Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Things start to get strange in Sequence 2 when the dead and questions of who is loyal to Aveline begin to rise.

Author's Note: I'm going to let you unlock all of the Dressing Chambers and Viewpoints, instead of guiding you to them (with a few exceptions). These are marked on your map and rarely require any effort beyond walking over to them. Also, I believe in you, because you're great. I mean it. Super great.

Sequence 2 begins in the Louisiana Bayou with Aveline venturing forth to find her mentor Agate within the swamps deadly clutches. Things get hairy when a man whom Agate watched die rises again to start a cult in the aid of the Templars. Aveline's job: Dispatch this obvious imposter to keep him from assisting the Templars further.

Let's begin shall we?

Walk across the bridge toward the green-diamond waypoint to reach an orb. After obtaining the orb, turn around and activate Aveline's Eagle Vision to find a clue as to her mentor's whereabouts. The first clue is a mask hanging on the base of a tree to your left. Head over to the mask and inspect it using L1.

After inspecting the mask, turn around, climb the log to your right and follow the path it and the various trees have created until you reach the other side of the shore. After your feet touch land again, turn to the left with your Eagle Vision on and head to the mask on the other side of the pond.

Head up the log on the right side of the mask and follow it until you reach ground again. Once on shore, keep running forward and hop on the next log to your right, turn on your Eagle Vision and inspect the final mask hanging from a tree in front of the log you are currently standing on. Head forward and jump to the branches on your left when you run out of path ahead of you. Follow this path for long enough and you'll encounter an orb. Grab the orb, jump down and talk to Aveline's master Agate who is tending to the fire on your left.

Agate will tell Aveline of a man who is imitating his dead master. He will then give you a blowgun that you can use to eliminate enemies without drawing attention to yourself by holding Triangle to focus your aim and releasing it to fire a dart; of course you have to have the weapon selected first by tapping on your currently equipped weapons on the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

After practicing on a few dummies with your new weapon, head off the platform, making your way to the right and scale the tree a little further to the right to take your training to a level beyond. At the top of the tree, turn around and fire a dart at the dummy on the deck, then jump off of the tree using R1 and X to land in a pile of leaves on the original dummy firing range. From the leaf pile, fire at the two dummies one more time to complete your training.

Head off the deck to your right, make a right past the tree you climbed a moment ago and take another right at the end of the platform, heading for the house in front of you. Climb the ladder mounted to the side of the house, climb the platform on your right, take a right and follow the deck until you reach a dead-end. When you reach the end of the deck, hop onto the large wooden structure to your immediate left, then up the ladder directly in front of you to speak again with Agate and obtain your next mission.

After getting your new orders, turn around and head to the large tree branch hanging off of the side of the deck to your left. Jump off of it into the pile of leaves below for a quick exit from Agate's tree fortress. Leave the deck and climb the stair-stepped log a slight left of the tree you climbed for your blowgun target practice.

Follow the branch path until you reach ground again and then run straight ahead to another stair-stepped log. Climb the log and follow the branch path until you reach the shore. Be wary of the two guards patrolling back and forth on the bridge ahead of you; dispatch them or sneak by: The choice is yours. Fun fact: I chose dispatch.

TWELVE (give or take a few) ANGRY MEN

Head up the log directly ahead of the one you just hopped off of and follow the branch path, turning left when you run out of botanical estate in front of you. Once you reach the end of the path, you'll find an orb directly dead ahead. Grab the orb to start a cutscene showing a group burly fellows harassing a group of Frenchmen and women. Rush to your fellow French brethren and offer aid to them the only way you know how: With a spot of the ol' ultra violence.

Your goal here is to eliminate three of the angry fellows within three minutes. Do this without getting detected and there will be a nice synchro bonus in your future. Head to the foe directly ahead of you, position yourself behind him so as to not be detected and either stab him or give him a blow dart.

