Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Aveline's adventures continue as she attempts to uncover the mystery of the missing slaves in Sequence 3.

Initializing Sequence 4

We return to Aveline three years after her super swamp adventures. Despite being a super murderous assassin who knows that a Spanish dude is a Templar bent on controlling New Orleans, Aveline is incapable of preventing the Spanish from taking control of her beloved home. When we return to the story in progress, rioting has become common place and unrest is the flavor of the week.

Start off by exiting the de Grandpre mansion. Aveline will notice black smoke in the distance, a sure sign of a fire burning things that it probably shouldn't be. Head down the stairs, pull off the poster on the wall in front of you (if you have notoriety, of course), take a right and then the first left. Follow the path directly toward the green-diamond waypoint to get the source of the commotion.

Angry protestors line the streets while the Spanish guard tries to keep them at bay. Eventually fighting breaks out and the guards begin to attack the protestors. Aveline, being the assassin that she is, is more than equipped to handle such a situation, so turn your gaze toward the guards and bring them down in aid of the civilians. For an extra synchro bonus, only use your hands to dispatch the guards; you'll get plenty of chances to spill blood elsewhere.

After dealing with the guards, Aveline questions a few of the protestors to find out what caused this outbreak of violence. They explain to her that kidnappings have been on the rise since the Spanish took control of the city and the civilian rioters believe the Spanish are behind it. Aveline, not one for close-mindedness, requests proof of a Spanish conspiracy, but none can be provided. The angry civilians, despite their lack of evidence, refuse to accept any other truth and storm off.

Looks like Aveline has some investigating to do.

It was a dark and stormy night...

Run down the street ahead of you, avoiding the guards, thugs and a barricade inconveniently located directly in the middle of your path. Unfortunately, the Slave and Assassin Personae are off limits for the time being, so your only choice is to leg it around town in the Lady Persona without the ability to climb. Just make sure to tear down posters and kill witnesses to lower your notoriety and you'll be fine.

Enter the warehouse on your right and head to the second floor to talk to Gerald. His warehouse seems a much darker place with all that has happened to New Orleans. Whether or not he has fallen on hard times, Gerald is ever-faithful to the Assassin Brotherhood and offers Aveline use of his office as a base of operation for her assassinly needs. Most of your needs at this point are monetary, so trading goods with other ports is going to be the focus of Aveline's time in Gerald's office.

I'm in the empire business

Managing the office is a pretty simple feat. Buy goods by selecting the tower icon in the middle of the icons on the bottom-right, select your ship by tapping the sail icon and then select another port listed on your minimap to get your ship sailing. A list of hazards, predicted damage to your ship and time necessary for your ship to make its full trip will also be listed. Be sure to check back regularly to keep your yet-to-be-established empire moving and growing.

Each town has a list of the items they offer and which items they are looking to obtain. Purchase items from one town and take them to another that is looking for them. If a town is looking for plant-based commodities, purchase them from a town that sells them and then deliver them to the town requesting them.

Odds are that your ship will sustain damage with every trip; this is normal. Be careful of cargo stealing pirates and consider how much damage your ship can take before making a long journey. While your ship will be repaired whenever you land at a port, taking too much damage will destroy your ship and the cargo with it, so plan accordingly.

After getting accustomed to your new desk job, follow Gerald to your new home away from home. In this room you will be able to change your Personae and weapons. Once done, head out of the room to get yet another gift from Gerald: A parasol that conceals your blowgun to be used exclusively with the Lady Persona. Gerald will also speak of a rival who slanders your company's good name by telling everyone he can that the coffee you sell causes nerve damage. It's time to have a nice talk with the gentleman and come to a peaceful resolution.

Leave Gerald's office and take a left out of the door. Take another left after reaching the end of Gerald's office and then the next right. Take a right into the small alleyway and you'll find an informant. Follow the informant to find the slanderous knave who speaks ill of your fine establishment. It turns out that the man in question is just a hired hand. Turn around and head down the street, past the large wooden structure, past the cart full of hay, taking a right into the alley just past the store with the shining door to find the real culprit.

Sidenote: The store here is a clothing store in which you can use to buy bigger ammunition pouches and new clothes for each of your different Personae.

