Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

The life of an assassin may seem glamorous, but it is not without its challenges. Author Garitt A. Rocha is here to help you when times get tough and your targets become difficult to locate.

Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation has you donning the metaphorical hood of the assassin's once again as African-American, French daughter of a nobleman and a slave, Aveline de Grandpre as she treks across across New Orleans to rid her fair city of the Templar menace. While I have complete faith in your abilities to utilize all of Aveline's snabbingly wonderful abilities, this guide was written just in case you find yourself in a tight spot and could use a little backup.

It all began when she ran afowl...

The first Sequence in Liberation is pretty straightforward and is designed to help you get acclimated to the game's mechanics and city. It starts out with a young Aveline walking with her mother when she is distracted by a chicken and feels the intense need to give chase to the excitable fowl.

To keep up with the spastic chicken use the R1 button to run and keep your eyes on the orange diamond-shaped waypoint marking the hyperactive poultry, just in case you lose it around a corner or in a crowd.

After chasing the bird for long enough, Aveline stumbles onto a slave auction in progress. It isn't long before she realizes that she has lost track of her mother. She then catches glimpse of a woman that looks suspiciously like her main maternal figure and decides to catch up with her.

Take the alley to the left of the guards blocking your path to your mother (behind you when standing at slave market booth). Take a right, head underneath the hanging clothes on your left, take a right and then another right into the alleyway to reach the objective: A large glowing orb.

Aveline's mother will walk down the street in front of the alley Aveline is currently in. Run straight ahead to the end of the alley and take a left onto the main street. You will see Aveline's mother directly ahead of you at a vendor. Run to her to gain access to the revelation that the woman you've been following is not Aveline's mother at all, but an elderly patron.

The game will jump forward in time, putting you in control of an adult Aveline de Grandpre in the midst of a scrap with a few men of questionable ethic. Counter their attacks with the circle button and punch them with the square button to make short work of them.

After her confrontation, Aveline wakes up in her bed realizing everything she had just experienced was all a dream. Deciding that night time is a good time for stabbing, she dons her assassin garb and goes for a little walk under the moonlight.

Aveline is now on top of her roof ready to go to work as an assassin. First, get to the pigeon coop. The easiest way to do this is to jump off of the plank protruding out of the roof or run with the R1 button toward the part of the ledge that is currently the hangout out for a local gang of pigeons. Keep both of these methods in mind, as anytime you see either of them, you're almost guaranteed the opportunity for a Leap of Faith (R1 and X) which is a jump off of a high building or structure into a bale of hay, assuring survival. Hop out of the hay bale, head to the left toward the glowing pigeon house and hit circle.

After obtaining your first mission from the pigeon house, head straight toward the glowing orb in front of you. Hold R1 to traverse the boxes swiftly or X to climb them at slower pace, though I can't see a reason to use X outside of leaping for higher climbing points on tall structures.

After grabbing the glowing orb, jump straight up the wall in front of you, run toward the edge of the roof ahead to jump across to the other building and climb the roof to your left (don't worry about the orb, it should trigger automatically when you climb the roof) . Run and jump off of the ledge of the roof to reach the next building and grab the orb.

Head to the leftmost corner of the building you are on and walk across the rope connecting to the adjacent building to reach the orb on top of the angled portion of the roof. Jump across to the next building and run straight ahead to grab the hit the next two orbs. Climb straight up the window with R1 , hit the orb and head to your immediate right to reach another orb. Climb the wall directly in front of you and navigate the bars mounted to the walls to scale the tower and reach the bell.

After the title cutscene ends, head to the plank extending out of the bell tower, hit circle to synchronize, which expands and details your map to show you more sidequests and allows you to explore more of world. Once you've synchronized, make a Leap of Faith (RI and X, remember?) off of the plank. Hop out of the bale of hay, heading toward the left around the building you were just on and make for the store with the glowing door.

If the clothes make the woman, here are the means to remake yourself

This is a Dressing Chamber and it allows you to change Aveline's clothes for stealth purposes. Need to rub elbows with the nobility of New Orleans? Dress accordingly. Have to blend in with the slaves to investigate a plantation? Play the part. Disguising Aveline is an important part of Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation's stealth mechanic. You are currently limited on what disguises you can choose from at the moment, so select the Slave Persona and exit the clothing store.

