Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Aveline heads to a Mexican "paradise" and encounters a few old friends in Sequence 4.

Initializing Sequence 4

Aveline is bound for the south of the border in this sequence, but before you pack your bags let's do a little housekeeping.

Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation is no stranger to collectables and side missions. There are all sorts of treasures to collect and if you're going for 100% completion you need to get them all. I won't list most of the locations of these collectables because it would be too difficult to do in text, but I will give a general understanding of these items and how to obtain them.

Voodoo Dolls Men that look like Native Americans called 'hougans' will be wandering around New Orleans carrying Voodoo Dolls. An icon will pop up on your minimap that looks like a little figure with pointed limbs whenever you are near a hougan. All you need to do is pickpocket a hougan to obtain a voodoo doll. Hougans are marked as red with Eagle Vision on and are typically dressed in red. Whenever “Pickpocket hougans to get voodoo dolls,” pops up on the screen it means a hougan is nearby.

Diary Pages We've encountered Diary Pages already in AC3: Liberation, but I want remind you to keep your eyes open for them with Eagle Vision, because Diary Pages do not show up on the radar without you spotting them in Eagle Vision first. Another fun fact is whenever a tutorial message stating something similar to “Collect diary pages” pops up on screen, it means a diary page is nearby.

Purchase everything in the stores All of the items in the stores also go towards getting 100% in AC3: Liberation, so make sure to visit tailors (marked with an icon that looks sort of like a barber shop pole), armorers (an icon that looks like a sword) and smugglers (look like bandits from an old western film). You're gonna need a lot of money to buy everything from the stores, so make sure to visit HQ a lot and work on your business to obtain more dosh.

CitizenE Whenever you are near a CitizenE location, a green box will appear on your minimap listing the general area he is located in. Turn on your Eagle Vision to locate him and then assassinate him to get another piece of the truth. A lot of times you'll have to walk around an area while not in a mission to find CitizenE. Explore areas regularly, because an area you approach might be a location of CitizenE, but not until you've approached it for the second time or after certain missions. Hints for a few CitizenE locations in this Sequence is that you'll find one before you leave New Orleans in the far right-middle of town. Another location is in Mexico on top of the Mayan pyramid after creating your assassin blades.

Pocket Watches The use of these collectables is still a mystery, but collecting them is still a necessity. Don't forget to visit Smugglers every new Sequence to see if they've updated their stock of Pocket Watches.

Precious Stones Precious Stones are marked on your minimap with icons that look similarly to diamonds whenever you're near someone possessing one. They can be obtained by charming men who are carrying them with the Lady Persona. If a gentleman that possesses a stone is on a balcony, simply walk around the building until you find a ladder or staircase, then drop onto the balcony to charm the man and get the stone.

Back to the matter at hand..

At the start of this Sequence, head straight until the glowing area in front of the Mansion de Grandpre. Head in the mansion and interact with the desk against the wall on the third floor. After examining a letter using the back camera of the Vita, head out of the house toward the docks near Aveline's HQ.

Once on the docks, you'll find another orb. After grabbing the orb, Gerald arrives to talk to Aveline about her journey to Mexico. It would seem that Aveline neglected to tell Gerald about her plans and he's pretty bummed about it. Aveline tasks Gerald with the care of her business affairs, per usual, and heads off to board a ship for Mexico.

From where you met with Gerald, turn around and take the second right, followed by the next left into the red-squared area on your minimap. Tread lightly through this restricted area and keep your distance from the guards patrolling the area.

Once in the area, make your way to one of the slave groups marked by a green-diamond waypoint and blend in with them by standing in the middle of the group. Now that she has blended in, Aveline boards a ship bound for Mexico, weaponless and disguised as a slave.

