Hideo Kojima, the eccentric and legendary creator of the Metal Gear franchise, showed off the lineup of new bosses from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots today at Leipzig’s Game Conference.

Hideo had said he wanted to top the bosses of the last games, something he may well have managed. Kojima’s method for besting the bosses is bringing a quite literally beastly battalion of post-traumatically stressed ex-soldiers and turning them into robotic animal/human hybrids.

The new trailer shows off a creature that seems to resemble a panther of sorts. The boss literally holds up a bulldozer in a war-torn Middle Eastern-styled street,  confusing a bunch of soldiers as they try to work out what’s going on. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Crying Wolf.

The soldiers in the video eventually find the panther-like monster boss and fire at it manically for a while to no avail. Eventually they just give up and try to escape. Their decision to run does nothing for their lifespan though, as they’re knocked over by something or other flying above them.

Immediately after this, a crazy-looking tentacled woman arrives, gripping an unsuspecting victim before squeezing him to death like a cocktail lime. And all this while she cackles manically. This one’s Laughing Octopus apparently, and she’s pretty cool, it must be said, if half-robotic manic women with tentacles are your thing anyway.

As more soldiers try to run home to their mothers, another nightmarish monstrosity flies onto the scene. Naturally, the soldiers aren’t too happy but there isn’t much they can do. Cornered and petrified they try to run but this fresh nightmare is Screaming Mantis, who can control your mind man. This is exactly what she does, and an unsuspecting soldier is forced to execute his mates, levitate and then simply die. Lovely.

Just for good measure here, Laughing Octopus then spikes a soldier right through the stomach, killing him instantly. Nice.

The thing that flew above the soldiers earlier, knocking them over, was Raven. Now this one has rocket-propelled wings, and rocket-propelled grenades. A good combo. She comes back, destroying a bridge to block the only exit available for most of the remaining soldiers simultaneously crushing one or two for good measure.

Now there’s about four or five soldiers who weren’t killed, and you might think Kojima would let them get away, but Crying Wolf comes back, bouncing around with impressive agility, and slams into the remaining few. Goners.

The only person that didn’t get slaughtered was Solid Snake, who remains hidden through the whole video observing the carnage. He doesn’t seem happy about the whole thing but he undoubtedly would have been destroyed had he revealed himself so you can’t really blame him.

The end of the trailer reminds us there’s to be a worldwide same-day release for the game.

This trailer should pop up for public pondering promptly, so perhaps perpetually persist in perusing Prima for published pre-release previews.