Be aware that each of the different disguises/Personas has advantages and disadvantages. The Slave Persona is poor in combat, but allows for greater ease of stealth and the ability to incite riots to distract guards while you sneak into forbidden areas.

Once you exit the Dressing Chamber take a right and then the next right, passing the large tree on your lefthand side. Head down the street, take a left at the next major intersection and a right at the intersection after that. Follow the road, skipping an intersection, but taking a left at the one after that (there will be a building with an angled wall and a stack of boxes to the left of a large yellow window directly ahead of you). Follow the road straight ahead until it ends, at which point you'll take a right and then head to the orb on your left.

Hitting the orb will start a timer which marks the amount of time you have to reach the horse-drawn cart transporting hay ahead of you. Run and hop into the cart to get the timer to stop and begin the next part of your mission.

Your next objective is to speak with the slaves of a local plantation to get information about the disappearance of some of Aveline's contacts.

Going Underground

Another imporant part of Liberation is the notoriety mechanic. You can notoriety based on whether or not you get caught killing, fighting or trespassing. As your notoriety increases, so does the opportunity for a guard to recognize you for your deadly deeds. Pulling down posters hanging from walls all over New Orleans will allow you to remain undetected in any of you Personas, provided you stay out of forbidden areas of course, so make sure you tear posters down and kill witnesses whenever you have any notoriety.

Head to the right after hopping out of the cart and grab a crate to further your disguise as a laborer. Head past the guards and drop of the crate in the highlighted area. Keep in mind that Aveline doesn't belong on this plantation and will be noticed even in her Slave Persona, so take care to get to your destinations and not linger near any guards at this time, lest you incur their hostilities.

After dropping the crate off, head to the orb far off in the distance on your right-hand side, avoiding direct or prolonged contact with guards along the way. You can use hay bales, work horses or just blend with any group of slaves by walking in the middle of their group to hide yourself or make yourself look less conspicuous if a guard is walking your way. Oh, and one last tip about avoiding guards: Don't run when near them if you're in a stealth-sensitive area (forbidden areas, etc...). Running will raise their suspicion of you faster, meaning you'll get busted almost instantly.

Once you reach the orb, Aveline will talk to one of the local slaves. Afterward, climb the house with the stairway made of boxes leaning against its side and head to the far end of the roof. Run across the rope connecting the leftmost corner house you are on to the building across from it. Hop onto the tree branches on your right to get to the next building and head to the orb marked by your green, diamond-shaped waypoint. Synchronize the area and then hit up on the D-Pad to activate you Eagle Vision.

Sight Beyond Sight

Eagle Vision highlights enemies, quest objectives and various kinds of collectables and loot. In this case, it will highlight a farmhouse in gold which is your next objective. To get there you need to hop out of the tower and head to the left side of the building (opposite of where you initially climbed onto the building). Hop onto the adjacent rooftop by jumping onto the tree branch in between the two buildings. Hop across the buildings in front of you to reach the farmhouse marked by your waypoint. Drop down through the opening in the roof to reach another orb.

Inside the farmhouse Aveline discovers one of the missing slaves, but is soon attacked by the plantation owner's son. Unarmed, Aveline has no choice but to disarm her opponents and turn the tide. To disarm your enemy, you have to counter his attacks by pushing circle as soon as he starts his swing and then push X immediately afterward. This make take a little practice, but don't worry because this guards attacks don't do a ton of damage, giving you plenty of time to get the hang of disarming opponents. Once you have an actual weapon in hand, use the square button to attack and dispatch your assailants.

After dealing with the local riff-raff, your next objective will be to escort Therese, the local slave who had gone missing, to safety. Problem is you and Aveline just killed a bunch of people, including the plantation owner's son, and people don't generally take too kindly to behavior like that. So you'll have to be stealthy and discreet in order to get around the plantation. Using the circle button will allow you to tell Therese to stop or follow you to help prevent detection from the guards. Following the waypoint will give you almost a straight shot off the plantation and if you do this fast enough you'll receive a synchronization bonus.