Upon arriving to her destination, Aveline is escorted through a small community with a group of slaves to the Spaniard de Ferrer, who has been causing trouble in New Orleans and who also seems to be the authority in this camp. He makes some lofty claims about how awesome it is to live in the town, but we know that he's totally full of crap. Once his rant is over, head around the camp and mingle with the other slaves to get a better idea of what the truth behind the Spanish's motives are.

Be sure to search the area for the collectables littering the area. Mayan Statuettes and Diary Pages can be found all around this small settlement. This is also a good time to grab the two Viewpoints in area (the one on top of the Mayan pyramid-looking structure requires that you hit X while holding R1 to use the rope at the top of the structure, then climb directly up the structure to reach the viewpoint), so if you're in the collecting mood, now's you chance scratch that itch.

After having several cavity-inducingly sweet conversations with some of the townspeople, head to the waypoint in the middle of town to arm Aveline, just in case things turn out to be much less pleasurable than the townspeople would have you believe, which they will be.

Arm yourself knowledge and also stabby things

Locate two guards around the town and pickpocket their belts from them. As a refresher course: Tap them with your finger on the Front Touchscreen, then walk up behind them and swipe downward on the Rear Touchscreen to pickpocket them. Make sure not to engage in combat with any of the guards to get a synchro bonus. A way to assure that you won't get caught is to not pickpocket a guard while in front of another guard.

Once you've collected two belts, your next task will be to collect two knives from the cook. Head to the green-diamond waypoint and grab one of the knives from inside a chest and another off of the cook himself. Make sure to grab both of the knives without the cook looking to avoid detection.

Your next job is going to be to grab some wooden planks from a construction site down the road. From the cook's house, take a right up the main road and follow it until you enter Mayan pyramid-looking structure. You might notice that this place is now a restricted area, so be cautious while scaling the pyramid to avoid trouble with the guards. It should be noted that there is a guard patrolling the pyramid, but he is easily avoidable so long as you pace yourself and watch his routine.

Head back down off of the pyramid and over to the stables to the right of the pyramid to find a keg of gunpowder. Grab the keg and place it over by the barrels straight ahead, turn around and grab a musket from a box that is right next to where you grabbed the keg. Shoot the keg with the musket and head into the blacksmith's house to use his tools to fashion Aveline some makeshift assassin blades.

Now that Aveline is armed, it is time to get to the bottom of what's really going on in this Eden. Head back down through the center of town, passing the cart on your right and the house where de Ferrer gave his speech when you first entered town on your left. Continue following the road and you'll find a glowing circle that will begin the next leg of Aveline's investigation.

On the trail of the snake and the baboon

Tail de Ferrer and the Overseer. This can be a bit of a challenge because of the narrow walking path and the lack of cover. So long as you keep the pair in your line of sight, you can feel free to keep your distance and observe from afar. Keep your eyes peeled for hay bales and groups of slaves to avoid detection and only make a move when you know you'll find immediate cover ahead to make short work of this part of the mission.

Once the pair enter the restricted area, you'll have to climb up a building to the right of the gate to maintain your pursuit. The same rules still apply: Find hay bales, groups of working slaves, climb on buildings and maintain your distance to prevent Aveline from getting caught.

After tailing de Ferrer and the Overseer to their destination, Aveline will see a slave that attempted to run away from the camp. Why would he do something like that when this place is such a paradise? The only way to find out is to smack the consciousness out of the guards and talk to the slave yourself. Do this and maintain the slave's health beyond 50% and you'll get a synchro bonus.

Once you've dealt with the Overseer and the initial batch of guards that were attacking the slave, a second set of guards will make their way to your area. Use the Overseer's whip with the Triangle Button to reel the guards in and hit the Square Button to knock them out.

With the guards cleared, the slave speaks to Aveline about where he will go, but more importantly he speaks to her about the locket her mother gave her that she is currently wearing. The slave says he knew her mother and points her in the direction of her old living quarters. Follow the road make your way to her house and do so in five minutes or less while avoiding combat with anyone to obtain a synchro bonus.