Immediately afterward, head to the second man standing the house in front of you (or to the left depending on how you approached your first enemy). Climb up the stair-stepped boxes on the left corner of the building and give the man a wonderful little stabby present or a dart if you're feeling humane. Jump down from the building by hopping off the left side of the platform the man you just dispatched was standing on.

Once down, climb the building in front of you by heading around the left corner and climbing up the window. Hop across to the other building and take out the final foe with a stabbing or by shooting him with a dart while standing on the roof.

With your targets eliminated, negotiations will breakdown and an all-out skirmish will begin. Eliminate four more enemies by any means you deem fit to finish this portion of the mission and save your French buds.

After the battle, your new pals will show their gratitude by assisting you in locating your enemy, as well as letting you have the run of their camp. From here you can open up a Dressing Chamber and talk to a Smuggler who operates as a small store for buying weapons, restocking your ammo and supplies, as well as selling you Pocket Watches—more on those later.

Alright, let's get back to work. Head to the leaf pile next to the building where you killed the second enemy with your blowgun/stabby knives and we'll work our way from there. Head to the stair-stepped boxes on the dock and climb them to begin running along a path of branches. When you reach the bridge, cross it to the left side of the bank. Your next objective is just a little further ahead and to the right.


Elise will lend you a canoe that you'll use to find the rest of the nogoodniks roaming the Bayou. To control the canoe, steer with the Left Analog Stick and speed up with the X Button. You can also speed up by swiping down on the Rear Touch Pad and slow down by swiping up on it. Follow Elise to navigate the treacherous waters of the Louisiana Bayou.

A little tip for controlling the canoe: When you turn make very small adjustments using the Analog Stick. Tap the Stick to turn left or right instead of pushing it all the way down; the canoe is very sensitive when it comes to steering.

Once you've reached land, you'll encounter an alligator who is quite a bit more than irritable and has Aveline in his sights for a delightful little brunch. Follow the prompts on the screen to make short work of the gator and land yourself a new pair of boots and even a briefcase (not really, but that would've been nice though). After killing the gator, grab its egg, turn around and climb the stair-stepped log on your left. Follow the branch path until you reach the platform one of your targets is standing on. Give the enemy a quick poke with your assassin blades and then follow the branch path on your right. Just before you jump onto the next platform, stop and start having a little fun with the group of baddies down below by shooting them with your pistol and blowgun. You can also hop onto the platform, make your way down to the ground and reek havoc thataway: The choice is yours.

Once you've cleared the area, climb under the ship through the opening on its right side and open the chest marked with the blue-diamond waypoint. Upon leaving the ship, head toward the fallen tree to the slight right of the second tent ahead of you. Climb the tree and follow the branch path until it ends. Then head to the stair-stepped log ahead of you and follow this next branch path until it concludes as well. Run straight ahead to find Elise and begin the next part of your swamp cleansing mission.


Follow Elise until you encounter the escaped slaves. Elise will request that you kill none but the acolyte of the imposter Agate requested you assassinate (that was a mouthful). Head straight and grab the orb and follow the acolyte without being detected by the roaming escaped slaves. You can make this task a little easier on yourself by climbing one of the many climbable trees (the ones with white bark; there should be one located just past the first escaped slave you encounter) in the area and following the acolyte from above. If you followed the acolyte via a branch path, you should have a clear shot of him when he reaches a secluded area (you'll know the area is secluded when the diamond above his head goes from orange to red). Pull out the blowgun and stick the acolyte with a single dart to put him down. Jump off the tree branch into the pile of leaves on your left and grab the treasure chest near his tent.

After opening the chest, head to the right and then make a left toward the downed tree. Climb the tree, follow the branch path, then hop onto the stair-stepped log once you reach the end of the branch path. At the end of this second branch path, jump into the pile of leaves and run straight ahead under a fallen tree branch and through the fenced area, back to the Smugglers' Hideout. Head to the other side of the hideout to reach the waypoint and to collect your next mission.

