Konami have added a couple of new OctoCamo patterns for Snake’s clever camo suit added to Metal Gear Solid 4.

The new suit patterns are called Laughing Camo and Raging Camo, which were released on Thursday with no real warning. The patterns will cause enemies to laugh or rage respectively when you’re spotted in them.

In case you haven’t spotted it, head over to the Extras menu on the title screen and you’ll see an OctoCamo page.

Konami have promised a couple more patterns for the game, known as Digital Blue and Digital Red, expect to see these mid-June.

The Extras menu also has a couple of downloadable songs in case you haven’t yet found them.

The first song is “Conclusion”, which arrived on the 12th June, "A song representing Old Snake's will to fight as he pushes forward to end Liquid's insurrection."

The second is HIND D, "The Hind D music from Metal Gear Solid".

There’s also an option to go to an “Integral Podcast” but that’s currently waiting for content. I’m sure we’ll be kind enough to tell you when something pops up.

Why not, while you’re awaiting the podcast, amuse yourself by watching our videos, looking over some screenshots and perusing our screenshots over at the Metal Gear Solid 4 hub.