After escorting Therese to safety, you will transported back to Aveline's home wearing the Lady Persona, a disguise that is weak in combat and cannot climb or run, but allows Aveline to bribe and charm others into assisting her.

Leave the house and head down the flight of stairs on the left. Head to the wall straight ahead of the stairs and rip the poster off the wall to lower your notoriety. After removing the poster, turn around and head left toward the next waypoint. Follow the road all the way to the clothing store, making any slight lefts the road takes along the way.

Make sure to keep an eye on your mini-map for other posters in the area—they'll be marked with icons that look like a scroll.

Buy a new set of slave digs from the clothing store and head right back to the de Grandpre mansion from whence you came.

After a colorful and simply divine evening of dining with Aveline's parents, exit the mansion, head down the staircase on the right and head down the street ahead of you. Make adjustments to the left or right as the street does, but keep moving straight ahead on it; your destination will a building with a shiny door on your right.

Upon leaving the warehouse, your goal will be to trail Gerard. This is simple enough, provided you keep your distance from him while always keeping him in sight and think ahead to what you can hide behind whenever he turns around.

Once you've followed Gerald to his destination your next task will be to access a ship. Follow the street toward the harbor (the blue waypoint will be your guide) and bribe the ship's guards to be allowed entrance to the ship.

Hallelujah Handshake

Bribing is an ability that the Lady Persona can use to convince others to aid her. Individuals accepting of bribes are typically guards who group in 4s and jingle coins, so as to give you a general idea of what it is they crave. Hit circle to attempt a bribe and select an amount befitting of men of such quality (the success rate will be shown on the lower left corner of the amount you have selected). If these fine gentlemen agree to the amount you've selected, they'll assist you, if not, well let's just say they have a more direct way of saying “Shove off” than most.

With the guards bribed, head aboard the ship, charm the ship's captain and lead him to the ship's wheel for a more private rendezvous. Aveline will grab a map which will guide you to your next destination. Head directly to the first intersection in front of you and make a right. Walking the docks is a winding and slower journey, taking the main roads will get you to your destination sooner. Follow the road until you reach your destination which you'll recognize when you can no longer progress forward and there is a group of guards blocking entry to a building on the right.

Bribe the guards (just give them the full amount and save yourself the hassle of being denied entrance after giving them your money) and take the first left to reach the warehouses. Once you reach a dead-end, head to the right and inspect the crates lined up against the wall on the other side of the warehouse next to you.

Afterward, your next goal will be to gain access to another warehouse by charming a guard, but finding this particular warehouse is a bit tricky. Assuming you're currently looking at the wall the boxes you inspected were leaning against, turn around and head to the left of the building ahead of you. Take the first right past the stair-stepping crates and then the next left. Taking this path will avoid a group of thugs who will shove and eventually attack you, forcing you to fight and inevitably raising your notoriety; it's best to avoid conflict in this area. There will be a guard blocking a doorway on your left, charm him and gain entrance to the building. Head around the corner on your left. Use Eagle Vision (Up on the D-pad) and press L1 to inspect the goods stored inside the warehouse.

Head back out of the building and follow the path leading straight ahead that's a slight right from where you're standing. Stay on this path until the road ends and has a small drop-off point. Take a right, then an immediate left past the crates. Take a right at the cart full of hay and then a left at the end of the building. The last remaining stash of cargo will be on your right next to the large white bags. Activate your Eagle Vision and inspect the glowing crates with L1, then head down the street toward the blue waypoint.

Take the first right and then a left when the street dead-ends. From here it's a straight shot and a left turn once you reach the structure without walls and simple boarded roof to get back to reach Maxent. From here, take a right up ahead, then the first left to get back to Gerard's Warehouse (it's the large one with the slanted walkway against its wall that will be blocking your path after walking straight for a time).

Once inside the warehouse, head to the second floor to meet Gerard. Gerard will ask Aveline to purchase a small building for use as safe house for changing her disguises. To get there, head down the street and take the second right, a left when the street dead-ends and a right, heading through the wooden gate. The small building will be directly ahead, just head through the small alleyway in front of you and take a left to make your purchase.

This is also your time to head to a weapon's shop to buy some extra armaments (provided you have the cash). We'll need a musket to get full synchro during one of our later missions this Sequence, so head to a store that is marked with a sword icon on your minimap and purchases one.