After grabbing the orb, you will be prompted to use your new parasol blowgun. Equip it, target the red-diamond waypointed fellow and give a deadly little gift by simply tapping the Triangle Button. Afterward, head down the street your target originated from to meet the man behind the horrible rumors about your company's coffee.

It turns out that the man spreading the rumors is just an unfortunate fellow who has been hit with a bit of bad luck. His attempts to speak ill of your company were based off of his need to sell tea in a market dominated by coffee. After giving him a stern talking to, head back to Gerald's office and report in.

Gerald informs Aveline that the slandering man is selling off his assets after the conversation you had with him. This provides Aveline with the opportunity to buy up his stock and supply of slaves, so that she can free them. Take a left once back on the street and make a left at the end of Gerald's office. Take the first right and then a left at the next major intersection; there will a hay cart on the corner to your left and two trees that come together at their base to make a V-shape.

Purchase the shop and head back to your headquarters inside Gerald's office.

Upon returning, Aveline begins to air her grievances about the large number of people turning up missing. Determined to put a stop to it, Aveline decides head back to the Bayou to locate the source of the disappearances.

This is your chance to do some exploring around New Orleans. You can now change into your Slave or Assassin Personae, so you now have the ability to climb again which will allow you to traverse the city with greater ease and reach Viewpoints. If you're not interested, leave your HQ and head toward the docks by taking a right and then another right at the end of your HQ, a left at the weapon shop and through the alley to the right of the tailor's shop. Make a left once you're back on the street and head straight through the wooden tunnel, past the two guards to find Gerald's boat waiting to take you to the Bayou.

Upon arriving in the Bayou you'll have the choice to do some sidequests before you get on with your main mission. I'm going to start tagging sidequests so you can skip them altogether for the main story missions or ctrl+f to the side quests.

SIDE QUEST: BAYOU FEVER Head straight ahead from where you arrive in the Bayou to find another hysteric patient.

From where you start in the Bayou, head straight and hop onto the building slightly on your left with the stair-stepped boxes in front of it. Head over the angled roof, onto the plank mounted to the house and through the V-shaped trees. Your objective will be at the end of the branch path.

After talking to the medicine man, head up the stair-stepped log to your right and follow the branch path back onto the roof into town. Take a right while still on the roof and hop onto the branch extending toward the building you are currently on. Follow the branch path and you'll reach Elise. Talk to her to complete the next part of your mission.

While talking to Elise, Aveline is informed of a strange cargo coming from a local fort; the cargo in question is human beings. Elise agrees to guide Aveline to the fort, so she can put a stop to this wave of kidnappings. Take a left, then the next left and an immediate right after that. Climb up the fallen tree and follow the branch path onto the roof of the small building in the middle of the water. Climb up the fallen tree that is laying on top of the roof and follow the branch path 'til you reach the ground again. Head to the stair-stepped log ahead of you and follow the branch, always adjusting your course to the right whenever given a choice. After reaching land again you'll be within short reach of your next objective. Elise is directly ahead, so run to her to start the next part of your mission.

Follow Elise to your next destination. She will take you right to a convey of carriages transporting slaves. Though, if you beat her to your destination you'll get a synchro bonus. Once you arrive at the carriages, eliminate the guards to stop this convoy for good. An easy way to do this is to pull out the new poison the medicine man gave you and test it out on the guards. Any guard hit with the poison will begin to attack other guards nearby. This is a great way to cause some chaos and eliminate a few of the guards to even the odds a bit. You can easily dispatch any remaining guards with your blowgun.

After clearing the area, turn around and follow the road to get back to Elise who is scouting ahead. Once you reach her, she will guide you into the fort. Your task is to take out the soldiers silently, one by one. You can do this simply by tracking their route and taking them down when they turn their backs to you, or just use your remaining blowgun darts to take them down quickly. Regardless of your method, make sure you take your time to avoid getting caught, because getting caught means mission failure.