After following the waypoints long enough, a large, green circle will appear on your minimap. Turn on your Eagle Vision to follow clues that will lead you to Aveline's mother's house. With your Eagle Vision on, you should notice a couple of pairs of footsteps—one pink, the other blue. Follow the blue pair up to the house near the Mayan pyramid and use L1 to closely analyze the bag at the front left corner of the house. Turn you Eagle Vision off and run to the back of the house to find a letter apparently left by Aveline's mother.

Head down the road in front of the Mayan pyramid and take a right onto another road leading away from the center of town. Follow this road to reach the next part of your mission.

What would Indy do?

In this next area, all you need to do is follow the path and you'll reach and orb. Grab the orb and jump of the cliff into the water below. Turn around, dive under the water and swim through the small cave system until you reach the other side. It's pretty much a straight shot through this new cave system, so don't worry about getting lost. When you reach a pit in the caves, do yourself a favor and climb down. Even though it looks like water below, you will die if you jump.

Once at the bottom of the pit, you'll reach another orb. Follow the path ahead and you'll reach a room with a large rock formation below you. You can climb down the formation to grab a chest; the exit to this room is to the left after jumping on top of the formation.

In the next room, you'll see another rock formation in front of you. Climb it and then climb the vines reaching across the large crevice below. In the next room, drop off the cliff into the water below and dive into the deep-end of the pond, swim through to the other side and grab the orb up ahead.

Navigate across the small stone platforms in the next room and use R1 + X while holding the Left Analog Stick forward to use Aveline's whip to swing across the gap. In the next room, turn to the left and use the whip again to swing across another gap, hop onto the rock jetting out of the wall and climb up the stalactite at the highest point of the rock jetting out of the wall. At the top of the stalactite jump to another rock right next to it and grab the orb ahead.

Head past the pillars with strange inscriptions on them and slide down the slope while avoiding the rock spires in your path. At the end of the slope you'll fall into a small body of water. Dive under the water and swim beneath the fallen ruins of the cave. Turn around and head to the pillar base that is lined with small blue lines on the right side of the room. Climb the base and you'll reach another orb.

Head up the slope on the right side of the room (if you are staring ahead at the green-diamond waypoint) and grab the next orb. Step into the circles of light and tilt the Vita to guide the ball into the center of the maze. Solve the maze in less than two minutes to receive a synchro bonus.

Head down and collect the artifact in the middle of the maze. It would seem that de Ferrer is even smarter than we gave him credit for. He has been trailing Aveline and makes his explosive introduction to her as soon as you attempt to grab the artifact. De Ferrer wants the artifact, but Aveline is not in a charitable mood, so go ahead and whip some Templar ass and do so without taking damage to get a synchro bonus.

Once de Ferrer has been dealt with, the mines will begin to cave in. Seems that blowing up walls in caves was a bad idea; maybe de Ferrer wasn't that smart after all. You will have two minutes to escape, so get moving. Run straight through the passage de Ferrer and his clown squadron created and follow the path until you reach the stair steps with platforms jetting out of them. Scale the platforms, not the steps; the steps are too steep for Aveline and she will slide down them if you attempt to climb them. Watch for rocks that fall from the ceiling up ahead as well. Take a right at the top of the steps, jump across the planks and vines and use the whip to cross the final gap in the room.

Just up the path is someone that Aveline has had great desire to see for some time: Her mother. Aveline's mother, Jeanne, is not a fan of Agate, but before she explains why, she decides to take off running, perhaps in an attempt to protect her daughter.

Disheartened, Aveline returns back to New Orleans with new questions in her head and a new found sadness in her heart.

End of Sequence 4

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    im having trouble getting one of the knifes off the cook, it wont let me take anything from him

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  • Comment by ireallyneedhelp

    im having trouble getting one of the knifes off the cook, it wont let me take anything from him

    Jan. 8, 2014, 10:42 p.m.
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