Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Aveline is back from Mexico and the Spanish rule of New Orleans seemed to be lifting, but the work of an assassin is never done and things quickly take a turn for the worse.

Initializing Sequence 5

Back in New Orleans, Aveline heads back to HQ to speak with Gerald on matters of her trip. It would seem that New Orleans doesn't wait for anyone; namely Aveline. Gerald informs Aveline of men in Spanish guard uniforms roaming the Bayou and causing trouble for its inhabitants.

With de Ferrer dead and the Spanish rule of New Orleans becoming more lax, news of Spanish guards terrorizing the Bayou confuses Aveline. Determined to make sense of this recent development, Aveline decides it's time to investigate the Bayou and get to the bottom of these attacks.

Self-employment? In this economy?

Before you head off to begin your investigation, check in on your empire to see all of the changes that have been made while you were away. There was a reason Gerald was left in charge of the business while Aveline was away and that reason is that he is totally awesome at his job. You'll notice right away the exponential increase in visitable ports. There has also been an increase in the variety of goods you can purchase and trade. There are also a lot more risks involved with visiting farther ports, so keep that in mind. Continue to manage your business and you'll be rich in no time at all, allowing you to by up all of those sweet collectables.

Once you've finished your business with your business, head out of the HQ. With the HQ door on your left, head straight down the road. It's pretty much a straight shot from here to the recruiter, so just stay on the main road and you'll be there right quick.

After arriving to the green-diamond waypoint location, you'll see a green box on your minimap. We know by now that the green box means turn on your Eagle Vision to find whoever you're looking for. I'll save you the trouble of have to search and point you in the right direction: Take the first right after entering the green box while using your Eagle Vision; the recruiter should be right around the corner.

Locating the recruiter will prompt a tailing sequence. Keep your distance, don't lose sight of the your target and follow him to his destination to accomplish this task without worry. The easiest way of tailing the recruiter is the same as most other tailing sequences, just trail him from above by running along the rooftops of buildings. This will make it easier for you to keep him in your line of sight while remaining out of his.

Upon arriving to the recruiters destination, he will lay eyes on Aveline and make a run for it. Two guards will come to stop you while the recruiter makes a break for it. Ignore the guards and get after the recruiter. He will eventually take refuge in the guard fort on the top left corner of town. Worry not: All you need to do is incite a riot or two in order to gain access to the corrupt recruiter and bring a little of Aveline's frontier justice his way.

From the gates of the fort in front of you, turn around and hop back onto the main street and take a right. Interact with the glowing circle ahead to begin the next leg of your mission, which is to infiltrate the fort without alerting any guards and 'deal' with the recruiter.

Before you head back to the fort, make sure you pull posters off of the wall to lower you notoriety—assuming you have any. You are walking into a fort of Spanish military men who will identify you in seconds if you have any notoriety at all. Since the mission requires that you not be detected, getting spotted will mean mission failure, and we don't want that now, do we?

Once you're ready, head back to the gates of the fort and scale the tiny guard houses to the left and right of the gates. You can scale the wall all the way up and over from here to gain access to the fort. Now inside, head directly to the star-shaped riot icon above the stylishly-garbed gent to incite a riot and consequently cause a distraction that will allow you to find the recruiter unimpeded—well, mostly unimpeded.

While all of your new friends graciously throw their soft, squishy bits over and over against the guards' swords, walk on past them to the courtyard ahead and turn on your Eagle Vision. The recruiter should be walking around ahead and will be marked with gold. Once you've located him, you are now free to assassinate him at you leisure. Stay away from the other guards, wait for the recruiter to isolate himself and then take him out. Or just shoot him with a poison dart from afar and make life a little easier on yourself. If you can find a powder keg and blow it up while the recruiter is near it, then you can land yourself full synchro.

With the recruiter dead, say a quick prayer for your rioting buddies who are undoubtedly on their way to speak with St. Peter, and head over to the recruiter's corpse for looting purposes. Do this without getting detected and you'll land yourself another synchro bonus. Also, getting caught in a guard-filled fort is a bummer, which is also a pretty good incentive for avoiding detection.

Head back to the gate, scale up to the second level and climb to the top of it by climbing outside walls of the enclosure. Jump back to the ground outside the fort and get out of the yellow circle to complete the mission.

Once safely away from the fort, Aveline decides to read a letter she picked up off of the recruiter's body. The letter is from Vazquez—a man that de Ferrer spoke of. Aveline ponders whether or not this Vazquez character is at the top of the Templar food-chain. Reading on she finds out the Vazquez had recruited the recruiter for the sake of creating a large enough force to control the Bayou. Aveline fears for her ex-master's safety, as well as the safety of the smugglers and so decides to head back into the Bayou.