Once you've cleared out the guards, grab the orb and chase the base lieutenant. Be warned: This chase is pretty tricky. If you try chasing the officer up the stairs they'll break underneath you, so it's best to avoid the stairs altogether. Instead, head to the building to the right of the stairs, then up the building ahead of you, followed by the wall to your left with the ladder mounted to it. Take a left once on top of the wall to continue your chase. The officer will close a gate behind him, cutting of your path. No problem: Just hop to the left of the door to keep up with the slippery lieutenant. The officer will run through a tunnel that holds a treasure chest inside. You can feel free to grab the chest; the officer will reach his metaphorical and literal end of the road just up ahead so he'll stop running, leaving you the opportunity to pick up the contents of the chest without fear. Afterward, head to the top of the rampart and kill the officer then head down to the ground and open the cells housing the slaves.

Once back in New Orleans, head back into your HQ to report your findings to Gerald. Before you do that though, open your map and look for any target icons. These icons indicate Business Rival missions. There are also icons on the map that look like a chained hand. These icons represent Free Slaves missions. Needless to say, this is a good time to take care of your side quests.

SIDE QUEST: BUSINESS RIVALS Business Rivals missions follow the same kind of layout as the mission we did before involving the slanderous tea seller. Other businesses are out for your share of the market and they will do anything in their power to obtain it. In business, it's a good strategy to eliminate the competition; in Aveline's world that's a literal statement.

For this particular Business Rivals mission, you can get a synchro bonus for making your kill in while wearing the Lady Persona.

From where you start next to the HQ after returning from the Bayou, head straight and make the first right past the hay cart, then an immediate left. The person you have to interact with to start the mission will be directly ahead of you. After talking to the man, head straight and take the first left, followed by a right once you reach the main street. The road will be barricaded, so take a right and the first left. Head straight following the dock and make the slight right around the building to find an orb that will tag your target.

Your target has a red-diamond waypoint above his head; follow up closely behind him and gently tap the Square Button while you have your assassin blades equipped to make a discrete kill while in the Lady Persona. Otherwise, use your blowgun from a distance to deal with your target.

If you get caught killing him or by spending too much time near guards while your notoriety is high, you'll fail the mission. Once you've killed him you have to loot his body to complete the mission. Problem is, looting bodies is illegal and attempting to loot the body in front of guards will get you caught without fail, so try and wait until your target is in an area with less or no guards before striking, or wait until the commotion around you victim dies down. END OF QUEST

SIDE QUEST: BUSINESS RIVALS From your HQ with the entrance on your left, head straight, climbing the white building ahead of you. Walk along the roof straight ahead and hop to the building across from the one you are on. Head to the left corner of the building, avoiding the guard on the right corner, and hop down to find a man who will point you toward your target.

After talking to the man, head back to the HQ. With the HQ doors on your right, your target will be in a restricted area right in front of you. Hop onto the roof of the building ahead to track him. If you don't kill the target yourself, you'll get a syncro bonus. This is easily done if you still have the darts with the hysterics-inducing poison on it. Just shoot an NPC near him with one of the darts and they should make short work of him. END OF QUEST

SIDE QUEST: FREE SLAVES From the HQ with the entrance on your left, head straight and climb the white building ahead of you. Follow the roof straight ahead and jump to the building across from the one you a currently on. Run across the platform the guard is patrolling and climb onto the adjacent building. Jump down to the small roof connected to the building across from you and climb onto the higher portion of the roof. Jump down onto the street to your right, enter the mansion de Grandpre and head upstairs to find your mother to start the mission.

You can get a synchro bonus by avoiding taking damage during this mission, so be careful.

Head back downstairs and switch into your Slave Persona (if you weren't wearing it already), by heading through the door at the bottom of the stairs. You'll automatically be ushered out of your home. Take a right and then another right to get onto the main street. Head down the street and climb the angled building ahead of you. Take a left once on the roof and jump across onto the smaller roof on the building ahead of you. Climb onto the higher roof and head to the building on your right. Follow this next room and hop the small gap to the next building in front of you, then cross the rope connected to the leftmost corner of the house. Head to the other side of the roof of this new house and drop down to the ground. An orb will be just through the wooden gate.

After grabbing the orb, you will find a slave being bullied by a couple of guards. Dispatch them to free the slave. An easy way to do this is by using you blowgun with either the standard poison dart or the hysterics-inducing darts. Once the guards have been dispatched, the slave will run to you. Escort him back to the mansion de Grandpre to complete the mission. Just be careful about taking damage in order to get the synchro bonus. END OF QUEST

SIDE QUEST: FREE SLAVES Warning: In order to have this mission pop up, you have to complete the first Free Slaves mission that Aveline's step-mother hands you.