Head to the right of the Smugglers' house toward the docks, hop up the stair-stepped boxes, follow the path past the bridge, through several trees and you should end up in a small grotto with a smuggler nearby. There will be three fallen trees ahead of you, choose the middle of the three and follow the path until you reach land. There will be another fallen tree directly ahead of you, you know what to do. Jump down onto the small building sitting in the middle of the swamp waters, hop onto the V-shaped tree on the left corner of the small building and follow the path until you're inside a small town. Run down the the fallen tree leading into the town, take the first left, a right and another left just past the giant tree in the town center. Elise should be just ahead of you; head over and talk to her to complete your mission.

Your next task will be to change into the Slave Persona so you can slip into the imposter's camp with greater ease, but before you do that head to the Viewpoint (marked with an eagle icon on your map) to the diagonal-right of where you're standing. Head into the base of the tree to collect a page from your mother's diary. Afterward, head back into town and purchase the Clothing Chamber to change into your Slave Persona.

This is also a good time to stock up on ammunition and supplies since there is a weapon store right around the corner from your new Clothing Chamber.


After changing into the Slave Persona, head to the left and make another left onto the docks to talk to Elise. Follow Elise to the imposter's camp via canoe. After arriving, climb the stair-stepped log directly ahead of Elise. Keep in mind that Elise will be following you during this mission and she will struggle a bit to keep up with your incredible assassin speed, so travel at a mild pace, or else Elise will get into trouble while trying to catch up with you. Traverse the branch path past the platform with a guard on it, kill him to keep him from attacking Elise. Hop back onto the branch path and you will end up on a second guarded platform. Kill the guard and jump onto the tree stump just below you, then jump to the stump next to it and then to the one after that. There should be a guard ahead of you, shoot him with the blowgun to take him out quietly and quickly.

Hop down to the ground and head between the two piles of leaves ahead of you, turn the corner and make your way to the green-diamond waypoint. Once at the waypoint, Elise will rush off to create a distraction so that you can make your way to the imposter unimpeded. Do so by heading straight ahead toward the next green-diamond waypoint. Once there, Aveline will attempt to take out the imposter using a blowgun, but the imposter is as talented as he is phony. He shoots Aveline with a blowgun of his own, poisoning her. After listening to his rant about his motivation for being a chump, the poison will wear off and the real fight will begin. Dispatch the waves of the imposter's guards to face the imposter directly. Pro tip: to deal with the baddies wearing the skull face paint, hit X to kick them then swing away. They are good at evasion and deflection, so attempting to attack them without kicking them first is in act in futility.

When the imposter hops into the battle, the simplest way to defeat him is by countering his attack as he hops over you. If you can knock him to the ground it will only take a single strike from your weapon to finish him off.


After the fight, the mysterious CitizenE will make his first appearance. Your job is to kill him for reasons unknown, but, hey, who are you to question authority? Turn your Eagle Vision on and look to the right to find him. Once you've spotted him, he will be marked with a red-diamond waypoint, indicating that it is stabbering time.

After stabbing CitizenE, the Animus will run into a bit of an error. This is were CitizenE will speak with you directly via text. He will tell you to stab any of his avatars, should you spot them in the Animus, to uncover the truth that Abstergo doesn't want you to know about, so use the Eagle Vision regularly to track his avatars down.

Once CitizenE is done conversing with Aveline, he will show her a glimpse of the past involving a discussion between the imposter and the Spanish Templar. Once this cutscene is resolved, you are ready to head back to Agate, but before you do, a sidequest and a few treasures have popped on the map, so let's go grab them, shall we?

From where you and Elise are currently standing, turn around, head to the left and hop into the swamp water. Swim to the right past the swamp-based stalagmites and hop onto the downed tree in the middle of the water. Follow it until it ends, hop onto the beach to your right and follow the beach until you reach the treasure chest sitting on the small dock.