Side Note: While trekking through the Bayou or New Orleans in Aveline's Assassin Persona, keep your eyes open for icons that look like coins that appear on your minimap. If you see them, head over to their location, beat up the mugger carrying them with your fists and loot his body to get an Assassin's Coin. Collect all of these to unlock a costume that makes Aveline look like a voodoo headhunter.

SIDE QUEST: BUSINESS RIVALS – TOP-MIDDLE OF THE MAP After eliminating the recruiter, a metric crap-ton of Business Rivals missions pop-up on the map. Since we're at the Mansion de Grandpre after our business in the fort, I'm going to go ahead and use it as a central hub for most of these side quests; specifically the slave door on the side of the house that Aveline exits through every time she changes into the Slave Persona in her house.

Our first destination will be the Business Rivals mission in the top-middle of the map. Climb one of the fence posts in front of you to get onto the side-street on the other side of the fence. Take a left and head straight, making a slight right when crossing the main street ahead. The NPC who will start the mission is right up ahead and to your left.

After some severely groan-inducing dialog that will fail to leave anyone in stitches (now I'm doing it! Crap!), you will be required to find you target using Eagle Vision within three minutes. Do it within two minutes and you'll get a synchro bonus.

Turn around and head to the main street between your current location and the Mansion de Grandpre. Take a right onto the main street and follow it until you reach the green square on your minimap. He will be marked in red like guards are. I found him walking the up and down the main street, so start by searching there.

Once you've killed your rival, loot his body to complete the mission. END OF QUEST

SIDE QUEST: BUSINESS RIVALS – TOP-RIGHT OF THE MAP From the Mansion de Grandpre with the slave entrance doors to your back, climb over one of the fence posts into the alley below and take a left heading toward the main street. When you reach the main street take a right and follow it close to the city limits, taking a left when the main street reaches a major intersection (a weapon store will be on your left and you will have to run past it when you make a left at the intersection). Just before you exit the city, take left into the second-to-last alleyway on your left; the NPC who will start the mission will be just up ahead.

Complete this mission by charming your target with the Lady Persona to get a synchro bonus.

After speaking with the NPC, head back to the city gates and this time follow the main street out of the city. When the road forks, take a right and follow the road until you reach an orb.

Grabbing the orb will begin the actual assassination portion of the mission. The red-diamond waypoint will appear on your target's head, so just walk right over to it and do what you do. This isn't a restricted area, so don't worry about getting detected if you don't have any notoriety. That being said, raising any suspicion and getting detected will end the mission. Your best bet is walk up to your target and charm him into following you into a more secluded area; anywhere without guards will do just fine. If you don't have the Lady Persona on, just hit him with your blowgun like usual and wait for the crowds to clear away from his body before attempting to loot it.

Once you kill him and loot his body the mission will be complete. END OF QUEST

SIDE QUEST: BUSINESS RIVALS – MIDDLE-RIGHT OF THE MAP With the slave entrance of the Mansion de Grandpre to your back, hop over the fence into the alley on the other side. Take a left up the alley and a right onto the main street. Follow the main street to the intersection near the city limits (a weapon store will be on your left) and take a right, continuing onto the main street.

Follow the street and make a right into the second alley after passing the Dressing Chamber on your left. The NPC who will give you your mission will be just up ahead.

After a few bad puns, head back out to the main street and take a right. Keep heading straight when the main street diverts to the right. You'll have to go up and over the fence to the right of the house in front of you to get past the guards blocking your path. The guards will be alerted when you do this, but if you keep running you should have no issues escaping them. Just keep heading straight until you reach the end of the docks to arrive at your destination.

Your task is to fend off the waves of enemies while guarding the ship and then assassinating your target when the coast is clear. If you kill your target using the assassin blades you'll get a synchro bonus. After you fight off your first wave of guards, your target will rush in with the next wave. Either take him out on the docks or in the boat, but don't try and kill him on the ramp because there's a good chance he will fall into the water and drown, meaning you'll lose your synchro bonus.

Once your target has been killed the mission will be complete. END OF QUEST

SIDE QUEST: BUSINESS RIVALS – BOTTOM-LEFT CORNER OF THE MAP For this Business Rivals mission, we'll be starting from HQ. With the HQ doors on your right, take a right after passing the HQ. Take a left when you run into a dead-end with the weapon store ahead of you and move through the alley to the right of the tailor. Take a right when the alley splits in either direction and then the next left, followed by the second right. Follow the border of the docks and your destination will be up ahead.

Only a couple of bad puns this time; turn around and follow the border of the dock the same way you did to get here. Take a left into the alleyway after passing the Dressing Chamber and follow it until it dead-ends. Climb up the house at the end of the alley and hop onto the building ahead of you. Turn around and look down into the street and your target should pass directly below you. If you use a powder keg to kill him you'll receive a synchro bonus, otherwise just use a poison dart (they really are just the handiest little tools).