From the HQ with the entrance on your right, head straight ahead, climbing the building in front of you. You will find the slave in the alley below you. After talking to the slave, he will lead you to his belongings which you must liberate from greedy guards. Follow him and avoid killing anyone during this mission to receive a synchro bonus. After the slave leads you to the general area where his possessions are being kept, hop up the building on your left, taking care to avoid patrolling guards. Hop to the building across from you and the man's items will be in the alley below. Grab the items and take them back to him to finish the mission. END OF QUEST

After reporting to Gerald, Aveline is catches a wild hare and decides to incite a riot to get the Spaniard to loosen his trade restrictions. Follow Gerald to get to your destination and avoid raising your notoriety (no killing, looting or getting caught in restricted areas by guards, also avoid guards if you already have a bit of notoriety) to receive a synchro bonus. Once you arrive at the incite location, talk to man marked by the blue-diamond waypoint to start a riot. After talking to the man, star icons will pop up on your minimap and directly onscreen. Each star marks and individual that will get the riot in full-swing. Head to each star-marked individual and talk to them to get this riot going. Once you've spoken with all three people, head to the main crowd and talk to the man marked by the blue-diamond waypoint to begin the riot. Afterward, head back to Gerald on the far right corner of the camp.

After speaking with Gerald, head into the Dressing Chamber directly ahead of you and switch to your Assassin Persona. Once changed, climb the boxes to the left of the barricade on your immediate left and follow the path until you reach the fenced-off balcony. Jump from this balcony to the building across from you and climb onto the roof. Follow the roof heading left and take a right when you run out of roof to run on. Hop onto the chimney between the building you are on and the one across from it, then down to the street. Gerald will be on the ground ahead of you, talk to him to start the next stage of your mission.

Gerald wants you to eliminate the guards around a carriage the same way you did in the Bayou. Head down the street and take them out one by one without getting caught to claim the carriage as your own.

Someone catch the slippery assassin!

The guards don't take kindly to you stealing their cart, meaning you've gotta make a quick getaway and since you've got a horse-driven cart there's no reason why you shouldn't put it to good use.

Use the Left Analog Stick to control your cart. Tap the screen to speed it up and place your finger on the screen to slow it down. Avoid the items littering the road and follow Gerald's instructions to make your escape with ease. Arrive at your destination with the cart at at least half health to receive a synchro bonus.

After Aveline's grand escape goes south, head to the orb in front of you. You will be given the task of rescuing rioters that are trapped in the warehouse Aveline and Gerald just started on fire. In order to save them you simply need to kill off the five guards preventing their escape. Do this in under a minute to get a synchro bonus.

Once you've rescued the rioters, Gerald decides it'd be best to put his adventuring days behind him and heads back to the HQ. Head back there yourself to begin the next leg of the mission. After talking to Gerald, head back out of the headquarters and take a right onto the main street ahead. Follow the street past the barricade and take a right once you've reached the governor's mansion (the large building that is walled off by white, gated walls). Head straight, adjusting slightly to the left whenever necessary, then head under the wooden tunnel and follow the docks until they end. An orb will be on your left.

Prepare to be boarded!

Your next task will be to board a ship in the middle of the bay, eliminate the guards aboard and cut the anchor. If you can do this without getting detected you'll earn yourself a synchro bonus.

Dive into the water and swim to the ship, avoiding the small dinghy harboring guards on your right. You can take a canoe roped to the dock on your left, but you'll put yourself at a greater risk for detection. If you're willing take that chance, you'll arrive much faster, but it isn't necessarily worth the risk. Once you reach the ship, there will be a rope hanging from the the far right of the boat. Climb it to gain access to the ship. Be careful of the guards patrolling the boat. The easiest way to deal with the guards is by simply shooting one of them with a hysterics-inducing poison dart; the poisoned guard should take care of the rest. Your best bet will be to climb the rope, shoot one of the guards after they pass your area, then hop back into the water and swim a good distance away from the boat. If you are near the boat after the poisoned guard takes care of business, he will detect you regardless of whether or not you are in his line of sight, depending on how close to him you are. If you keep your distance the poison will take care of the hysterical guard as well.