Head back the way you came, over the downed tree and make a hard right once you pass the swampy stalagmites. Swim onto the small hill, aiming right between the two large trees with exposed roots. Run straight ahead, walking over the tree roots that look like spider legs and you should find another downed tree. Climb across the downed tree, then onto another downed tree ahead of you, stopping before climbing onto the stair-stepped log. Look to the left and you should see a glowing item. This is an alligator egg. Take out the gator guarding the egg by following the prompts onscreen and then claim the egg as your own.

Head back over to the stair-stepped log, climb it and follow the branch path until it ends. Hang a left and you should see a house. Reach that house to find the Bayou Fever mission.

Before you begin the mission, head to the large fallen tree to the right of the docks attached to the house. Follow the small path the rocks and tree stumps make and take a left as soon as you reach the shore. Follow the beach and you will encounter another alligator and where there are gators there are gator eggs. Take out the gator and run beneath the log bridge ahead to find its egg. Once you're done with that, head back to house and begin the Bayou Fever mission.


Head back over the same fallen tree and path you took to get to the gator egg, but instead of taking a left along the beach, take a left up the hill going directly toward the green-diamond waypoint. Cross the tree bridge and you'll find the first mushroom directly ahead of you. Turn around and hop down off of the tree bridge and you'll find the mushroom right around the corner. Head back to the fallen log that leads back to the house where you started this mission, but as soon as you come to the end of the log, hop off to the left and head through the water to the small hill ahead. Run straight along the beach and take a left onto the top of the hill as soon as you run into the big tree blocking your path. Once on the hill, the third mushroom will be easily accessible. Grab it and head back to the house. Beat the ever-loving crap out of the hysterical patients to finish this mission.

We'll go ahead and grab a few diary pages, find a hysterical patient or two and then head back to Agate now.

Head to the tree stump with the half-broken tree still attached that is to the left of the corner of the docks, climb it and follow the branch path it creates. At the end of the path you should encounter another hysterical patient in need of a smacking. Head to the left to reach and treat her.

From the branch path you were on earlier, take a left toward the hill. At the top of the hill is a stair-stepped log and behind it and to the right is a fallen tree that marks the beginning of a branch path, head to that tree and follow the path. While running along the path you should see some more mushrooms growing on a branch to the left of the path. Head over there and grab them, but make sure you get back on the path where you left off. Once you reach land, run straight ahead, taking a slight left past the pile of leaves. Head up the hill just past the bridge and keep heading straight between two trees, past a treasure chest and over a fallen tree. Just past the fallen tree with white mushrooms growing at its base there will be a very large hollowed out tree stump that is housing another diary page.

Head out of the tree stump and take a right. Make a slight right around the large mound of dirt ahead and keep heading straight through the small gap between the two trees ahead. Go through the four small trees in front of you and there'll be a stair-stepped log. Head past the log, past the large bush on your right, through the narrow gap in between two trees and into the water. While swimming, head between the large tree and the smaller tree on its left until you reach the shore. Take a left after passing the large bush on your left, past the red-leafed tree and then take a right. Head right until another fevered patient pops up on your minimap, head there and treat him. After treating the patient, head to the tree marked with white bark ahead of you. Climb the tree and follow the branch path to Agate. While following the branch path, there will be a very large tree stump on the ground to your right. Hop down and head inside of it to get another diary page. To get back onto the branch path just head to the right after leaving the stump and climb onto the fallen tree in the middle of the water. When the branch path forks make sure to head to the left to get into Agate's place of residence.

While heading to Agate, just after climbing the ladder mounted onto the wall of his house, there will be more mushrooms sitting at the end of a fallen log directly ahead of you. Make sure to grab those before speaking with Agate.

After speaking with Agate, Sequence 2 will conclude.

Are you tired? I know I am. Hang in there, because we've got plenty more stabbin' to do before this game is done.

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