If you're looking to get the synchro bonus, you'll have to swap into the Assassin Persona and do a little prep work in order to take your target out with a powder keg. When you reach the dead-end of the alley after leaving the docks, climb over the building—same as stated above—and hop across to the other building ahead. In the left corner of the this block of buildings will be some powders kegs. Pick them up and move them into the alley on the top left corner of the block of buildings (the alleyway is right around the corner from where you picked up the kegs). Climb the buildings on either side of the alley, look down and target the powder keg with your gun. Your target will eventually make his way through this alley, guards in tow. When your target walks near the keg shoot it to take him out.

Wait for the commotion to die down around your target's body before looting it. Once you loot it you will have completed the mission. END OF QUEST

To get to the Bayou, with the HQ door on your right, take a right past the HQ and then a left into the alleyway to the right of the tailor when you reach a dead-end with the weapon store in front of you. Take a right when the alley splits and then a left. Follow the docks until you reach your destination. Talk to the man on the docks to be ferried to the Bayou.

On this trip to the Bayou, you are now able to access all of the Viewpoints in the area, so take this chance to get them if you're Trophy hunting.

SIDE QUEST: FREE SLAVES Immediately after you enter the Bayou, take a left and a Free Slaves mission-giver will be directly ahead.

Traversing the Bayou is simple, but describing the best path you should take is very difficult in text, since the Bayou is almost devoid of landmarks. In the spirit of making your time in the Bayou less cumbersome, I'm going to simply tell you to follow the green-diamond waypoint directly to the location. If other missions in the Bayou don't have waypoints, I'll be your GPS, but until then, let's just use waypoints for this trip. Oh, and one last thing: Do yourself the favor of accessing Viewpoints (the eagle icon on your map) whenever you enter a new area. Some side missions won't pop-up unless you have the area uncovered and being able to see that map makes it a lot easier to traverse any area you are in, regardless of whether or not I'm telling you which route to take.

When you arrive at the green-diamond waypoint, kill all the guards before helping the slave's wife to get a synchro bonus. Accomplishing this task is actually a particular challenge, because the second you kill one of the guards, the slave's wife runs away, forcing you to chase after her before she gains too much distance and forcing you to fail the mission. If you have been keeping up with your empire and have produced enough cash to buy a gun that holds more than two rounds, you'll have no problems dispatching these fellows, otherwise try to sneak in slowly behind them and go for some quick executions or try and rapidly hit each one of Standard Poison Darts.

Regardless of your method, once the slave's wife starts running, give chase and tackle her with the Circle Button to complete the mission. END OF QUEST

SIDE QUEST: BUSINESS RIVALS This next side quest is actually located inside the smugglers' camp on the bottom-left corner of the map. Just look for the cross-hairs in that direction, mark them with a custom waypoint by moving your cursor over the icon and hitting the X Button and you're good to go; follow the blue ring to reach your destination.

Once you've arrived at the smugglers' camp and talked to mission-giver, open your map and you'll find a green strip going across the middle of the map. Follow the green-diamond waypoint to reach your destination. Just be careful not to take any damage during this mission, or you'll lose out on a synchro bonus.

If you'll notice once you've arrived at the green strip, there are a lot of climbable trees on the left side of the strip. Climbing one and maneuvering the branch path will allow you to scope out the area and take out your target without fear of taking damage. To find the target just follow the branch path north toward the bridge and he will cross it with his entourage of guards. Go ahead and do what we always do and shoot him with a Poison Dart to fell the knave. No need to loot his body this time around. END OF QUEST

SIDE QUEST: SMUGGLERS A new mission-type appears in the Bayou this time around called Smugglers, wherein you assist the smugglers with whatever help they should require. For this mission, you'll be helping Roussillon remove the last remnants of the Agate's false master's followers.

The mission icon looks like a box from an isometric angle and it is located in the middle-bottom of the map, almost directly to the right of the smugglers' camp. Once you arrive, Elise's partner in crime will tell you about the first camp, which is located directly to the right of where you are currently positioned, right by Agate's tree fortress and marked with a green-diamond waypoint.

Once you've arrived at the waypoint, all you need to do is get near the green circle to confirm the camp's location. The easiest way to do this is by getting on the tail-end of the island Agate's camp is located on and swim a little bit toward the green circle. Before you reach the circle, the camp should register as located.

After locating the camp, two more camp locations will pop-up on the map just a little ways further to the east of the first camp. Head to those camps and make contact with them the same way you did this one by getting near the green circle. The fastest way and easiest way to get to the next camp is by following the branch path that connects the upside-down shark's tooth-looking island below and to the right of Agate's island (there will be two islands with that same shape below Aveline's mentor's island; choose the one on the right).