After becoming the owner of the vacant building, you will now be able to use it as a Dressing Chamber for switching your disguises. Swap out your current getup for the Slave Persona and head straight ahead until you reach the large mansion that's walled off with a white, barred wall. Take a right and then a left at the stair-stepped crates. Take the second right to reach an orb and reach the governor's butler.

Sticky Fingers, or The Mystery of the Touchy Assassin

Follow the butler the same way you followed Gerard earlier in this Sequence. After tailing the butler long enough, he will meet with another man and hand him a key to the kitchen of the Governor's mansion. Follow this new fellow and steal the key from him by tapping on him with your finger on the touchscreen and using L1 to activate Precision Mode which zooms the camera in on your selected target. Walk up to him and swipe downward on the rear touchpad to swipe the key and then feel proud for being a stealthy badass. Walk around the corner to reach your objective.

Turn around and the Governor's mansion will be right in front of you. Follow the mansion wall to the left to find the entrance. The entrance is guarded by two soldiers, but you can walk right past them, just make sure to keep moving, because the place is loaded with guards and all of them will become suspicious of you the longer you stay within their sight. Walk straight ahead and take a right when you reach the end of the building on your right-hand side. Walk along the building to find an orb that marks the entrance to the kitchen.

Enter the kitchen and wait for the guard in the hallway leading out of the kitchen to pass you. Follow behind him and make for the stairs. Wait until the guard at the top of the stairway makes his way to the right side of the stairs and then run past him to the left. When the hall turns to the left, wait at the corner for the guard to walk past you before moving ahead. He will see you and his suspicion meter will begin filling, but if you run down the hall quickly he won't bother you. The door at the end of the hall is the governor's office.

After listening in on the governor's conversation with an unsavory character, the time for Aveline to live up to her assassin namesake will have arrived. If you bought the musket as suggested earlier in this guide, pull it out and take out the governor for full synchro. Otherwise, just give him a quick stabbing and do away with his guards. It would be in your best interest to wait until the governor makes his way back toward your current position and further away from the guards, otherwise the governor will call more guards in the room and make a run for it.

After the governor has been dispatched, exit his mansion through the door in his office. Once out of the office, the guards will attempt a lockdown of the mansion in hopes of finding the governor's murderer. Head to the left, following the balcony and then taking another left, walking over the angled roof. If you run from the angled roof straight toward the fence, you'll be able to make a leap out of the facility. Run straight ahead until you are out of the yellow circle on your minimap to make it to safety.

Once safe, turn around and head back toward the mansion, then follow the road a slight left of it. Run straight past the park with the wooden buildings without walls on your right and make a left at the building with stair-stepping crates sticking out from its side. Be wary of guards, as they will recognize you pretty quickly now due to your run in with the governor.

Head down the alley until you reach the docks, at which point your destination will be marked with a white diamond with an exclamation point in the middle. Speak with the man on the docks, turn around and head back to the main road you came from. Take a right when you reach the road and head right back to the governor's mansion. When you reach the end of the mansion, take a left past the hay cart and head down the street until you reach the green square marked on your mini-map.

Take the first right after entering the green square, followed by a left at the small, rounded white building in the middle of an intersection. It might be wise to circle the building before making a left, so as to avoid the group of nogoodniks standing next to the white building. Your destination will be marked with a blue-diamond waypoint directly ahead of you.

After talking to the drunk captain, take a right and make a left at another small, rounded, white building. You can follow this road straight back to the mansion de Grandpre. Once inside, Aveline's father will gift her with a page from her mother's diary. Walk over to the desk and read the page to finish up Sequence 1.

Garitt A. Rocha is a writer for the video game blog A Year Well Wasted. You can read more of his work at

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    Great guide you have made & it took me while to work out how to get passed the 1st part in the (copy from ur guide) midst of a scrap with a few men of questionable ethic. currently i have just finished ( ) After escorting Therese to safety but havent played on past there as i have been trying to catch up on some ps3 games i need to complete :) but when i do continue AC-LIB i will be sure to recheck this guide u posted to help me not get confused again like i had before regards from Australia matt aka madmatty75

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