcony roof of the building ahead and drop down onto the balcony to get the next orb. Take an immediate right, jump onto the building ahead with the white-thatched fence, climb it and take a left toward the orb ahead.

After grabbing the orb in the tree, hop onto the building to the right, then climb the building ahead of. Hop down to the roof below the one you're on, jump through the V-shaped trees and hop onto the small circular building with the final orb on it. END OF QUEST

To get to Mexico, head to the second-to-last dock on the right side of the map and interact with the glowing circle.

Upon returning the Chichen Itza, Aveline makes contact with her mother. Jeanne is not quite so frightened by Aveline's appearance this time and asks for her to find the second piece of the ancient disk that Aveline is carrying. Jeanne believes that finding it will keep the Templars from pursuing her any further, allowing her to spend her life in peace. Aveline, eager to please, agrees to help her mother, though whether or not her mother is someone to be trusted is an entirely different story. Turn on your Eagle Vision and look at Jeanne to see a suspicious surprise.

After arriving, take a left toward the orb ahead. The path is quite linear from here to the next orb, so follow it straight ahead until then. Slide down the slope after grabbing the orb and then make a U-turn at the bottom to reach the orb after that. Hop into the canoe and make your way down the stream, avoiding the rock formations as you go.

Remember to only make slight adjustments to your course while on the canoe with light taps on the analog stick. Aggressive turning will only serve to have you smashing into the wall or the many rock formations around the area.

After jumping off of the canoe, dive into the water below and swim to the shore ahead. Follow the path ahead until it forks and take a right to find the last Mayan Statuette in Mexico. Turn around, hop into the stream and swim until it dead-ends. Head up the shore, up the small hill and take a right. Climb the large rock formation by climbing the rounded platforms on and around the formation. Follow the climbing path to the base of the formation and wrap around it by holding the Analog Stick to the right while holding R1. Once at the top of the formation, dive right into the heart of it.

Swim down through the underwater system while keeping an eye on the ceiling for air pockets that can be used to take a breath. It can be easy to get disoriented in these caves, so if you find yourself wondering where you came from and where you should be going, always aim for the green-diamond waypoint to find your way.

Watch for the wire traps that block corridors, as they will do significant damage to you if you even so much a jostle them. To avoid taking damage, swim through the area on each of the traps where it looks like a wire is missing (a hook in the wall without a wire attached).

After the first wire trap, the underwater path will fork. If you head to the right you'll find an open area that houses a treasure chest; the left path takes you toward the green-diamond waypoint.

Once you're out of the underwater tunnel system, turn around and make for the green-diamond waypoint to find an orb. Another orb will appear on one of the columns in the room ahead. To get to the orb, climb up the stone platforms that are jetting out of the wall to the right of the entrance. When you encounter the point without a stone platform, just jump toward the wooden foundation to continue your climb. At the top of the stone platform path you'll be prompted to swing across the gap with your whip. Immediately after doing so, run towards the orb to avoid falling while standing on the tipping pillar.

After grabbing the orb, climb the wall ahead to grab hold of the blue-colored crack in the wall. Shimmy to the left and turn around when you have a place to set your feet again. Jump onto the pillar ahead, followed by the pillar to the left and then jump to the pillar on your right. Head to the stone platforms on the left side of the wall, swing across the gap using your whip and the top will be just ahead. The orb is on the left.

Head down the passage after grabbing the orb and you'll have to solve a puzzle to gain access to the second disk piece. Solve the puzzle in five moves or less for a synchro bonus. The way to solve it in five moves is to touch the top-middle piece to get it to slide to the left and then touch the middle-most piece to get it to slide up. Done deal.

With the puzzle solved, all you need to do is head down the slope on the right and grab the plate piece.

Aveline promises to make things right in New Orleans to bring her mother home, but Jeanne has made peace with her new home and refuses assistance.

With both pieces in hand, the mystery of the plate is sure to be unraveled soon. Now, it's back to New Orleans!

End of Sequence 6

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