Once you've found all of the camps, head back to Roussillon to complete the mission.

Upon completion of this mission, Roussillon will request that you do all the dirty work in removing the followers of the false Mackandal for him. He will give you a map with all of the camp locations. It's up to you on whether or not you want to traverse the Bayou to get all these camps, but if you happen to chance upon another isometric square icon during your travels through the Bayou, why not pop in and take out a follower or two? There certainly will be treasure and collectables involved in your hunt. END OF QUEST

Never mess with a Cajun

After you've finished or ignored all of the side missions that appear in the Bayou this time around, head to Agate's camp at the bottom-middle of the map.

Upon arriving at the camp, it will become evident that Agate is not currently at home. Interact with the glowing circle to start your hunt for Aveline's ex-master. If you can track down Agate in under a minute, you'll land yourself a synchro bonus.

Turn around and turn Eagle Vision on to find Agate's trail, which leads up a fallen log directly in front of you. Follow the log to the top of the hill, then hop over the log in front of you and onto the tree stump ahead of that. Follow the branch path and Agate will be slightly to the left.

Agate isn't very pleased with his ex-apprentice's return and is rather vocal about it. It would also seem that Aveline's desire to warn her old master of Vazquez's plans was all in wasted energy, as he was well aware of the plans the Spanish Templars made against him. In an attempt to assure Agate of her loyalty, Aveline insists on helping him in his plan to remove the Templar threat from the Bayou. Your first job will be to get to a good vantage point and then begin to pick off the guards one by one in order to make the Bayou seem as though it has been cursed with a dash of voodoo.

Head up the fallen log directly ahead of you and follow the path it creates until you reach the plot of land with the smuggler on it. Head up the next fallen log to your right and at the end of the island, ignoring the log that is right next to the path you came from. Follow the branch path until it concludes, then run straight ahead and climb the tree the orb is seated in. The easiest way to get to the tree is by climbing over the large formation in-between you and the orb; you'll find a fallen log hanging from the other side of the formation. Follow that path and you'll reach the orb.

From here on, keep your distance and kill the guards that are marked with an orange glow--whenever you use your Eagle Vision--using your blowgun with Standard Poison or Berserk Poison. If you use Berserk Poison at least once during this mission, you'll receive a synchro bonus. Keep up with the guards while you go from orb to orb and do it quickly to avoid failing the mission. After killing around three guards, the rest of the platoon will make a mad dash to get away from these accursed swamplands.

Head over to the Smugglers' Camp to find your next mission.

This next mission has Aveline raising even more hell for the Spanish by running one of their ships off course via a sabotaged lighthouse. Head to the Spanish fort in the top-left corner of the Bayou and head for the lighthouse, which is at the top-right corner of the fort itself. Make it to the lighthouse without being detected to get a synchro bonus, which is a pretty easy task if you just hop into the swamp waters to the right of the fort and swim your way to the lighthouse. There is a guard on the first platform you can reach while climbing the lighthouse, but taking him out is as simple as waiting for him to pass and taking him out with your weapon of choice.

Once at the top of the lighthouse, simply interact with the lever marked by the green-diamond waypoint to finish your mission. Head back to the Smugglers' Camp to pick up your next mission.

A pirate's life for me

Upon returning to the Smugglers' Camp, Aveline finds Roussillon and Elise bubbling with excitement at the prospect of robbing the ever-loving crap out of the ship you just run ashore. Upon starting your next mission, the pair of smugglers will drag Aveline over to the location of the ship and your attempts at plundering its cargo will begin.

Your job will be to fight off waves of Spanish troops with Roussillon and Elise, while their crew of smugglers unload the ship. You have three minutes to take out the first wave and also must keep the smuggler leaders from dying in order to complete this mission. If you can accomplish these tasks and do so without taking damage, you'll net yourself a synchro bonus.

There is no real easy way to win the fight, since it's pretty straightforward. Just fight each wave of enemy and defeat them to complete the mission. If you've made any trips to a weapon shop to buy better equipment, like a better sword, small weapon or gun, you should be in a much more capable state for handling this fight. A gun that holds more than two rounds will assist you quite a bit here as well, as killing an enemy with a gun is as easy as quickly hitting the Triangle Button.

After defeating the first wave, your job will be to head up the path a little ways and take on another wave. After finishing the second wave, head up the path to the next waypoint and you'll encounter yet another wave. Take them out, reach the orb up ahead and Roussillon will give Aveline a letter that will complete the mission and lead her to her next destination.

It looks like it's back to Mexico for Aveline.

End of Sequence 5

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