Once you've cleared the ship, climb aboard and cut the anchor.

While Aveline is trying to cut the anchor loose, the captain recognizes her from an earlier encounter in which he was only slightly less than sober. He will immediately sic his guards on you, but you know how to handle yourself. Pull out your favorite weapon and take them down.

After taking out the guards, you'll have 35 seconds to swim a safe distance from the ship. Jump off the side of the ship and swim out of the yellow circle surrounding it on your minimap. After you swim to safety, Aveline will hop back on the docks and you'll get to admire your handy work from afar. Once you're done watching the fireworks, head to the mansion de Grandpre to start your next mission.

SIDE QUEST: SHIP CREW Before you head to the mansion de Grandpre, if you open up your map and look at the dock to the left of the one you are standing on, you'll see an icon that looks like three people standing together. This is the location of the side quest. The quickest way to get there is the most direct; hop into the water and swim there. Once you've arrived, you'll find the drunken captain from the ship you just scuttled soaking in sorrow. Aveline may be an assassin, but she isn't heartless. Talk to the captain to help him out.

Note: This quest is much easier to finish in the Slave Persona, provided you haven't racked up a lot of notoriety. There are tons of guards in the same area as your target and you will find it difficult to roam around the area in your Assassin Persona.

Turns out the captain hasn't been the luckiest fellow, what with you blowing up his ship in all, and he is also struggling to call in past debts. Aveline decides to throw the guy a bone and heads over to rough up a mooch that isn't repaying his debt to the captain. If you can accomplish this without taking damage you'll receive a synchro bonus.

From the docks, head to the main street and take a right. Head over the barricade, past the park and the governor's mansion on your left. Take a right at the end of the long, narrow building to your right that is marked as white on your minimap. The mooch will be just down this alley. Give him the ol' one-two and take his ship's deed back to the captain to finish this quest and receive the captain's undying loyalty. END OF QUEST

After collecting your orders from Agate at the mansion de Grandpre, climb the wall behind you and take a right onto the main street. Follow the street and take the third left to find the cemetery and Agate. After talking to Agate, climb down the church and head back down the street you came from. Take a left through the wooden gate just past the first building on your left. Climb the house marked by a green-diamond waypoint and grab the orb.

Agate wants you to eliminate another governor. If you accomplish this task while using all three of your Personae you'll receive a synchro bonus.

After grabbing the orb you will be given a time limit to setup your ambush. The first stage of the setup requires you to kill five guards roaming the area without being detected. Use poison darts for this, or take them out with aerial assassinations (lock-on to a target from above them and hit the Square Button). If you finish setting up the ambush in four minutes or less you'll get another synchro bonus. For the Personae synchro bonus, use the Assassin Persona for this part.

The next stage of the ambush requires you to block the square by knocking down three water towers. This is accomplished simply by heading to the tower and hitting the Circle Button. Use the Slave Persona to accomplish this next phase.

Once you've finished knocking the water towers down, you'll be tasked with picking up explosives and planting them just around the corner. Use the Lady Persona for this part in order to finish the Personae synchro bonus.

Now that you've setup your ambush, your next task is to make sure the governor's convoy makes it there. Head down the main street away from your ambush location and climb up to the orb on top of the building on your left. Begin knocking down the other water towers to make sure the governor's convoy heads directly to your trap. You will have a timer for knocking each tower down, so do it quickly.

After setting up your trap and making sure the governor will be forced to spring it, follow the last waypoint to reach a good vantage point for snaring the governor and his guards. Once they have entered your trap, grab a gun from the roof behind you, come back and shoot the explosives right next to the governor's main guard squadron. Now all you need to do is clean up the five remaining guards to have a go at the governor himself. You can accomplish this easily by shooting one of them with a hysterics-inducing dart or just hop down there and deal with them directly using your melee weapons.

Once you've cleared the remaining guards out, head to the governor's cart. The governor will successfully convince Aveline to spare his life, but he will spend the rest of his days on the run. Head back to the cemetery to report your results to Agate.

Agate is none too pleased with Aveline's decision to spare the governor. Aveline wants to head to Mexico to follow the trail of slaves that are being kidnapped, but Agate will have none of it. Aveline decides that she need not be an apprentice any longer and head's south of the border.

End of Sequence 3

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