Metal Gear Solid’s much-loved creator, Hideo Kojima, is set to delver a keynote speech at the upcoming Game Developers Conference next month.

The man behind the Snake will apparently be discussing “making the impossible possible”, which sounds fun. Kojima has never delivered a speech at the event, which is in San Francisco and takes place from 23rd to 27th March.

Kojima will be joining, amongst others, big industry players such as Satoru Iwata, Peter Molyneux, and the guys that brought us LittleBigPlanet: Mark Healey and Alex Evans.

Hideo Kojima is known worldwide for being the rather eccentric, but somehow quite genius ideas man for the Metal Gear franchise. He has, however, said he’ll be taking a much less direct role in forthcoming games.

That isn’t it for the developer though, as he’s apparently planning all sorts of new projects.