Survive Sevastopol with Prima’s Alien: Isolation Walkthrough.

As with every mission in the game, your first objective shows up early, this time requiring you to Restore Power to the Solomons Habitation Tower Transit. To begin, step off the elevator and move up the left wall, choosing the option to Use Ion Torch to cut the panel off a door you need to get through.

Move into a nearby room and access the Sevastolink terminal. Browse to the Personal folder and choose the Code for Repair Job file. Read through, finding that the code you need to repair the system is 1851.

Head back out the way you came, going through the door and turning to your right. Look for a door on the right that requires a passcode, then input 1851. Once inside, head for the control room and choose the option to Reboot Power Systems on the center console.

Backtrack out the door you just entered the passcode in, then turn right and look for the save game mechanism on the wall. You can save your game if you like, but your objective is to open the door to the right by choosing the Use Lever option. Be careful, a creepy Facehugger tried to eat our face and we had to blast it with the Flamethrower. Once inside the room, use your Motion Tracker to make sure the bigger, meaner Alien isn't after you, then approach the desk and choose the option to Initialize Transit System.

Your new objective will be to Access Spaceflight Terminal Through Habitation Area. Exit the room and turn right, moving to Towerlink 01 and choosing the option to Call Transit. When it arrives, hop on and set your destination To Habitation Tower Upper Transit.

When you arrive, exit the transit and use your Motion Tracker to determine the direction of your objective, then head that way and step onto the elevator. Press the To Spaceflight Terminal button, and when you reach your destination your objective will be to Find Alternate Route to Spaceflight Terminal.

Climb up out of the elevator and go through the door on your right, following the corridor as it curves to the left. Make sure to avoid the burning Synthetic, ducking into the door labeled as Canteen when you see it on the left side.

We're going to call this the cafeteria, but either way, move to the far right corner and access the Sevastolink terminal, browsing to the Personal folder and seeing that the code you need is 1984. Exit the terminal and make your way to the left side of the room from where you entered, finding a glass case that requires a passcode along the wall. Enter 1984, then snag the Keycard from inside. This will allow you to move to the center of the room, using the card and raising the forklift. Pass underneath the forklift and use the door on the other side.

Follow the corridor until you can turn left, then look for a door at the end and on the right. Choose the option to Use Ion Torch to open it, going  through and following a very long corridor all the way to its exit. You'll be in a room that resembles a lounge, and on the wall to your right will be a save game option that you'll want to take advantage of.

After saving your game, you'll want to hop into the vent a short ways away along the wall, following it through to the next room. Your objective will be in the corner, but as per usual it requires a Keycard. Search the area, finding the Keycard laying next to a dead body. With that in hand, return to your objective and choose the option to Use Keycard.

This will update your objective to Find Alternate Route to Spaceflight Terminal, although we're pretty sure that was the objective the whole time. Either way, backtrack all the way out of the room using the door to the right of the save game mechanic from a moment ago, traveling through the corridor, past the Dormitories and into the Games Room. This will allow you to double back into a room with an air hockey table, and next to that is a door that you can open by choosing the Use Lever option.

This time, your objective really is new, and it'll ask you to Restart the Generator. Make your way all the way back to the area where you recently used the Keycard, approach the 2000-KJVS Generator and choose the option to Restart Generator. This will return you to your regular objective, Find Alternate Route to Spaceflight Terminal.

Head all the way back to the door that you unlocked next to the air hockey table near the Games Room and jump inside the ventilation shaft. Follow it straight and then take a right, exiting near the elevator that will take you to the Spaceflight Terminal.

When the elevator drops you off you'll need to Find a Way for the Torrens to Dock. Whip out your Motion Tracker to see which way you need to go, then start sprinting, heading down some stairs and finally passing through the Station Maintenance door with the help of your Ion Torch. Once you're through, step onto the elevator and push the To Tow Platform button to complete the mission.

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